‘The Night Agent’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Are Matteo, Erik Monks And Ellen Dead?

Previously, in “The Night Agent,” Matteo, who was also the bomber in the metro explosion of the previous year, abducted Maddie. Although reported as dead in documents under the name Collin Worley, Matteo was actually very much alive and plotting to get vengeance on Vice President Ashley Redfield through his daughter. Diane Farr, however, set up Peter Sutherland as a key suspect in Maddie’s kidnapping in order to conceal the entire plan and prevent him from being able to reveal whatever he had found. Agents Arrington and Erik Monks were in charge of the investigation to find the real kidnapper, but they were forced to arrest Peter Sutherland and Rose under orders from their superiors. Let’s see whether Arrington and Monks can locate Maddie’s real kidnapper.


Episode 8 explains why Matteo’s documents show him dead. Collin Worley, the bomber with a serpent tattoo on his abdomen, was Matteo’s brother, and they were twins. Collin, however, was unable to finish his mission to destroy the targeted area or perhaps even to murder their intended target since Peter stopped the train and the bomb detonated in the subway. Gordon Wick thus instructed his assassins to kill Collin in order to leave no trail, but Matteo was killed in place of Collin. Since Collin was already an addict, the assassins staged Collin’s death as an accidental overdose so that the autopsy would not be called into doubt. But they misidentified the individual, and Collin survived. He fled the city after stealing Matteo’s passport and returned later, plotting retaliation.

Spoilers Ahead


Who Killed Matteo And Erik Monks? How Did Ellen Die?

Agents Arrington and Monks ultimately came to the conclusion that Peter and Rose did not abduct Maddie, but the agents nonetheless handcuffed them as a security measure. When Monks discovered on Collin’s birth certificate that he was a twin, Peter figured out that the assassins had slain the wrong twin, so Collin had taken Matteo’s identity in an effort to get retribution. Hence, if they discovered Matteo (Collin) alive, they would be able to identify the kidnapper and solve the mystery surrounding the subway explosion. Peter would be capable of proving his innocence as well. Maddie, though, thought of a way out. She spent some time excavating the cell walls before discovering that the cell was close to the R142 railroad line. She urged Matteo to record her again and send the footage to her father’s phone number. But she had given him Arrington’s phone number instead. Arrington then watched the video after receiving it and figuring out what Maddie was trying to convey. While speaking, she started tapping on her necklace. She tapped her necklace, signaling to Arrington the words she wanted her to focus on. It was discovered that she was referring to “Train R142.” As this was going on, Monks was able to track down Collin Worley’s employment history and discovered that he had previously worked close to a DC cargo port that was close to Route 142. Teaming up with the agents, Peter and Rose arrived close to the container area. As soon as Matteo was informed, he immediately searched the surrounding area to eliminate the entire team. Maddie was also able to escape the cell, and when she realized Matteo had located her, she started to hide inside the containers.

After losing her partner, Dale, Ellen had been grieving and planning her retaliation. Wick tasked her to kill Matteo, but additionally, she wanted to kill Peter and Rose to avenge her lover’s death. She got Wick to tell her where Matteo was; then she waited for Peter and Rose to arrive. The exchange of bullets between Matteo and Team Peter eventually ended with Ellen taking the lead. She started to snipe at them from a tower, and Matteo was the target of her first kill. After Matteo was shot to death, Maddie was also shot in the leg when Arrington rescued her. Arrington summoned the emergency services, but in the meanwhile, when Monks and Peter tried to counterattack Ellen, she shot Monks with her sniper rifle. Monks, a devoted and exemplary agent who had intended to join his children at their next summer camp, had already sustained severe injuries as a result of the assassination attempt on the previous president, so now, he had no more chance to recover. He couldn’t endure the pain any longer and gave up. Arrington, who at first couldn’t even tolerate Erik’s presence, had started to appreciate him after seeing how committed he was to his profession, but death took away the guy whom she had grown to idolize as a mentor.


Yet once Monks passed away, Ellen’s game had also come to an end. Rose arrived in the interim, pushing Ellen from the tower. Ellen collapsed to the ground and died on the spot. As the rescue crew came, Maddie was successfully saved.

Who Was The Target Of The Explosion?

When Arrington and Peter were searching for directions to Matteo, Peter asked her who she was guarding when the subway bombing occurred. She said that Zadar had been present at a covert meeting with a representative of the administration in the cafe located above the subway. Peter deduced that Zadar, whose code name was Osprey, was the intended victim. Zadar’s death during a bomb explosion wouldn’t even raise a concern because no one knew he was there. Besides, his death would be presented as just another casualty. Zadar, who was fortunately still alive, scheduled another meeting with the president, suggesting that there might be a second attack, which Peter and Arrington would have to avert. See what transpires in the upcoming episodes.


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