‘The Worst Of Evil’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Jungbae Know Who Seungho Is?

Disney+ dropped the finale of The Worst of Evil a week earlier than we anticipated, and now we must finish the series in one sitting. The graphic show is about an undercover cop trying to investigate a drug dealing network that functions between South Korea, China, and Japan. In Episode 8 and Episode 9, we were taken aback by how much Junmo changed after joining the investigation, turning into a violent animal, and for what? Will it all be worthwhile, or will his wife never see him the same way again? We’ll find out by the end of The Worst of Evil


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In the Episode?

It’s very clear at this point that Seungho has quickly become Gicheul’s most trusted man. Being an undercover cop and all, Junmo really knew exactly how to make things work out, almost as if this was his calling. Still, there’s one big obstacle that keeps coming in the way of things, just when they’re getting piping hot. The cop, Hwan Mingoo, is keen on getting Gicheul behind bars. Gicheul takes Seungho to a conference for the development of his mini-city that he showed Euijong earlier. To Seungho’s surprise, he’s invited Euijong because he has promised her that after the end of what he’s doing right now, he will start to live a crime-free life. Mingoo shows up there, too, and Junmo immediately makes a frustrated phone call to Dohyung to tell him to get rid of Mingoo. Mingoo also tells Gicheul that he will help him find out who killed his inside man if he confesses to dealing drugs (as if this is a tempting deal, but fine).


At night, Gicheul takes Seungho on a double date. Haeryeon is very brash with her words, knowing Euijong is a cop. The jealousy between husband and wife is palpable, though, and throughout the scene, we’re left feeling as if we’re interrupting a couple’s fight. Haeryeon seems to have real feelings for Seungho, though, and Junmo is willing to take full advantage of them. He manipulates her into believing that he wants to try to make their relationship long-lasting. Although, in parts, it almost feels like he feels genuine affection for her, even if it isn’t romantic. On the other hand, Mingoo has been doing his research well and finds Park Jaeman, one of the drug dealers, who might be able to get him answers about the murder of Manager Cho. Jaeman is Junmo’s father, but fortunately, he doesn’t say anything to Mingoo and is set free with a deal, but Dohyung pays him off to steer clear of Mingoo. He then finds Wendy, the Yankees’ girlfriend (one of the petty drug dealers who got mixed up in Cho’s murder, too). Dohyung promises a pregnant Wendy safety and protection if she tells Mingoo that Chief Seo murdered Manager Cho. Although this is true, there are only a few people who witnessed this, so when Gicheul finds out, he will probably blame Jung-Bae for ratting.

Wendy agrees after some persuasion, and Mingoo is a little bit confused about how she came in like a unicorn exactly when he was looking for the rainbow. She makes her own drugs and convinces Mingoo that she needs protection from Gicheul and the rest, so she came to him directly when she found out he was looking for Yankees. She tells him to arrest her for the time being for possession of drugs so that she can be safe in prison. Mingoo arrests Chief Seo on suspicion of murder (not sure about the evidence, though). As suspected, Gicheul thinks it was Jaebum who told the police about Chief Seo. But the question remains: why would he not talk about the whole team? Considering the situation, Heesung tells Seungho to get the biggest deal possible from Haeryeon, doubling the amount of drugs. If this is going to be their last deal, it should go out with a bang.


After coming this far, when Junmo is talking to Dohyung, the man shows concern for his junior. Dohyung tells Junmo never to forget he’s a cop, and that he should not let things get too far for himself. Junmo is certain he can go back to being a cop after everything he’s been through. Junmo goes to Haeryeon with his team’s request, and although the drugs are to be delivered in two days, she accepts the deal and decides to go with 30 kg, as Seungho suggests, even if it means going against her father. She reminds him of how much she trusts him, and he convinces her that it is a good decision.

Does Jungbae Know Who Seungho Is?

Finally, it is time for the big deal that Junmo started this whole mission for. The Chinese prepare the big shipment in a rush. At the same time, Dohyung prepares cops to go to the spots Junmo has shared to gather evidence through pictures, but they keep low until the deal is done. While Seungho and Gicheul drive off to the sea to make the drug deal, someone walks into the office in a mysterious manner. Jungbae returns to the office, looking more dashing than ever. Jungbae unlocks the room with the safe in it, saying out loud that he had warned Gicheul that the cop Euijong would be his downfall. Her birthdate is the code, as we know, so that’s probably what he’s referring to at this point.


At the end of The Worst of Evil Episode 10, he sits in the office room as if he’s the boss himself, while on the other side, Gicheul and Seungho get closer to the drugs via sea. We don’t think Jungbae knows that Seungho is a cop; his comment is just on Eujiong because she is the cause of the fighting between the members of the union. It was obvious Jungbae would come back for revenge, but is he going to go out silently, or will he leave Gicheul deaf with his bark?

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