‘The Worst Of Evil’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: How Does Euijong Gain Gicheul’s Trust?

On the surface, The Worst of Evil comes across as a very aesthetically made violent series about drug lords in the late 90s, but it’s a story about loyalty and endearment woven together in a simple story, presented in a complex manner. Every episode gets more thrilling than the last, leaving us wondering what the fate of protagonist Junmo is throughout. As an undercover police officer, when does he reach his limit, and how far can he go to protect his family and fulfil his mission? The Worst of Evil is almost over, but with 4 episodes remaining, we’ve already come to the first scene of the show. What fascinating story awaits us ahead? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

At the beginning of episode 8 of The Worst of Evil, we get a glimpse of the tough Chinese drug gang and meet Haeryun’s father. It’s an army of people to look after the drug business, and Junmo has no idea what he’s up against. Haeryun’s father now wants to cut ties with Gicheul and the Gangnam Union for his deal, so he sends her to scope out the Jaegeon group. They’re disrespectful because she’s a young woman, and she’s disappointed. Sung Ki-Soo isn’t even keen on the deal she makes, but Haeryun knows how to play her cards right and makes sure the deal is accepted on her terms or not accepted at all. Ki-Soo just wants revenge on Gicheul, and he wants an excuse to start a war with the Gangnam Union. On the other hand, Junmo is completely shaken up after seeing a man die in front of him. His chief tells him not to panic, even though Gicheul suspects both him and his wife (give the poor man a rest already).


In the first half of episode 8 of The Worst of Evil, we’re stuck in a limbo of fear because Gicheul might find out the truth about Junmo and Euijong. He tells Yongdae, the youngest (maknae) of the group, to find out more about his “friend’s” death after finding out he accidentally fell off a building. In the meantime, he packs a gun to meet Euijong. The previous night, Seungho had told him he would do anything in order for the Chinese to choose them, to which Gicheul cryptically replied that Seungho was showing more interest in the subject than he was himself. Now, the husband and wife are on dates with two people they would never choose and have to prove their ability to operate undercover. Gicheul shows Euijong his office, while Haeryun takes Seungho to a poor neighborhood. She tells him that to make a deal, she first needs to learn about his history. They spend time together, playing the games he used to play as a child. On the other hand, Gicheul shows Euijong a plot he’s purchasing near the sea to develop a new “world.” He wants to build a hotel, a casino, and everything else he can in the area.

That’s when he gets a call from Yongdae, who reads out the papers he found at the retired policeman’s union. That’s where Junmo found the guy and chased him to his death. In a moment of sheer fear, we see Gicheul tell Euijong to turn to the other side and put his hand inside his breast pocket, where he keeps his gun. What he removes is a necklace, though, keeping his promise to her when they were kids to gift her a better necklace than what she gave him. The whole time, Euijong has her hand on her own gun in fear of what he’s going to do. Elsewhere, the police officer who beat up Seungho finds out about the traitor, an ex-police officer, dying and being connected to Gicheul. I wonder how he’s going to hinder the investigation further.


Haeryun takes Seungho to dinner and flirts with him. Finally, she tells him the deal, but she says Seungho himself has to be the carrier, and he should make the decision himself without consulting his boss, Gicheul. At the end of the night, Gicheul agrees to the deal. Haeryun asks him to sleep with her, or the deal’s off (who didn’t see this coming, though?). During the same time, Euijong tells Gicheul that she did suspect him of being a murderer when the guy who was involved in Taeho’s murder went missing, but she tells him that she trusts him and doesn’t care if his line of work is morally gray. She tells him that, as a police officer, she’ll do everything in her power to protect and help him, so he should trust her. Euijong finally confesses to being in love with Gicheul. He’s overwhelmed with emotions and kisses her as we see tears stream down her face and the camera slowly pans to her wedding ring and clenched fist. 

Whom Did The Chinese Choose?

Overjoyed, Gicheul takes Euijong to the office and invites the whole gang to introduce her to them as their future sister-in-law. Amidst the chaos, Haeryun’s father tells her bodyguard that they will go with Jaegeon Group because he never revisits the same well twice. Heesung and Chief Seo have already seen the Japanese meet up with Jaegeon, getting an intuition that something is wrong, but right now, they’re distracted by Gicheul bringing a police officer into their lives. Gicheul remains unbothered because he thinks Seungho can handle the Chinese and focuses on Euijong. Elsewhere, Haeryun brings Seungho to a hotel room, and he can’t keep her away from him. We can see his guilt, and as she pretty much forces herself on him, images of his life with Euijong play out in his mind. He can’t focus, and when the phone starts to ring, he tries to push Haeryun way to pick up, but she thinks it’s unimportant. Finally, her bodyguard shows up to tell her the news that her father has picked the other team. This means war is about to break loose, and they’re going to go after the Gangnam Union the same night. Haeryun asks Seungho if he can survive without Gicheul, and he rushes back.


Jaegeon Group is already on the way, and he tries to call Euijong to make sure she’s safe. She doesn’t pick up because she’s with Gicheul. Seungho finally calls Chief Seo and is able to give him a warning, but it’s already too late. They attack the building, and Gicheul tells Euijong to believe in him no matter what she sees. At the end of the episode, everyone attacks, and Gicheul leaves Euijong in his office and shuts the door. She’s left fearing for not only her own life but her husband’s, too. Additionally, she would have so much on her mind now that she’s kind of cheated on Junmo, even if she was pretending with Gicheul. She probably fears that she won’t get to say goodbye to him.

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