‘The New Look’ Episode 7 Recap Spoilers: Did Christian Form A Partnership With Madame Zehnacker?

The seventh episode of The New Look brings up a lot of events simultaneously going on in the lives of both Coco and Christian. Both designers had been struggling to give meaningful shape to their own lives while facing several hurdles along the way. Coco returns to Paris, using Pierre as a tool against himself to destroy his business. Meanwhile, Christian had been trying to save his visions from being trampled on by Boussac’s extravagant dreams. Will Coco be able to reach Paris again using Pierre? Will Christian form a partnership with Madame Zehnacker? Will Catherine help the people at the repatriation center? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Coco Manage To Reach Paris?

Coco called Henri to get samples of perfumes that she had made previously while she was still working with the Wertheimers. She wanted the samples so that she could market them and beat the Wertheimer brothers and teach them a lesson for recreating Chanel No. 5. When Henri asked her to come down to Paris, she decided to do so. Coco lured in Elsa, saying that she would make her a part of her boutique after she opened one in Switzerland. Elsa, who was excited at the very thought of it, decided to help Coco persuade Pierre to take her to Paris. Elsa was well aware of Pierre’s soft spot for Coco and persuaded him, saying that Coco needed his help to reach Paris so that she could meet her sick nephew, André. Elsa told Pierre that if he escorted Coco, then the prison authorities wouldn’t dare touch her. Finally, Pierre agreed to take Coco and Elsa to Paris, despite knowing all the consequences that he might face if he gets caught. 


Did Coco Threaten Pierre To Disrupt His Business? 

When Paul came to know that his brother had helped Coco return to Paris, he got extremely angry. He warned him, saying that Coco was a collaborator and could get them into trouble as the FIFI would arrest them if they came to know that Pierre was helping her. Meanwhile, Coco met Henri to collect the samples of the perfumes. Little did Pierre know what Coco was planning behind his back to destroy his business. Pierre later came to take Coco, saying that Paul could send FIFI to arrest her anytime soon. Coco, however, turned a deaf ear to him, saying that Paris had changed a lot since she left the city. She lamented being banned as a criminal from the city that she had once loved so much. Pierre, however, came to know that André was not sick and that Coco had been planning something against him. Coco finally displayed her anger towards the Wertheimer brothers, saying that she was just there to get her perfume samples so that she could market Chanel No. 1 and beat Chanel No. 5. She challenged Pierre, saying that she would let the world know that the Wertheimers were illegally creating Chanel No. 5, which would keep people from buying their product. 

How Were Christain’s Visions Being Crushed?

When Christian told Lelong that he would leave his house to start his own house, he was extremely put off by it. Christian said that he had huge funding of 6 million francs from Boussac, the king of cotton. Lelong did not oppose Christian leaving his house all of a sudden but showed concern about him later, when he told Madame Zehnacker that Boussac would crush Christian under his grand visions. Meanwhile, Boussac presented Christian with his own house, which was grand! When Christian told Boussac that his creativity would be destroyed by the grandeur of the building, Boussac turned a deaf ear to him. He told Christian that he had put a lot of trust in him and envisioned achieving something grand with Christian by his side. 


Did Christian Form A Partnership With Madame Zehnacker?

Christian told Madame Zehnacker about his issues. He said that he had not thought of something as grand as the building that Boussac was building him. He had a rather simple idea about the environment in which he would work, helping his ideas thrive. His vision of simplicity had been clashing with the grand vision of Boussac. Upon hearing his concerns, Madame Zehnacker went to Boussac to convince him to let Christian work in a rather simple environment. Madame Zehnacker had finally managed to convince Boussac to provide Christian with the desired place. She told Christian that Boussac had agreed to do as he pleased if Christian would let her handle the business and form a partnership with her, to which Christian agreed. Madame Zehnacker promised to protect Christian and said that they would thrive and reach the zenith of fame together! 

What Happened At The Repatriation Center?

When Catherine went out with Herve, he told her that the government had set up a repatriation center to help people reconnect with their loved ones who were lost in the war. The government had been asking the survivors to go into the center and pass on any information that they might have. Later, Catherine went to the repatriation center to help people find their lost ones. She started looking at photos of deportees at Ravensbruck and tried to figure out if she could recognize any of them. While meeting the family members of the lost people, she came across Jacob Friedman, who said that he knew her father, Maurice Dior. He then went on to say that he was looking for his daughter, Tania, who was also a part of the resistance (just like her). When he showed her the photograph, she seemed to recognize the girl but said otherwise. Jacob somehow realized that Catherine had recognized his daughter, so he left her a photograph of Tania, just in case she decided to change her mind. 


What Will Happen Next?

The next episode of The New Look will reveal the mystery as to why Catherine remained silent even after knowing Tania. It is possible that she had some pact with the Nazis about not revealing anything that she saw at the camp in exchange for her life. The further challenges that Christian may face while working with Boussac may also be showcased. The way Madame Zehnacker is protecting him against them all will be brought out. Meanwhile, we anticipate that Coco might be arrested while on her way back to Switzerland. Pierre might try to get her and Elsa behind bars as revenge for Coco using him to reach Paris (to destroy his own business). However, even if Coco manages to reach Switzerland, the way she will develop other products to crush the Wertheimer brothers’ business will be brought out next! 

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