‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse’ Episodes 5 & 6: Recap And Ending: Why Does Dan Oh Leave The House?

In a suspenseful previous episode of “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse,” Kang San and Si Yeol raised suspicions about their real identities. Kang San met with Lee Seol’s uncle and warned him not to meet Dan Oh anymore. Jang and his men were keeping an eye on the eunuch and attacked Kang San, believing he was the personal guard of Lee Seol. He managed to escape them, but he got shot by the poisoned arrow. Si Yeol, on the other hand, had been meeting with an old man secretly.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Gets Arrested By The Royal Guards?

Dan Oh finds Kang San passed out on the street and immediately finds a palanquin to carry him to a physician. Jang’s men try to search inside the palanquin, but someone else distracts them by shooting an arrow. Dan Oh takes him home instead, and Si Yeol treats his wound. Jang meets Dan Oh the next day to ask her if she ever met the personal guard and tells her that he’d cancel her debt if she brought the guard to him. Dan Oh suspects Kang San and tries to find clues in his room but finds nothing. However, she finds a half-burnt arrow at the place where Kang San usually practices his swordplay. Meanwhile, Si Yeol has also been cautious, but his serious attitude catches the eye of Jang, and he asks his subordinate to run a background check on him. Si Yeol is quietly preparing to flee the country if anything goes wrong for some reason and has already paid a sailor to help him at any time. Yu Ha, who has not been involved with the royal palace, is doing something that could be called treason against the King. Along with other scholars, he distributes the book of prophecy among the commoners, which says that a new king shall rise soon. They are being supported by a master they don’t know yet. Their master is the King’s state minister, Shin.


Si Yeol is gambling at Buyounggak while also sharing recent happenings and his cryptic plans with a man. That’s when the royal guards raid Buyounggak to arrest illegal gamblers. Buyounggak was never raided before because Jang owned it, but he ordered it this time to catch Si Yeol. A guard catches Si Yeol when he tries to run away, but instead of taking him to the prison, like the others, the guards take him to Jang’s home. Si Yeol’s name is not in his family’s registry, which makes Jang think that he could be Lee Seol. When Dan Oh hears the news of the raid, she thinks Kang San got arrested, as she had seen him at Buyounggak. She searches for him and ends up finding out that it was Si Yeol who got arrested. She gets shocked when she overhears the guards talking about Si Yeol being Lee Seol.

Who Takes Away Si Yeol From Jang? 

Dan Oh believes that Si Yeol is Lee Seol and Kang San is his personal guard. If she still hands over the personal guard to Jang, she might get her house back, so she goes home and distracts Kang San by asking him to find her lost ring. She proceeds to go to Jang’s home but stops in the middle. She cannot bring herself to be selfish and give away Kang San’s identity. She throws away the arrow, and as she is on her way back home, she spots Kang San running hurriedly with rows and arrows. She tries to stop him but ends up following him to the woods next to Jang’s house. Kang San received a note saying Jang had caught a scholar, and he went there, not knowing it was Si Yeol. Jang is torturing Si Yeol to make him reveal the truth, and Kang San and Dan Oh shoot arrows at them to stop the torture. Jang sends the guards after them, but his torture gets interrupted by Minister Shin. He takes Si Yeol away to be interrogated by the Department of Justice because he doesn’t like the way Jang treats him. Kang San was the one who delivered the news to Shin anonymously. Kang San and Dan Oh stay hidden the whole night and return home safely the next day. Si Yeol’s father confirms his identity, and he is set free as well.


After this incident, Dan Oh decides to give up on her house as she cannot reveal Kang San and Si Yeol’s identities. She is only worried about her older sister, whom she has been hiding from Jang, but her sister, Hong Ju, is ready to surrender to Jang if the situation calls for it. She doesn’t want her younger sister to get into any more trouble because of her. Dan Oh has only been fighting for her family since her father died, but she is not tired of it yet. On the other hand, Yu Ha’s stepmother passes away, but before going, she hands him the inheritance from his father. Yu Ha thanks her for taking care of him even when he doesn’t have their family’s blood. This is the first time Yu Ha hints at possibly being Lee Seol. Lee Seol is known to have been adopted. Moreover, in the inheritance that Yu Ha receives, there is a rare and valuable item, raising further questions.

‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse’ Episode 6: Ending

Dan Oh leaves the house overnight with Hong Ju and Naju, her helpers, surprising the three young men. Yuk Ho already knew about it, and he informed them that Dan Oh would send them a letter once she found a home. The men are worried and pester Yuk Ho to reveal where Dan Oh is. On the same day, Jang raids the house after he realizes the connection between her and the personal guard. Eunuch Noh had mentioned to him that the guard knew Dan Oh by name, and Dan Oh, who is a stubborn woman, suddenly gave up on the house after Jang asked her to bring the guard. He doesn’t find Dan Oh, but he keeps his men spying on the men at the house. When Yuk Ho takes Yu Ha to Dan Oh, Jang tails them with the guards. However, when they attack Dan Oh, a man dressed as Lee Seol’s personal guard appears.


“The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” is well-written and executed. All three men have their own stories, and they stand out in their own ways. Even after many hints, one can’t be sure about who the real prince is. Despite his fighting skills, Kang San’s words and attitude look like those of a deposed prince plotting revenge. Si Yeol looks like a delicate and charming man, but he is a different person when no one is watching. Yu Ha’s past is not yet revealed completely, and neither have his real parents been revealed.   

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