‘The Way’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Did The Discroll Family Survive?

The Way, a three-part British series, is directed by Michael Sheen. As the Discroll family struggles to find a way out of Wales and move to England, they make discoveries about each other that they had not known before. The Way is a story about familial bonding and sacrifices during times of crisis. Geoff tries his best to hold his family together in times of despair, even when he is misunderstood by both his children. What events led to the Discrolls fleeing their country? Will the Discroll family be able to cross the borders? Will the family be able to understand each other better over certain courses of events? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens After Alwyn’s Death?

The workers at Port Talbot Steelwork were disappointed with the management as the welfare of the workers was overlooked. A young man named Lewis Jeffries had died while working in the mines, but no steps had been taken to look into the matter. His father, Alwyn, burned himself on the street as a form of protest against the organization. This incident stirred up a sense of rebellion amongst the workers, and they demanded better facilities for them. They wanted a greater investment on the part of the management, as part of hazard control. 


After the workers had started revolting, the company immediately shut down their branch in Port Talbot. This infuriated the workers, who demanded that the factory be run again, as they were not ready to lose their jobs due to some stupid decisions of the management. The miners decided to go on a strike after voting for the same, asking the other unions to join them, creating a major ruckus. Meanwhile, some red monks had been spotted near the factory areas as a symbol of support for the rebellion. 

What Had Happened In Denny’s Past? 

Geoff tried to calm the protestors down by saying that the management would soon be looking into their issues. Some of them thought that he had been supporting the management and was not on their side. They shamed him, saying that whatever he was doing was not expected as his father, Denny, had been a major part of the anarchists in favor of labor rights. They said that he was nothing like his father, who fought for people’s rights. Geoff retaliated, saying that his father had ended up dying as a result of revolting against the company. He didn’t have any mental peace, which caused him to commit suicide. 


Meanwhile, Denny’s spirit frequented Geoff, reminding him of the spirit of rebellion. He, however, despised his father, believing that he had failed as a father and as an anarchist, killing himself after being unable to handle situations. He also blamed his father for his own ruined familial relationships and lack of mental peace. It is possible that Denny was just a figment of Geoff’s mind that he had been constantly trying to battle. 

What Events Led To Mob Violence?

The climate change activists had collaborated with the protestors to rebel against the organization. To handle the situation, the government had appointed private contractors known as the Gordius. The government had also been outsourcing public sector provisions to security forces and prisons. Gordius wanted to work in union with the police force to help control the situation. The UK government had been bringing in workers from outside to keep Steelwork running; otherwise, it would have had a ripple effect, destroying Wales’ economy. 


The police had been bringing in the external labor forces into the organization, when the former laborers attacked them. They beat up the external laborers and the policemen. Owen also joined the mob and started attacking the police. In fact, he was the one who began throwing gas cans at police officers, adding fuel to the crowd’s rage. This event resulted in internet connectivity being cut off and a lockdown. Meanwhile, Dee had called Geoff to come and help Owen with the situation. Geoff was torn between his duties as a father and an employee of Steelwork. Finally, he chose to go and save his son, but when he finally reached there, he only found total anarchy.  

How Was Owen Rescued From The Camp?

Anna informed Dee that while helping at the detention camp, she had seen that Owen had been kept captive. She further said that they were conducting certain experiments on the prisoners and that he had to be saved immediately. Thea, who was a part of the police force, tried to find the whereabouts of her brother. She was finally able to dig out Owen’s location and collaborate with Anna to sneak him out of the camp. Thea decided to drive her brother and some of the other prisoners out of the facility. After Thea had been successful in doing so, she also became one of the Welsh fugitives. 


Was The Driscoll Family Able To Leave Port Talbot?

The Driscroll family decided to leave Port Talbot after helping Owen get out of the facility. They threw their phones away so that they could not be traced. While they were on the run, Owen felt extremely uneasy, as he was having withdrawals and had been hallucinating. Meanwhile, Thea had only been focused on reuniting with her son, Rhys. She asked her father-in-law, Philip, to help bring her son to Afan Forest Lodge, where they would meet.

Philip snuck onto a truck along with Rhys to reach England so that he could hand him over to Thea. Upon reaching the lodge, Thea called her husband, Dan, and asked him why Rhys was still not there. He said that there had been a change of plans and that they would have to go across the borders and meet him in Germany. Dan told her that he had a contact there at GCHQ and that the contact would help Thea and her family. Dan advised Thea to leave her family behind and just escape, as Owen was all over the media, and traveling with him would cause her a lot of trouble. She decided not to give up on her family, despite the strong difference of opinion between them. She arranged for her family to cross the border and reach England so that she could meet her son. 


