‘The Power’ Finale Episode 9 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is There A Winner Between Margot And Dandon?

The Power tells an interesting tale of strength, unison, and hatred. By the end of episode 9, it is clear that this is not the end of this tale (especially for those who have read the book). There are new units formed, there is a newfound fear, and there is some hope for change, but are we being led to hope? Or is it devastation?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘The Power’ Episode 9?

After a disastrous end to Sister Veronica’s life, Eve is feeling some sort of guilt and remorse for having a part in her death. The voice in her head, though, continues to make her feel like she’s not at fault and that this is “God’s plan,” and those who don’t follow and disobey will be punished rightfully. With the help of the power and the voice in her head, Eve believes she needs to build an army of women to protect themselves. Sister Maria weeps over the loss of Veronica, but Eve is quick to turn the tables and make her believe that this is God’s plan, so she can convert Maria into a believer too. The more believers she has, the quicker her army will be built.


Roxy finds herself utterly confused as to why her mother would not tell her about her close relationship with Derek Reena. She visits the man and finds out that he’s a cop. He tells Roxy that her mother never told her about them because she was worried that Bernie would find out and know that there were cops after him. Now, Roxy knows that her mom’s murder was definitely planned and not an accidental burglary gone wrong. She also knows it was her father who was trying to send a message to Derek Reena through her mom’s death. Derek, on the other hand, saw the message clearly and, instead of reaching out to Roxy, buried his evidence, forgot about Christina, and even quit his police job. At home, Roxy confronts Bernie about everything and makes sure he accepts what he’s done. Roxy is terribly angry, but she controls herself and asks Bernie’s second wife if she knows about Roxy’s mother. The shock in her eyes is proof to Roxy that only Bernie is in on this, and she decides to give her stepmother the power so that in case she is met with the same fate as her mother, she can save herself. Roxy’s next move is to try and escape to New York, but Derek warns her that Bernie knows of her plan, so she decides to go join Eve instead!

With Margot’s campaign in full swing against Governor Dandon, Urbandox has new plans in mind. Now that Matty has shared evidence of Ryan having the skein on the Urbandox app, Urbandox himself reaches out to Matty to run an errand for him. Matty seems a bit skeptical at first, even though his favorite celebrity is speaking to him directly. He doesn’t really want to hurt his mom, but Urbandox is manipulative and tells Matty that all he needs is for him to spy on Margot’s policies, not her personal life, and not anything else. Matty doesn’t realize the full weight of this situation, of course, and agrees because Urbandox uses the scar on his face to direct him against women and talk about protection for men rather than harm for women. On the other hand, Margot’s campaign team has made a great video showcasing her loving family and all the hard work she’s doing in support of women with EOD, besides everybody else in the country. When asked about Rob, Margot says everything is okay, even though he wants a divorce, which is a huge contrast to Dandon’s three divorces as a non-family man. Rob is doing everything he can to support his wife, too, as he promised, just until the campaign is done. There’s one big problem, though: Ryan’s EOD is posing a threat to Margot’s campaign, and without speaking to her, the team decides to send him away to what seems to be a concentration camp for kids with EOD, maybe also to be experimented on. Even Jos doesn’t know what’s wrong, and everything is looking fine for them until Ryan seemingly disappears out of thin air. Margot, on the other hand, is so blinded by her hunger for defeating Dandon that she doesn’t realize her husband may be so far gone that he’s cheating or about to cheat on her.


Tatiana is plotting something big after killing her husband. She is now the president of Carpathia. Before all else, she speaks to Tunde, who gives her a message from Zoia and her number. Tatiana frees Tunde (who doesn’t know about the president’s death) and tells him to go home, but Tunde has his own plans. Reaching his hotel, he notices the mess around him and wonders what’s happening. With the news of the president’s assassination, Tunde decides to warn Zoia. On TV, it says Tatiana has sent an army to bring down the prostitutes at the border. Declan, the egotistical man who sold out Tunde before escaping alone, heads to meet Zoia alone, thinking he can have the bigger story now. Instead, he shows his true colors to the women, who ask him to cross a river if he wishes to talk to them and then proceed to electrocute him through the water because of his disdain for them. Tunde is determined and is able to find his way to the women by renting a car in the nick of time.

Is There A Winner Between Margot And Dandon?

Margot and Dandon are amidst their debate, and strangely, they both seem to be fighting a great fight. There are facts on both sides, but Dandon even brings up the idea that Rob might’ve leaked out information about the skein experiments. Dandon plans on making the transfer of EOD illegal because it’s a weaponized tool, as we can see in the case of Eve, who is creating an “army” of her own. But Margot is all about the autonomy of a woman’s body and the safety of women; she brings up factual data about how much rape and domestic violence, missing cases and murder have subsided due to EOD and how safe women are. Margot doesn’t think violence is the answer either, but EOD is not something to be criminalized. It is a healthcare issue and should be treated as such. Margot looks calm enough until Dandon brings up Ryan, and she starts to falter. Margot has been hiding her EOD for too long, and it is only a matter of time before it shows up. The biggest blow is when Dandon talks about Jos “attacking” Matty. That is when Margot lets it all go and accidentally electrocutes Dandon. The fact that Dandon knows all of these things could link him to Urbandox because Matty is the one who is “spying” for Urbandox and may have accidentally given out this information. Additionally, they have similar opinions, and if they’re not the same person, they’re definitely in contact.


In Carpathia, Tunde learns of the devastation caused by Zoia’s army and Tatiana. His positive mindset finally crumbles as he sees hundreds of army personnel dead. Tunde doesn’t know what to do anymore and seems to be giving up. He calls Ndudi in his desperation, and she tells him to come home at once as he sobs after seeing a man burn alive in front of him. Tunde thought that EOD brought a positive change to the world, but now he truly sees its darker consequences. Tatiana and Zoia, on the other hand, have just gotten a taste of their power, and they will revolutionize the world together, starting with  Carpathia.

Back in the US, Roxy finally makes her way to Eve, and in a showdown, Eve displays her incredible skills at stopping Roxy’s power in her mind (through the conductivity in the water). Roxy is surprised, but she is strong enough to bring herself back and bring Eve down. The episode ends with the two young girls being grateful to have each other and joining forces, essentially becoming the strongest known duo. This is a sign that there might be a war coming in the next season of The Power. Not only do we have two powerful rulers—Margot and Tatiana—but we also have Eve’s army. It looks like the ultimate battle for power is yet to come.

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