‘The Night Agent’ Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained – Was Diane Farr Involved In The Subway Explosion?

Previously, in “The Night Agent” Episode 8, Agent Arrington and Monks cooperated with Peter and Rose to locate Matteo, thanks to Maddie and her secret code message. After arriving at Matteo’s location, a heated fight between Matteo and Peter’s crew took place, where Ellen suddenly appeared and began shooting them down one by one. She first killed Matteo, and next, her bullet took the life of Agent Monks. Maddie, who managed to escape the cell, also got shot in the leg. Rose, however, was able to knock Ellen off the tower and kill her. It was also revealed that Zadar, who had been having a covert meeting above the cafeteria, was the intended victim of the previous year’s explosion rather than Maddie. Zadar was the one Arrington was protecting at the time. Let’s see who else Arrington could protect in the endgame of “The Night Agent.”


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 9 opens with a flashback to a year earlier, depicting Diane Farr’s involvement in the subway explosion. When Redfield requested that she meet him, she was already on her way to the site. Redfield and Wick gave their justifications for wanting to destroy Zadar. Omar Zadar was the leader of the Public Independent Front, and a dissident in the Balkans. He had previously planned a public explosion, and now he was a presidential candidate. Despite having a history of involvement in terrorist acts, he was a beloved political figure. He was a wealthy individual who paid Gordon Wick billions of dollars for weaponry, but Redfield was concerned about his ties to the military. He thought that if Zadar ever decided to gain control of military weapons, the White House would be helpless to stop him. Redfield persuaded Farr to get her assistance in covering up their involvement in the explosion. However, at that moment, Farr didn’t know where Redfield and Wick’s plan was heading.


Was President Mitchell in Jeopardy?

After rescuing Maddie, Arrington urged Peter and Rose to go into hiding to prevent any doubts from arising. Rose had stolen Ellen’s phone to hack into it. However, Wick contacted Ellen on her phone, but when Rose picked it up, he understood that they had killed Ellen. Peter and Rose went to Peter’s uncle Jim’s house so Rose could access Ellen’s phone and get some information. Rose uncovered several pictures on Ellen’s phone of the Night Binders with essential information on the night agents whom she was supposed to assassinate, including the Campbells. Peter was convinced that these images were likely shot in the Night Action Room by Diane Farr, but they needed evidence to back up their suspicions. The best person to ask for information about Farr was her secretary, Valerie. To find evidence of Farr’s participation in the murder of the Campbells, Peter and Rose abducted Valerie and accessed her laptop.

In light of Rose’s discovery that Diane Farr had taken those photos that evening, they now had solid evidence that could be used to get her arrested. Yet as time went on, more and more details emerged. Agent Almora, who was in command of Arrington and Monks, had been removed from the operation, which suggests that Almora wasn’t part of the grand conspiracy that Redfield and Wick were involved in. Maddie offered to turn against her own father since she didn’t think he was telling the truth at all. She overheard her father on the phone announcing that they would be pardoning individuals the following day.


Based on the evidence that they had extracted from Valerie’s system, Peter informed Arrington that Farr was responsible for the murder of the Campbells. Moreover, Arrington informed them that the President was due to meet with Zadar at Camp David, but she was unsure if there would be an attack. Maddie said that she had overheard her father discussing pardoning individuals and that only the President could grant pardons. Peter and Rose also discovered that Farr hadn’t been invited to the debriefing of Zadar, indicating that she wasn’t meant to be a part of the plot to assassinate the President. As a result, Peter might utilize Farr’s help to locate where the President would be meeting with Zadar and stop the bombing.

How Did Diane Farr Learn The President Was In Danger?

Diane Farr was the President’s Chief of Staff and a personal friend from her college days, so she could never contemplate harming the President in any manner. However, she never thought that these traitors in the White House, who were always looking for ways to harm the nation, would eventually turn on Farr or even the President. Farr’s worst nightmare came true because Redfield and Wick did prepare a terror attack on both the President and Zadar. Farr was aware of a terror attack that was planned to take place targeting Zadar immediately following his landing, but it didn’t transpire.


The communication system was even switched off, making it difficult for Diane Farr to get in touch with Redfield and Wick to find out what happened. Thus, in an effort to save her neck, she ran to her residence to get her passport and leave the country. But Peter and Rose appeared right there, holding her at gunpoint. They warned Farr that if the terrorist attack went on, the President’s life would be in danger. Farr was astonished to learn about the danger to the President from Peter, but Rose wasn’t fooled by her attempt to seem surprised. She had solid proof that Farr was responsible for the deaths of the Campbells, so she could do anything to further her authority without even thinking twice, but this time, Farr really was unaware of the terror attack on the President. Given her absence from the debriefing and scheduling of Zadar’s meeting, it seemed safe to trust her this one last time. Peter was willing to take a chance because he had no other choice but to get to Camp David in order to save the nation. Let’s see if he can save his country and the President in the final episode of “The Night Agent.”

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