Meanwhile, Philip reached England along with his grandson. The Discroll family, on the other hand, was taking a lot of risks to cross the border. They were put in coffins inside a truck, and when a check was being conducted, the driver said that he was repatriating some of the dead soldiers back to the barracks. After a lot of struggle, the family finally managed to reach England, where they saw that Owen had been all over the news for starting the attack on the policemen. Later, when they met Dan’s connection at GCHQ, she assisted them in making travel arrangements to Germany.

What Family Secrets Got Revealed?

It was evident that Thea would get a visa in Germany as her spouse was settled there, but the others would have to seek asylum as refugees in the country. While they discussed the fact that they might have to face issues as a refugee family in another country with their legal documents, it was revealed that Thea was not Geoff’s biological daughter. She learned that she was born out of her mother’s love affair with another man. Geoff was unable to handle the situation back at home and had wanted to walk away from his family. Previously, when Thea and Owen did not know about their mother’s infidelity, they blamed their father for abandoning them. It wasn’t until this point that they realized the reason behind his indifference. Later, Geoff apologized to Dee and said that his dissatisfaction with life had caused serious trouble in the family.


Later, when we swing back into the past, it is revealed that Owen had a lot of debt on him and was struggling with addiction. When the loan sharks approached Owen, he was unable to pay up, and it was when Thea arrested her own brother to keep him from getting into further trouble with the goons. This led to a major misunderstanding between the two siblings in the past. However, with the revelation of new secrets about each other, the family finally realized the reasons behind the steps that each one of them had taken. 

How Did Elaine Help The Family?

In order to escape the Welsh Catcher, the Driscoll family sought refuge at Elaine’s house. It was decided that they would meet Rhys at Elaine’s house and then leave for Germany from there. When Philip finally  brought in Rhys, he immediately asked them to leave, as he had made a payment with his card in a nearby store to buy some water. Elaine’s husband helped them all escape, using his boat to sneak through a narrow canal. When they reached there, they got united with a camp full of Welsh refugees, who sheltered them. Later, when Glynn came to the camp, he beat Geoff up, saying that he had snitched about their plans to their authorities by alerting them. Geoff said that he wanted the company to function effectively to ensure that nobody lost their jobs. He explained to Glynn that the steps that they had taken had caused many people a lot of pain. There was a special emphasis on the fact that the web was overflowing with things from the past, as the internet had been cut off. This was symbolic of the fact that people were spiraling into the past, retracing their steps back from the development that they had made through the unnecessary wars. 


What Happened After The Welsh Catcher Arrived At The Camp?

When the Welsh catcher arrived at the camp, he declared that he was only after the Driscoll family. Geoff went to face him and asked him to take pity on his family. Geoff also tried manipulating him emotionally, saying that even though he was a Welshman, he should have some compassion for his own people. He then said that he could let the others go but had to take Owen with him. He said that the authorities thought that Owen was the original red monk who had created the anarchy. He also said that he would have helped, but the police algorithms were beyond his control. Predictive coding had identified Owen as a threat to the country.

The Welsh Catcher gave Geoff the option to either save his son or risk the entire community’s safety. When Geoff told the others about the option that he had been given, they wanted to hand Owen in to ensure that they were safe. Akela, the leader of the camp, however, intervened and told the others that they should have a sense of solidarity and not try to pull each other down. He assured Geoff that they would hold the enemies back while they left the spot on a boat. 


Did The Discroll Family Survive?

When the Driscoll family boarded the boat, we felt that they would manage to survive. However, fate had something else in store for them. Owen decided to stay back along with Anna to try and protect the other Welshmen in the camp. He did not want to run away like a coward, while the others would sacrifice themselves. Geoff also sacrificed himself when he saw that their boat was sinking. He jumped off the boat to reduce some weight so that his family would be safe. 

The fire of revolt that Owen had lit in the hearts of the other Welshmen was seen the very next day when the Welsh Catcher came back. All the people in the camp had dressed as red monks so that they could portray their spirit of rebellion and save Owen with whatever little means they could. Meanwhile, Owen had set off to go back to Wales and contribute something to society. Till this point, his mind was clouded with indecisiveness, but once he had managed to survive his withdrawal phase, he had set his goals very clearly. The feeling of drowning was no longer there; he felt as if he had the courage to swim back to the surface and fight for the rights of his people. 


What Will Happen In Season 2?

It is rightly said that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Owen had grown up to be as selfless as his father, Geoff. Geoff did not think twice before sacrificing himself for his family, and similarly, knowing the perils associated with rebellion, Owen did not step back from fighting. It can be said that Owen had a similar fighting spirit as that of his grandfather, Denny. The intricacies of familial bonds have been portrayed very minutely in the series The Way. Even though there is no official announcement of the release of a second season, we will be hoping for it. If the second season is to be released, it is likely that the struggles of Owen, with Anna by his side, will be the main highlight. On the other hand, Thea’s life in Germany, portraying her guilt over not being able to save her brother and father will also be explored.

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