‘The New Look’ Episode 3 Recap Summary: Why Did Coco Go To Berlin?

If you were thinking that The New Look would be all about fashion, then you are mistaken! Fashion has been one of the major pillars of the revolution and has changed the course of many political scenarios. The third episode of The New Look is full of political twists, giving us information on Coco’s struggles to survive the Resistance and Christian’s desperation to rescue his sister. However, after watching the third episode of The New Look, several questions pop up in our minds. Will Coco Chanel be able to save her skin, and what will happen to Catherine in the concentration camp? Will she be able to escape? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Christian Save His Sister?

Christian was intent on searching out the name of the woman who had tried to warn him so that he could save Catherine. He searched Lelong’s register and found out that her name was Beatrice. Later, when Christian went to meet Beatrice, he told her that he wanted to make some connection with the Nazis to save his sister and would want her help in it. Christian wanted Beatrice to introduce him to her boyfriend, Franz. Beatrice said that Franz was business-minded and would only help Christian if he offered him a lot of money. 


Christian was unable to figure out how to gather money to offer Franz. Later, he decided to steal some of Lelong’s fabric to make a barter with Franz to save his sister. When Lelong saw Christian taking some fabric, he gave him more fabric without asking him many questions and told him to save Catherine. 

When Christian finally met Franz, he offered him the fabric and sought information about his sister. Franz was, however, more intent on taking money than the fabric, but he agreed to take it and said that his sister was at a camp in Ravensburg, in Berlin. Christian told Franz that he would give him any amount of money if he could help him get Catherine, to which Franz agreed. But when Franz later got into an altercation with Herve, he was shot dead. With Franz’s death, the last hope for Christian to get Catherine back was wiped out. 


What Did Reverdy Claim From Coco?

Coco was contacted by Pierre Reverdy, who asked her to meet him. When she met him, he told her that the Resistance was making a list of Nazi collaborators and that Coco’s name would be on it. He told her that the people in the Resistance would find her and kill her if she couldn’t make herself useful to them. Reverdy told her that since he was the Commander of the Resistance at present, he could help her get her name off the list if she could give him information on Spatz. 

Why Did Coco Go To Berlin?

Schellenberg wanted Coco to visit him in Berlin to use her further in fulfilling his endeavors to garner secret information on the Resistance. Schellenberg showed her the most modern equipment in his office, like a secret chamber that he had designed and a switch that could fire bullets. He asked Coco if her world had something as modern as this equipment, which was his way of insulting the Jewish communities. He asked Coco to leave behind her career in Paris and come and stay with him in Berlin. When she refused to do so, he told her that if she was hesitating to be with another man because of Spatz, then she should know that it was Spatz’s job to seduce her to get information from her. She was also told that Spatz was a married man, and Coco was just one of the eight women he was sleeping with as part of his job. Learning the truth about Spatz infuriated Coco, and she decided to help Reverdy with information on Spatz. 


How Did Coco Decide To Save Her Skin?

Coco went to meet Reverdy and gave him information on Spatz, saying that he reported directly to Commander Schellenberg. Later, she contacted Spatz, who asked her to meet him at the convent of the Annunciation. She went to meet him there, and he said that Madrid had been a disaster and that he did not mean to abandon her there. He was just avoiding being caught by the British soldiers and had no choice but to flee Madrid. He asked for her forgiveness and told her to leave for Paris with him. When she insisted on telling her where they would go in Paris, he refused to tell her and asked her to trust him. 

Coco told Reverdy that Spatz was hiding in the convent of the Annunciation, and when they got there, they found no one there. Reverdy thought that Coco had fed them the wrong information and told her that her name would now go up on the list and they would hunt her down. Coco was dejected that Spatz had yet again betrayed her and fled without her. Baron, however, got alarmed by the situation and thought that the people in the Resistance could arrest them at any time. He asked Coco to flee with him, but Coco gave the Resistance information on Baron, telling them that he was in cahoots with Schellenberg. She did this to save her own skin and show her loyalty to the Resistance. This information on Baron got him arrested, making the fact ironic that Coco had been calling Spatz a betrayer! She herself had been betraying her own people and friends at her own convenience, only to save herself. 


Why Did Christian Try To Get In Touch With Coco?

Christian tried to get in touch with Coco as Christobal told him that she had contacts with Nazis. He was told that Coco’s strong contacts had helped her get her nephew out of the camp, who had been there for four years. When Christian went to meet Coco, she refused to help him, saying that the man who had helped her get her nephew out was gone. This sheds light on the fact that Coco did not help anyone if it didn’t benefit her in some way.  

What Will Happen Next?

Episode 4 is likely to portray a free France. Coco’s duality to save her skin will be highlighted further, where she will switch sides to portray herself as a revolutionary who has helped in the cause of the nation. However, we all know how she had been associated with the Nazis and fed them information on her own country just to be in the good books of the colonizers. There will also be a revelation as to whether Christian had been able to free Catherine out of the Nazi camp through some of his connections with the Nazis that he had been so desperately seeking to make throughout the third episode of The New Look


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