‘The Night Agent’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Was The Traitor? What Is The Night Action Line?

Previously in “The Night Agent,” the secret service of the White House was compromised, and with assistance from an informant in the White House, Dale and Ellen were able to spot Rose in the hotel, but Peter was able to save her once again. They both arrived at the cabin of the Campbells, where Rose and Peter recovered a hard drive. Hawkins, the most suspicious Deputy Director, was killed in the meanwhile, indicating that either he knew something or he was the informant. Despite Farr’s insistence, Rose hesitated to take the hard drive to the White House since Hawkins’ murder had given her a sense of paranoia regarding everyone there.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is The Night Action Line?

The third episode opens with a flashback to one year prior, when Peter was actually leading a fairly peaceful life in comparison to how things are now, but the peace was fleeting. When the Chief of Staff for the President visited the zoo with him, Peter recalled a time when he and his parents went to the zoo and quarreled over which animals they should be. Peter’s answer would be the Bear. However, Farr made him a job offer that guaranteed no matter what Peter’s inner animal would be; he would always become a “giant house pet” like those at the zoo. Farr gave him an overview of the Night Action but made it clear that he wouldn’t be working as a Night Agent; instead, he would be answering their calls. The counterintelligence operatives who typically manage all the overseas assets have access to a secret emergency service called Night Action. If any Night Agent were at risk, he would phone into the Night Action Line, and Peter would have to answer and act accordingly. Although Peter thought the position was more akin to a downgrade, he was aware that Diane Farr had already made the decision to hire him, making her more akin to the zookeeper with all the keys. She would be the one to determine the actions of her pets, one of whom was Peter. Additionally, working at the White House, no matter the designation, is a dream job for an FBI agent, so Peter was left with little option but to accept the offer.


Who Was The Traitor In The White House?

Rose was still fixated on her decision not to give the White House the hard drive because, at present, she didn’t believe any of them to be trustworthy. Peter had unshakable confidence in Farr because she was the only one who believed him, irrespective of all the allegations his father had faced. He even found no reason to distrust the President’s Chief of Staff because she was already in a recognized position. With complete confidence in Farr, Peter made the decision to stay at the Campbells’ cabin in the woods. However, he only gave Farr the location on her personal phone so that if an assassination attempt were to take place, he would know that Farr was involved. That’s what actually happened. The assassins also struck the cottage in the woods but found nobody was there. Peter and Rose were keeping an eye on the assassins from the hill in the woods, and they managed to conceal themselves. Rose was certain that Farr was behind the entire scheme, but Peter refused to look into it even though it was obvious to him.

In the White House, President Mitchell held a conference, and afterward, she personally talked to Farr, wanting to know the progress of the case. It looked like Madam President actually assigned the Campbells some confidential duty, so now that their niece was at risk, she felt it was her obligation to keep her safe. She pushed Farr to reveal information regarding this, but Farr told her that she couldn’t even begin her investigation without knowing what task had been assigned to the Campbells. The man we had been watching over the course of two episodes was none other than the Vice President, who had been orchestrating the assassination attempt on the Campbells. Very obviously, he was the one who could not be trusted, but presumably, more traitors are likely to be exposed in the future.


Who Was Maddie Redfield?

We are introduced to some new faces, new agents who were operating under the Vice President’s authority to protect his daughter, Maddie Redfield. Maddie Redfield was studying in a college with a double major, one in pol sci and the other one in arts. No matter where she traveled, she always had her constant security officer, Chelsea Arrington, behind her. Erik Monks, the most reliable security official with a history of taking a bullet for the previous President, provided Chelsea with company. They had both been keeping an eye on Maddie, but Arrington wasn’t ready to trust Erik just yet. Maddie discovered that her art teacher was overly interested in her, which inevitably led to the development of a romantic relationship between them. However, could the teacher be trusted? Well, no. Actually, he was being manipulated by a man who was pressuring him in order to trick Maddie into falling into his trap. The other person who was directing the art instructor appeared to be a terrorist, whose rattlesnake tattoo on his belly revealed that he was actually the bomber at the metro.

How Did Rose Extract Data From The Hard Drive?

Rose came up with an idea with the assurance that Peter would provide Farr with the hard drive. Since the hard drive data was tough to get from a standard laptop, she wanted it to be processed on a high-functioning computer like the one at the White House. As Peter went back to the White House to give Farr the hard drive, Rose parted ways with him and made plans to meet up later at a different location. Farr examined the data on the hard drive after determining whether or not it included spyware, but Peter interrupted her by claiming that Rose needed to speak with her. Rose diverted Farr’s attention while Peter sneaked inside and extracted all the data from the hard drive and directly sent it to Rose’s laptop, but he forgot to unplug his pen drive from the computer. Farr ultimately found the drive, which she knew belonged to Peter. She approached him and demanded information since she was convinced Peter had been betraying her the entire time. Peter was enraged by these accusations, so he demanded an explanation from Farr about how the assassins could have found the cabin if she hadn’t been the one who told them.


Farr came up with an amazing theory: someone from the White House, most likely Hawkins, would have planted the spyware in Farr’s phone. But Peter also demanded to know about the whole operation from the beginning. Farr continued by saying that the metro bombing from the previous year was connected to the entire operation, including the Campbells’ involvement as spies. Peter was quickly persuaded by Farr’s explanation. The POTUS had assigned the Campbells to look into the case right after their usual suspect, Omar Zadar, the PIF’s chief, had disavowed all responsibility for the attack. Peter came to the realization that this was a national security operation that unintentionally involved Rose and his life, even though they had nothing to do with it. Since Rose was the grieving niece of the Campbells, she deserved to know the truth even more than Peter did. Peter brought Farr to the hotel where Rose was staying, but she wasn’t overly pleased to see her. Farr assured that she would let her know everything about her uncle and aunt.

If the Vice President is behind the Camobells’ killing and is now seeking Rose Larkin, he may have some link to the bombing as well because that’s the particular confidential information he wants to safeguard. Let’s see in future episodes whether Peter and Rose can figure out who the real traitor in the White House is.


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