‘The Night Agent’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Jamie Hawkins Dead?

Previously in episode 1 of “The Night Agent,” we met our protagonist Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent who now works in the White House’s confidential services, and Rose Larkin, whose uncle and aunt had just been murdered in their house. After the event, Rose learned that her uncle and aunt were actually part of an intelligence agency rather than simply a regular married couple. The assassins who killed them were now seeking Rose, who is now under the complete control of Diane Farr, the President’s chief of Staff. Let’s see how ‘far’ we can trust Diane Farr.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Hawkins The ‘Mole’ In The White House? 

“The Night Agent” Episode 2 opens with a flashback showing Rose Larkin’s company in peril. While responding to an interview, Rose received a call from one of her accounts informing her that their entire data system had been compromised, and the hackers demanded payment in bitcoin in order to avoid disclosing their proprietary technology online. Rose hurried into the data control room and found one of her workers, or a reliable friend, Adam, had messed up something. Back in the present, Peter had brought Rose to the White House, where Farr and Jamie Hawkins started debriefing her in a locked room without even letting Peter in.


Nevertheless, Rose refused to share what she had seen. She declined to identify the intruder’s face and urged Peter to enter the space. But Jamie wasn’t satisfied with her answer, so Farr directed Peter to get her to talk. Peter took Rose to a hotel with a secret service where two security personnel would be keeping an eye on her, as instructed. Both Peter and Rose had no desire to say goodbye to one another. To ease Rose’s mind about her solitude, Peter bought her some magazines and books to read. Peter, however, came back to the White House and reviewed the recordings of his apartment from last night. The intruder’s ring was visible on his finger in one of the clips. The ring had a Yugoslavian family crest engraved on it. 

Rose called Peter again while he was working on the phone since she was feeling quite alone without any of her loved ones alive. She had just lost her uncle and aunt, whom she had called family. Now she could only rely on Peter, who appeared to be a trustworthy individual. Even with National Security, the assassins weren’t slow to track her down and try to assassinate her, but due to Peter; she had always been safe. In the meantime, the assassins made it there as well, proving the fact that the mole was in the White House and specifically working on the operation. It quite likely would be Jamie Hawkins, who was under suspicion right from the start. Hawkins and other association staff members met with Farr in the morning, but it was obvious that Hawkins was trying to cover something up for the inquiry. Farr assigned Peter to investigate Hawkins, and he found out that Jamie Hawkins was a case handler of the Campbells, who were the counterintelligence staff, handling foreign assets. In the meantime, Ellen and Dale—two lovers who broke into the Campbells’ home and killed them—carry out the orders to assassinate these counterintelligence agents from a higher entity connected to a White House official. They tell Dale the location of Rose Larkin, so they can finish their job. 


How Did Jamie Hawkins Die?

As Peter went to see Rose, he discovered that they had also stormed the hotel, looking for Rose. Peter managed to escape the hotel carrying Rose with him and hid inside a clothing shop to call Farr. He explained to Farr that since it was impossible for these attackers to obtain the location by compromising security, Hawkins should be held entirely responsible. After Ellen left without discovering any of them, Rose and Peter were finally secure. Rose asked Peter to accompany her to their house, where the Campbells were murdered. There, Rose ultimately had to disclose what she had overheard her aunt and uncle discussing that night. She heard something about “drive in the woods” and a code name “Osprey,” which were all she could remember.

The phrase “The Drive in the woods” rang a chord in Rose’s mind, and she realized it was a hard drive that was probably concealed in their house down the hill in the woods. Rose persuaded Peter to accompany her there, and Peter ultimately discovered the hard disk. But then, a startling revelation surfaces that clearly implicates Hawkins’s involvement with the assassination attempt. After Farr’s call, Peter learned that Jamie Hawkins had been killed by someone before his treachery could be discovered. This mysterious “someone” was none other than the superior who had given Dale and Ellen orders to execute the Campbells and Rose. He might have silenced Hawkins to safeguard their secret information. But, when Peter confessed about the recovered hard drive to Farr, she asked him to transport the disk to the White House. But Rose was adamant that she wouldn’t be transferring them the hard drive because she didn’t even trust Diane Farr. Peter, who was forced to follow Farr’s instructions because he had no other option, struggled to choose what to do next. Let’s find out in the upcoming episode of “The Night Agent.”


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