‘The Worst Of Evil’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Do The Japanese Take Gicheul’s Side?

Yes, before we move ahead, we must acknowledge that this is the most thrilling episode of the show, for sure. Episode 9 of The Worst of Evil brings all the violence and doesn’t hold back even for a second. We truly see Junmo transform, and it’s not an easy sight to see. We were concerned that the best stuff would be done away with in this episode, so how would the show move on? But there was really no need because the fun had just begun. If there was any doubt about this show before, throw it all away because The Worst of Evil is about to bring it. Episode 8 ended on a really terrifying note, so let’s quickly jump into what happens in Episode 9.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

The Worst of Evil Episode 9 finally shows us what happened on Junmo and Euijong’s wedding day. Junmo’s father showed up asking for money for drugs, embarrassing everyone along with his son. Junmo’s to-be wife, Euijong, still stuck with him, which really meant a lot to him. From there, we quickly move on to the present day, where Junmo has arrived at the office, which is currently a war zone. When he sees his wife in danger, he transforms into an animal. There’s nothing to hold him back, and just like his pristine cream suit becomes red with blood in an instant, so does his character get tainted forever. Filled with rage for his wife having been dragged into this terrible game, for her being in the room, and for the fact that Gicheul is in love with her, he turns out to be the most violent of them all, even biting someone’s ear (suddenly, the title of the show makes sense). Euijong watches her husband become a monster, stoic from the shock. When it’s all over, Haeryun shows up and tells Seungho that this is the first time she’s gone against her father’s wishes and that Gicheul should make sure it’s the right decision.


Now, they must immediately get revenge on Sung Ki-Soo, and they go to the Jaegeon head office. The Japanese are there too, and Seungho slices Ki-Soo’s Achilles tendon to show them who’s boss. This transformation is truly frightening. Gicheul tells the Japanese that they should bring Kanemoto, his “father” himself to apologize for what’s gone down. His ego is terribly bruised, especially because Euijong was in the building. At home, Euijong looks at a photo of her and her husband and remembers the innocent moment he asked her to marry him. She remembers the kindness and warmth he radiated, which vanished during the fight. She feels like it’s her fault, though. On the other hand, Junmo cannot bear the thought of his wife being a part of such a dangerous mission (ah, here it is), and he just wants her to stay out of this so he can finish it off cleanly and return to her smelling like roses. Gicheul believes that Seungho went to that extent to protect him, not Euijong, obviously, so he trusts him enough to take him to his mother’s home. Seungho meets Gicheul’s sister, who tells him that he should protect her brother well because she doesn’t want to read about him in the news. It seems Gicheul, even with his many vices, has some virtues too.

Junmo’s chief keeps the whole gang war on the down low so that his own mission doesn’t get ruined, but this makes people more suspicious of Gicheul. Specifically, Min-Goo is the police officer who is really keen on catching him. Seungho tries to convince Gicheul to relax a little bit with the Japanese because, with a double increase in the product coming in, they have to send it to Japan. In the meantime, Min-Goo shows up and knows that it was Seungho who killed the ex-police officer, but he doesn’t know why. Junmo visits the Japanese, specifically Tsuyoshi Oyama, the one who has been doing all the communication. He wants to get on his good side and convince him to go against his own boss. Elsewhere, Min-Goo visits Ki-Soo, and it seems they’ve been on the same side for a long time. Min-Goo acts all police officer-y with Gicheul, but he’s doing deals with another gang. Min-Goo tries to carry out an investigation on his own to connect Gicheul to some violent crimes, but is met with a dead end. Kanemoto, aka Gicheul’s “father,” shows up for the big apology. Obviously, he’s not actually going to apologize, and Gicheul insults him further by telling him to shut his mouth and increase the amount per kilogram of meth. Worried, Seungho meets Haeryun in the hope that the two of them can secretly fix this deal with the Japanese so his mission can be completed for good.


Does the Deal Work Out?

Seungho and Haeryun go to Kanemoto to fix the deal and continue to use Korea as a bridge between China and Japan for the drug. Kanemoto hears this as “I want to be your new son,” which means Seungho needs to prove he’s worthy of a Yakuza (Japanese organized crime syndicate) title. Haeryun is shocked, too, by Kanemoto’s desire to go. Seungho is given a blade to cut off one of his fingers. He’s unable to do it himself, and Kanemoto asks his men to help. This has got to be the most tense moment of The Worst of Evil, and just when we think the guy who has been against Seungho all this time will cut his finger off, he stabs Kanemoto, his own boss, in the heart. It turns out Oyama had already planned this out and made a deal with Gicheul himself. Gicheul had asked him to prove his worth, and now he shows up to the room, feeling like the king of the world for real. The deal works out for all of them, and Junmo is left in disbelief.

Junmo has witnessed yet another death, and there’s a lot for him to deal with already. It finally feels like he’s getting closer to making some big discoveries, and he’s cracked the code about the drugs, meaning half of his work is already done. In The Worst of Evil Episode 9, we see how tired Junmo is of his past and how desperately he wants to prove himself worth something. He’s protective of his wife, but he also shows his loyalty to Gicheul at any given time because Gicheul validates him, and he really feels like he’s doing something big. What if it gets to his head, and he decides to change sides? We’ll find out in the next episode.


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