‘The Recruit’ Season 1, Finale Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Max Dead? What Happened To Owen?

In the previous episode of “The Recruit,” we saw that a death game had already started when Xander Goi was slain by an assassin, albeit it was not immediately evident who did it. It may have been Kirill’s guy or someone who was pursuing Max and Owen and intended to kill them. Unfortunately, Xander might just be the wrong person at the wrong time. The eighth and final episode of “The Recruit” season 1 should provide plenty of reasons for the previously unexplained disasters.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Max Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Owen?

Episode 8 begins, and we see how Xander Goi’s corpse caused a commotion in the city. Owen and Max had fled the scene. Lester hurried to Max’s room to grab all of their stuff in order to protect them from the police while also protecting the agency. Hannah continued to search for Owen around the hotel. Owen tried to open his phone and contact Hannah to see if she was okay, but Max tossed it away so that no one could trace it. While Owen was craving relief that he seemed unable to get, Max had just one strategy in mind for how she would return home. After Xander was slain, Central Command called a conference to discuss the operation’s progress. Centcom requested that the operation be halted since her asset had escaped, but Dawn was certain that Max had not escaped and that she would soon reach a secure location and phone her. Centcom directed Lester to be the case officer and take safety precautions for the case, and he specifically said that if the asset did not contact within the next 24 hours, the operation would be closed. Meanwhile, Max borrowed a nun’s phone on the bus and contacted Dawn to let her know where they were meeting. Owen had earlier grabbed a notebook from Max’s safe deposit box and discovered that its pages were crammed with Russian intelligence that he could use to cover up the missile scandal. So, he went inside the bus’s restroom and gave Janus all of those photos via his Instagram account. Janus forwarded the images to his operator in Africa, instructing him to have them reproduced. He urged him to pretend as though he found those documents at a secret station that revealed the Russian intelligence. He also told him to place these tanks in the same location so that it might look like the Russians had hidden them, and then he would blow them up. As a result, the missile scandal would be extinguished, and the CIA would be cleared of blame.


Meanwhile, Hannah was eager to meet Owen and find out whether he was okay. So, she and Terence went to the Geneva police, who informed Violet. Violet encouraged them to return home since Geneva was not a secure place for them, which seemed natural to Terence because he knew if he became involved in the police interrogation, the police would not treat him the same way they would treat Hannah because of her family background. Hannah persuaded her mother to check on Owen, and she contacted the Chief of Staff to see whether he was aware that Owen was alright. Kevin Mills dashed to Nyland’s office to inquire as to why he was receiving calls for Owen. Nyland informed him that Owen was currently in Geneva, attempting to recover an asset. He also informed him that Xander Goi had been slain, which worried Kevin as he knew Xander was using his code name, so he told Nyland that his contact with Owen should never be made public as if they had never met. Kevin must have known something that he was purposefully concealing, but the details are still unclear. Since Dawn didn’t trust Max or Owen, they held them hostage when they arrived at her station. She thought Max and Owen were responsible for Xander’s death, but Max informed her of the truth: she didn’t kill him; he was assassinated by a Russian gangster named Kirill, whose wife had an affair with him. Dawn trusted Max and freed her. They told the central command that they had recovered their assets and were headed to the operation in Prague. Hannah, on the other hand, was notified by an unidentified number that Owen was traveling to Prague, so she headed for Prague to see him.

Owen and Max were dispatched to Prague together with the full operation team, which was commanded by Dawn Gilbane. They planned to transfer Max to the Russian mafia, Lev Orlova, for the buy-in. Max expected Lev to murder her after receiving the money, making her extremely terrified of death. She kissed Owen for the last time, bidding her farewell to him. She approached Lev as the entire ops team waited outside to attack him. However, while Lev was negotiating with Max, Russian enforcers began to swarm around his station. But when the Russian team began firing, Lev mistook it for the CIA operation team that had come to remove him, so he attacked Max, who began to hide to defend herself. Meanwhile, when one of Lev’s men was about to grab her, Owen shot him from behind, killing him. Another man attacked him, but Max shot him from behind. Max afterward murdered Lev with a single shot.Owen was weak and surprised that he had murdered someone, something he could never have predicted, but Max was completely okay with these killings because she had experienced them throughout her life. Owen requested that Max stop her car because he could take no more of this pain. Max was unable to stop running since she knew Russian mobsters would soon seize her, while Owen struggled to comprehend the truth that he was unable to leave his difficulties at the moment because he had already dug his own grave. When Max used a revolver to stop him after he abandoned her in the middle of the street, Owen was able to see how dangerous and egotistical she really was. Since Max had never considered anybody else except herself, trying to help her would also be a horrible idea for Owen. He left and called Hannah, who let him know she was also in Prague. Owen went to see her, but as he was walking, some thugs kidnapped him. On the other hand, as soon as Max told Gilbane that Owen had left her, another car pulled up behind her and kidnapped her. Max and Owen both opened their eyes in a shadowy area like a crypt, and the white-haired Russian woman approached and stood in front of Max. Max called her Karolina and got shot by the woman. Karolina inquired about Owen’s identity and wondered why he was continually running around her mother.


What To Expect From Season 2?

Season 1 of “The Recruit” concluded on a cliffhanger and with mysteries still to be revealed. Karolina may have killed her mother since she intended to seek revenge on her for killing her father. I do not believe Max was speaking the truth when she claimed that her daughter was dead. She knew about her existence but lied for an unclear reason. It should be emphasized in the forthcoming season how Karolina was stolen from her mother and brainwashed to kill her. According to how the plot is going, we may surmise that Karolina might not have killed Owen, but she would find another method to utilize him. However, the operation team would have to conduct a rescue expedition if Karolina intended to capture him. Karolina is, in my opinion, a small player in a bigger game. It’s likely that Russian intelligence had already discovered that the CIA was sending Max to Belarus; therefore, the Russian operatives attempted to end the CIA’s use of Max as an asset by killing her so that their intelligence would not be exposed. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, which might be revealed soon as the next season airs on Netflix.

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