‘The Night Agent’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Was Matteo?

Earlier in episode 6 of “The Night Agent,” Maddie’s kidnapping escalated into a national emergency, with Peter Sutherland emerging as the prime suspect. However, Diane Farr had totally framed Sutherland to hide their plot to carry out a terrorist attack. The person Peter trusted the most, Diane Farr, betrayed him by revealing who she really was. It was discovered that Omar Zadar had nothing to do with the metro bombing from the previous year; instead, White House officials were responsible for orchestrating it. The officials included Diane Farr, the chief of staff; Ashley Redfield, the vice president; and Gordon Wick, the chief executive officer of a private military company named Turn Lake Industries. Arrington and Monks, who were conducting an actual investigation to determine who the real kidnapper was, were told to concentrate on Peter Sutherland without even having relevant evidence. Let’s see whether Peter can convince Arrington and Monks of his innocence.

“The Night Agent” Episode 7 opens with a flashback to the tragic loss of Ashley Redfield’s younger daughter, Sarah, fourteen years earlier. Two of his children were playing in the yard when Sarah drowned in the water without Maddie there. Maddie was constantly blamed by her father for the death of her sister. Instead of consoling the little child, Ashley continued reminding her that she was expected to be watching her sibling. This incident gave rise to Maddie’s ongoing resentment toward her father.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Matteo? What Did He Want From The Vice President?

Paulo, the art teacher, was an activist who used Maddie to recruit her for his New Leaf propaganda campaign, but Matteo, his roommate, used Paulo to trick Maddie into falling for his trap. Matteo recorded Maddie and forwarded the footage, along with some threatening messages, to Gordon Wick in order to instill dread in their hearts. The person who hired Matteo to detonate the bomb in the subway last year was Gordon Wick. But now, for some reason, Matteo had turned the tables on them and was determined to reveal the Vice President’s role in the explosion. Matteo thought that if Ashley saw Maddie in such a situation, he would be forced to admit his involvement in the bombing. Ashley’s heart broke as he saw his daughter being tormented, but he felt obligated to keep quiet.

Maddie argued to Matteo that she could assist him in tarnishing her father’s reputation, but Matteo didn’t buy that. Of course, the Vice President’s daughter wouldn’t go against her own father, but the truth is that Maddie had genuine plans to disgrace him. Even worse, she had secretly taped her father yelling at her on camera, which she’d then hidden at her shrink’s house. The fact that the camera she used to create the film was the same one that Ellen and Dale seized from the woman’s home in “The Night Agent” Episode 1 suggests that the woman was Maddie’s therapist who’d learned more about Ashley than she should. Because of this, Gordon Wick’s hired assassins took care of her. Nevertheless, it was later discovered that Diane Farr was also involved in this. Farr and Wick both threatened Ashley to keep silent or else his position would be jeopardized.

Peter and Rose were attempting to learn more about the bomber while they were hiding out on Peter’s godfather’s yacht. They had acquired a good deal of pertinent material that indicated Matteo was the bomber. But even though Peter could recognize the pictures of Matteo with the rattlesnake tattoo on his abdomen, his name appeared to be Collin Worley, and he was listed as deceased. So, who was Matteo if Collin Worley had passed away? Has Colin really passed away, or is this just another twin brothers drama? It will be revealed in the upcoming episode.

How Did Arrington And The Monks Find Peter And Rose?

The White House started to criticize Arrington’s performance after Maddie vanished while she was under her supervision, but with Erik Monks’ cooperation, she persevered in looking into the kidnapping. While the two of them had their suspicions about Paulo’s friend Matteo, the White House was unconcerned with their opinions. Arrington and Monks had doubts about the White House’s decision to put Sutherland at the center of the blame game. Even though they were aware that pursuing Sutherland wouldn’t be productive, they were nevertheless forced to conduct the inquiry, according to Diane Farr. One of Peter’s next of kin, Jim, was discovered during the search for his residence. Jim may be able to provide information on Peter’s whereabouts. Jim, who also happened to be Peter’s godfather, told them about the deck. Despite having been Peter’s father’s close friend in the past, Jim and Peter didn’t get along well. When Peter’s father was charged with treason, he was the reporter covering the story. He did a lot of research, but the findings couldn’t establish his innocence. Afterward, Jim also started to believe that Peter’s father was a traitor, and he even published an article about it, which is what ultimately strained his relationship with Peter.

But Arrington and Monks managed to locate the deck and discover Peter and Rose right there trying to flee. The two agents had Peter and Rose under their control, but Peter had faith that he could prove his innocence since he knew that both Arrington and Monks were devoted to their work and would do whatever it took to uphold the truth.

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