‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse’ Episodes 15 And 16 Recap & Ending: Does Si Yeol Return To Save Kang San?

Chief Jang caught his guard spying on him and learned the secret plan of Mokinhoe from him. In The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, Kang San and Yu Ha have come together to end the rule of the current king. Yu Ha had been impersonating Lee Seol, but he decided to back down after Kang San revealed his true identity. Kang San was all ready to take down the king and found the right day. The king was out hunting, but Chief Jang informed him about Mokinhoe’s plan, and the king turned back hurriedly without his guards. Kang San was already waiting for him and shot an arrow at him.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Saves Kang San From Getting Caught?

The king collapsed as Kang San’s arrow went straight into his chest, but Kang San had to run away as the guards followed the king. Guards chase Kang San, but he manages to escape. The palace goes into a panic as the royal physician informs them that the king’s condition is critical. Minister Shin is beside the king and has banned outsiders from entering the palace. The king needs to recover to continue his ruling, but Chief Jang cannot wait for it. He informs the chief guard about the rebellion, and the chief’s first suspicion goes to Kang San. He suspected Kang San, as he had seen him talking to Eunuch Noh in secret. The next day, when Kang San goes to the palace, he gets interrogated. Guard Yoon, who was ordered to keep an eye on Kang San, saves him by telling the chief that he hasn’t found anything suspicious about him. In reality, Yoon has already guessed Kang San’s real identity, but he doesn’t want to lose a good friend to a king he doesn’t respect. Meanwhile, Si Yeol saves Hong Ju from Jang’s men but gives away his identity. From his men’s description, it wasn’t difficult for Jang to guess that it was the personal guard. Moreover, he confirms from the physician who treated Si Yeol that he has a unique scar near his shoulder.

The king is showing no signs of recovering, and it is the best opportunity for the queen dowager to enthrone Lee Seol. Yu Ha takes Kang San to meet their grandmother and reveals that he is the real Lee Seol. The queen dowager doesn’t get mad at either of them, but now that she finally has the real Lee Seol, she has decided to write an official letter of dethronement for the current king. Minister Shin is going to announce the decision to the assembly, and even if the king wakes up after his dethronement, he will be powerless. Chief Jang holds a grudge against Si Yeol, and he is more concerned about killing him than finding Lee Seol. He has prepared his best assassins to get the job done. However, Si Yeol has decided to leave Seoul. He believes that Kang San will get enthroned soon, and he has fulfilled his responsibility. He has grown tired of living as an assassin and wanted to live a normal life with Hong Ju, but he breaks down after he finds out that he was the one who killed Hong Ju’s fiance, which caused her to live her life in hiding. He cannot tell her the truth, and he can’t face her either. Everybody at the guesthouse worries about him, but he only tells the truth to Kang San. Kang San doesn’t mind Si Yeol freeing himself from his responsibility, but he is worried that he will not live a happy life.

Why Does Noh Lie About Lee Seol’s Identity?

Unexpectedly and miraculously, the king has regained consciousness but has kept it a secret. He catches Eunuch Noh and makes him reveal the truth about the rebellion. Noh tells him about everyone that is involved and gives him the most-awaited answer. He lies to the king, saying that Yu Ha is Lee Seol. They cannot afford to fail in the rebellion at this point, so he sacrifices Yu Ha to save Kang San. Chief Jang was going to attack Si Yeol anyway, but now he has Lee Seol’s identity as well. He raids the guesthouse with the guards, but none of the scholars are there. Jang knows how to bait them, so he takes away both Hong Ju and Dan Oh. When Kang San and Yu Ha return home, Yuk Ho tells them the condition Jang laid down is that all three of the scholars should come together if they want to rescue Hong Ju and Dan Oh. Kang San wants Yu Ha to stay behind, as he doesn’t want to endanger his life as well, but Yu Ha can’t let him walk into Jang’s trap alone. Just the two of them aren’t enough in front of Jang’s skilled men, and now all four of them are captured. Jang won’t move until Si Yeol shows up. Kang San’s ally, Kwon, rushes to the port to find Si Yeol just in time before he leaves for Qing.

Minister Shin is prepared to announce the dethronement of the king, but the king shocks the court by appearing without notice. He arrests all of the court officials, calling them traitors. The palace is in disarray, and all the gates have been closed immediately. No one is allowed to leave or enter. Guard Yoon left the palace just before this happened, and he rushes to check if Kang San is alright. When he goes to the guest house, he only sees Hwa Ryeong there. Hwa Ryeong has found the letter that was meant for Si Yeol, and she goes looking for Yu Ha. Meanwhile, Kang San unties himself and others and attacks Jang’s men. He is not strong enough to handle them all, so he accepts his defeat and agrees to go with Jang. However, Jang thinks that Kang San is covering for Yu Ha, who is the real Lee Seol, and holds a sword at his neck. Jang wants Si Yeol before Lee Seol, so he attacks Yu Ha, hoping Si Yeol will appear, but Hwa Ryeong meddles instead and gets herself killed. Si Yeol is a little late, but he comes back to save his master. He kills all of Jang’s men, and Hong Ju sees Si Yeol’s real face. Si Yeol never wanted Hong Ju to see this side of him, but he couldn’t help it.

Yu Ha accepts that he is Lee Seol, even when Kang San protests against it. He wants Kang San to survive and tells him to run away with his mother’s dead body. Yu Ha has nothing to lose and nothing to fear. His mother died in his arms, and he is not letting her death go in vain. Hwa Ryeong never revealed that she was Yu Ha’s mother because she was of low birth and Yu Ha deserved better than a lowly status. Yu Ha dreams of a Joseon where people would be treated with respect despite their backgrounds. The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Episode 16, ends with the royal guards flocking around Yu Ha while Kang San and others disappear into the woods. Yu Ha didn’t listen to Kang San until the end and surrendered to the guards as Lee Seol. Now, Kang San has to save his brother from getting killed and take down the king before it’s too late.

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