‘The Worst Of Evil’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Chief Seo Catch Junmo?

The Worst of Evil Episode 10 was like a filler episode, and after the intensity of the previous week, we sure needed a break like that. Now, episode 11 is getting us closer to the end, and there are some arresting moments in the episode that leave us wondering if this whole thing was just futile effort for Junmo. As we get closer to the end, Euijeong and Junmo’s relationship seems more strained than ever. To the people who have known Junmo the longest and the best, he’s a completely changed man. Coming this far, Junmo cannot stop now, and he’s put everything on the line, not just his own life but that of his wife too (although it wasn’t really his doing). Completing this mission is not about a promotion anymore; it’s about his life itself.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 11?

Mingoo continues his investigation and asks around about Euijeong. He’s bewildered to learn she’s a cop, but more so because she’s from a family of cops, too. While Seungho and Gicheul are getting the drugs, Euijeong worries more and more about how things are going to turn out for Junmo. Because Junmo won’t listen, she keeps trying to persuade Gicheul to stop, even if that will ruin the whole investigation. Gicheul, oblivious, dreams about setting up a home with her and living a “normal life.” Junmo makes sure he gets the name of the ship that is delivering the drugs so that the Chinese authorities can be made aware. He helps Gicheul get the 30 kg of drugs and then feels like his work is almost done, lighting a cigarette for himself. Ah, but he may have been overconfident.


The plan is set in motion, but an unimaginable variable ruins it all. Kyungjin (working under Jungbae) crashes into Seungho and Gicheul’s car, stealing the drugs and leaving them in the middle of nowhere. The car explodes, and the police fear for Junmo’s life, but they’ve managed to escape. Dohyung decides to pause the mission for the time being so that no one gets hurt. To figure out where Jungbae is, Gicheul gets his boys to extract information from all the drug dealers in the town. Heesung wonders if it is really necessary to go so far, and Gicheul can’t believe he would ask such a question. On top of all this, he’s already frustrated because the Japanese are not taking this very well. That is another blunder for Team Gicheul.

Haeryeon trusts Seungho so much that she is willing to get him new product in a short period of time because she trusts he’ll be able to get her money back. Seungho tells her to go back to China and wait for some time during this dangerous period (would it be easier for the Chinese to catch her?). She tells him that they’ll go together when all of this is over. On the other hand, her father is certain she’s making the wrong decisions because of Seungho and tells her assistant and bodyguard to keep her in check. The Chief informs the Chinese and the Japanese to put things on hold until the Korean side of things can be cleared up. Dohyung thinks it’s time to make the investigation public, but the Chief does not agree because it will ruin all their hard work. The Chief also says that the personal relationship between Junmo and Euijeong doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Dohyung decides to inform Euijeong of what’s happened with Junmo and Gicheul so that she doesn’t worry too much. On the other hand, Chief Seo, who has been exercising his right to be silent with Mingoo, gets freed. At the same time, Dohyung visits Mingoo to pretend to be Junmo again. Chief Seo is picked up by Yong-Dae, who recognizes Dohyung from the day he picked up documents for Gicheul.


Mingoo gets insulted by Dohyung, who tells him to keep his nose out of other people’s family business. At this point, it would be easier to tell him the truth and cooperate, but I guess that’s not how it works. Junmo is very frustrated, and he snaps at Heesung in the office, too. Gicheul tells everyone to stay in their lanes and work diligently on finding Jungbae. He tells Seungho that Jungbae has wiped them clean, and Junmo talks about going the extra mile (you know, like going after his family, etc.) to make him understand who he has messed with. Gicheul reminds Seungho not to “cross the line.” At the same time, Euijeong is desperate to see Junmo to show him that she’s still by his side and reminds him that he’s a cop. Dohyung and Euijeong try to calm him down, but he reminds them that Dohyung is the reason he had to watch his wife be with another man and also risk much more than he was asked to.

Does Chief Seo Catch Junmo?

Unfortunately, Junmo should’ve been less harsh with his words to Dohyung. After some research and a knife to the throat of the lady working at the retired policemen’s association, Chief Seo and Yong-Dae get Dohyung to come there. He’s unprepared for what’s waiting for him, and Chief Seo now knows that there’s a rat among them. It seems he’s close to the truth because he calls Seungho to meet him alone instead of telling Gicheul. Chief Seo asks Seungho to kill Dohyung himself with a knife. When he refuses, Chief Seo points his gun at him. On the other hand, astounding events are taking place in the office. Jungbae has turned everyone to his side, and Gicheul is all alone. Jungbae sits at the table as all the men stand ahead of him. Gicheul walks through them to see a brazen Jungbae sitting and reading out the papers of the development plan in his hands. The episode ends with the sound of a gunshot that leaves us wondering if Chief Seo shot Junmo or Donghyun or if Junmo decided to finally reveal himself.


Final Thoughts 

Episode 11 of The Worst of Evil is all about the push and pull within Junmo as a person. His wish to make life easier and better turned into a burning desire to prove himself to Gicheul. He’s respected, trusted, and even loved in the Gangnam Union, something he’s never felt from his own people—the police, his wife’s family, or his own father. The title of the show, The Worst of Evil, is clearly explained through Junmo’s character, who becomes the worst version of himself in order to become the best version of himself for others. Whatever ending awaits us is going to be sad, for sure.

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