‘The Night Agent’ Episode 1: Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Rose Larkin Call The Night Action Line?

There’s an ample supply of criminal thrillers on streaming services the world over, mostly on Netflix. Some crime thrillers focus on the same old homicides, illegal drug trafficking, or some political aspect of it, while others highlight intelligence flaws, but most of them fall short on the exhilarating part. Like me, many people prefer movies over television shows since the latter keep dragging out the story without keeping up the thrill. All a thriller has to do is pique our interest and give us a reason to be intrigued enough to watch the upcoming episodes. “The Night Agent,” a brand-new spy thriller from Netflix, pulls this off. This is a new, pulpy series that will keep you glued to the screen. Shawn Ryan’s “The Night Agent,” which is based on Matthew Quirk’s book of the same name, centers on FBI agent Peter Sutherland, who prevented a metro bombing. He became enmeshed in the conspiratorial criticism and praise when, out of the blue, the White House called. He was employed by the Chief of Staff to the President to take calls on “The Night Action” line. Yet the phone never rang until one night when Rose, a Cybertech CEO, contacted the Night Action number. Peter gets into the field and begins to risk his life at the Chief of Staff’s direction in an effort to keep Rose safe. Let’s see how it turns out.

Spoilers Ahead

What Is Peter Sutherland’s Purpose In The White House?

The first episode opens with FBI agent Peter Sutherland riding the metro when he spots a man carrying a bag while wearing a black jacket and mask. Peter discovered the bag to be a bomb and pulled the emergency stop button on the train to warn all the passengers. After everyone had successfully exited the subway, it detonated, injuring Peter and a few other individuals mildly. Despite having a concussion, he kept looking around and discovered the same person who had planted the device. The man attempted to flee as Peter fought him in an attempt to uncover his face, but we could see nothing but a rattlesnake tattoo on the perpetrator’s abdomen. After a year, Peter is now working for White House Chief of Staff Diane Farr, as we can see. She hired Peter in the basement of her office, where he worked for the Night Action Line, to take the call if it came. Nevertheless, the call never came. For several years, Peter had faced severe criticism since his father was suspected of being a traitor. Peter, who had lost his father in a car accident, didn’t trust any of the allegations against him. Since the claims caught Peter’s attention, he felt compelled to defend himself and the impact his father had on him by working in the intelligence services with his utmost loyalty. Yet strangely, destiny had led him to a situation where he was being branded a traitor for being on the metro that day. Yet he had grown weary of trying to persuade people that if he were a traitor, he wouldn’t have been the one who stopped the bombing.

Who Was Rose Larkin? Why Did She Call The Night Action Line?

Rose Larkin, a former CEO of Cybertech who is currently bankrupt, is introduced to us. She was residing with her aunt Emma Campbell and uncle Henry Campbell. Yet one night, she overheard them whispering about the White House and its employees, among whom someone couldn’t be trusted. The conversation between the Campbells had already given her the impression that they were from an intelligence agency, but Rose wasn’t aware of who they truly were. She went downstairs after overhearing them talking, where her aunt warned her that someone was outside and that they would soon break in. Rose was instructed to go in the direction of the house at the bottom of the hill and to dial the Night Action number. Two burglars broke into the house and killed the Campbells as Rose hurried to flee. Rose eventually succeeded in entering the residence down the hill and making a nighttime action call. Peter answered the phone and instructed Rose to hide in the bedroom’s closet. He quickly informed Farr and sent the police to her location. Rose was ultimately spared, but as soon as she left the house, she learned that her uncle and aunt had perished. Deputy Director Jamie Hawkins, who didn’t appreciate Peter’s presence in the White House because of his father’s background, became a suspect for Rose right away. She overheard her uncle say that there was a traitor in the White House, which caused Rose to have doubts about everyone in the White House. Except for Peter, who truly helped Rose survive, she didn’t appreciate having any form of  protection around her.

Before setting off on their journey to find a secure place to stay, Peter brought her to his apartment, where he gave her some clothing belonging to his ex-fiancée. At his apartment, Peter had set up a camera recorder to check for any intruders. He brought Rose to his friend’s property, where Rose started to inquire about who her uncle and aunt actually were, but Peter lacked the information to answer her queries. When Rose dozed off, Peter continued to monitor the footage of his flat. When he discovered some guys over there, he had to get in touch with Farr once more, but they left quickly after that. The following morning, Peter met Rose and introduced her to Farr, whom Rose didn’t fully trust. But without knowing Peter’s complete profile, she could only have faith in him. Peter was the one who’d been present while Rose was fully anticipating she’d be killed; thus, she felt safe with him.

As the thugs could now follow Rose and Peter wherever they went, the show’s tone changed to one of a gripping survival thriller. We might finally catch a glimpse of the burglars who killed the Campbells. There was a pair that was following orders from a higher power that had connections to the White House. These two traveled outside of the town, pretended to be a married couple, and broke into an elderly woman’s home in order to murder her and retrieve a hard drive from her possessions.

The thriller “The Night Agent” raises a lot of interesting questions. The Campbells, the goal of Night Action as a whole, who was the White House informant, and why these criminals were after the Campbells. Let’s explore the upcoming episodes to get all the answers.

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