‘The Night Agent’ Episode 10: Recap & Ending, Explained – Will There Be A Season 2?

Among an ocean of political thrillers that include “House of Cards,” “Chief of Staff,” “Designated Survivor,” “The Recruit,” and many more, “The Night Agent” stands out for its largely captivating plot and intriguing turns and twists. Particularly for its first half, the series did a superb job of keeping you glued to the screen. The series delivers a pulpy thriller with no loose ends; however, the second half lacked the grandeur and depth of plot. Aside from all of these things, the series undoubtedly gives us a lot of adrenaline and it’s a fun time to be with all of the characters and experience their hardships in a nation full of turncoat protectors.

Peter and Rose had previously deduced in “The Night Agent” Episode 9 that the President had also become a target of the terrorist operation in addition to Zadar. Redfield and Wick had to carry out their plot to assassinate the President without including Farr since they didn’t believe she would let anyone harm her long-standing friend, President Mitchell. Before the assassins could silence her for good, Peter and Rose showed up at her residence to inform her that the President’s life was in danger. Let’s see if Peter and Rose can once again put their trust in Farr to protect the President from the blast.

“The Night Agent” Episode 10 begins with Peter Sutherland’s flashback to his adolescence when some FBI agents raided his home and arrested his father. Even though Peter was only a teenager and had no idea what was happening, he was positive that his father couldn’t have been anything but a good man. Only Peter believed in his father, even though the entire world had turned against him.

Spoilers Ahead

Was Farr Alive? Who Killed Almora?

Farr made every effort to get to Camp David in time to stop the explosion. She visited the conference site while hiding Peter and Rose in the trunk of her car, but Almora was already there and keeping an eye on the location. While one of the other operatives, Briggs, undoubtedly knew of the bombing, it seemed Almora was completely unaware of it. As Farr attempted to speak out against the bombing, Briggs shot her. As Almora stepped in to stop Briggs, he got killed by him during the process. In the meantime, Ashley brought Maddie and Arrington to Camp David while claiming to have a meeting with the President. Yet as Arrington boarded the aircraft, she observed that none of the agents was actually an official and that each of them were toting a mysterious suitcase.

Even worse, Ashley accompanied Maddie to a hideout and kept her there by himself while claiming that he was putting her there to protect her. Maddie was desperate to get out and asked her father to stop whatever he was doing. Ashley, though, argued that it was already too late because the explosion was about to occur.

Finally, in response to Maddie’s repeated requests, Ashley set her free. Arrington, though, had discovered the explosives in the meantime and was able to evacuate everyone from the premises. She informed everyone there that there was a bomb in the conference space, and the President was escorted out by security personnel. But just as they were about to board the helicopter, Peter intervened to stop them because there was a bomb in the helicopter as well. The authorities initially didn’t believe him and even assumed he was Maddie Redfield’s kidnapper, but after Peter insisted, they were forced to investigate the helicopter and discovered a bomb inside. The explosion happened right away, but thanks to Peter and Arrington, the President, and Omar Zadar, everyone was saved. Arrington also succeeded in rescuing Maddie Redfield, who had become trapped in the hideout.

After stopping the massive explosion from harming anyone, Rose came back and confronted Farr, who was sobbing in pain on the ground. For what she had done, Rose told the woman that she could never forgive her. In the end, she was a killer, and death could not be her only punishment. Rose wished for her to suffer a slow death in a prison cell with no one to care for her or remember her. That would be the most devastating punishment Farr could endure for committing such a heinous act. Despite the fact that we were unable to see what happened to Ashley subsequently, it is likely that he would have been imprisoned for treason if he had not fled the country. Or else, we might anticipate his reappearance in “The Night Agent” Season 2.

What Was The Charge Against Peter’s Father?

Peter deserved to be honored for the bravery he displayed in saving the President’s life, and so did Arrington. However, both of them were rewarded with exactly what they wanted. The President asked Arrington to serve as her personal security officer, which is what she had always dreamed of, while Peter sought to know the truth about his father as his reward. He was given access to his father’s confession video, in which his father was seen confessing to being involved with foreign agents who were working against the interests of the United States. However, in the video, he didn’t appear to be speaking spontaneously; rather, it appeared like he was forced to confess the story in order to make himself appear a traitor. Peter Sutherland lost his composure when he witnessed his father admitting to being a traitor. He had been waiting for this information ever since his father died in a car accident but hearing him admit it now devastated both his heart and his faith.

Afterward, President Mitchell arrived to offer Peter the truth and to ease his heart. She went on to say that Peter Sutherland Sr. had made the confession because the secret service had informed him that they intended to use him as a Night Agent and dispatch him to foreign nations. But the assassination attempt on his father by a foreign asset ended his life before the operation could be carried out. Peter was horrified to learn that his father actually passed away while serving the country rather than in an accident. Finally feeling proud of his father, Peter was able to get past the trauma he had been dealing with for so long. He was given the opportunity to become a Night Agent, nevertheless, by the President. Before boarding the aircraft for his new mission, Peter Sutherland, who had grown close to Rose, bade her farewell. In addition to becoming a national hero, Peter Sutherland worked as a clandestine night operative in the more combative and challenging field of counterintelligence.

Will There Be A Season 2?

Although Netflix has not yet made any formal announcements on the release date of the second season of “The Night Agent,” based on the audience’s fascination with the show, it can be assumed that a second season may be on the way. Even though Gabriel Basso will reprise the title role in the second season, it’s unclear if Luciane Buchanan as Rose Larkin will have more on-screen time. As Diane Farr (Hong Chau) survived the first season, we can anticipate her making a return, either with a plan to make amends or a devious scheme that is much more dangerous. It’s hard to determine if the second season will again adapt from Matthews Quirk’s titular novel or from his other espionage thrillers, but it will surely contain Peter Sutherland’s adventurous journey as a Night Agent in a different location, maybe with different adversaries. We can only wait to have our curiosity completely satisfied when the second season debuts.

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