‘The New Look’ Episode 2 Recap Summary: Why Was Elsa Lombardi Kidnapped From Italy?

Based on true events, the second episode of The New Look focuses on several aspects of political diplomacy. The period drama is focused on how the fashion enthusiasts of the time were drawn into the unwanted political ruckus. The way Chanel has been used by the German army as a tool to attain peace with Britain has been portrayed in this episode. Christian was, however, concerned with saving his sister from the clutches of the Nazis. These events raise several questions in our minds. Will Coco be able to meet Winston Churchill to settle the political war between Great Britain and Germany? Will Christian be able to save Catherine? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Coco Pressured By Schellenberg?

When Coco went to meet Schellenberg, she told him that she had personal connections with Winston Churchill and had spent quite some time with him. Upon learning about her relations with Churchill, Schellenberg pressured Coco to meet him and hand over a peace proposal on behalf of Germany to ensure that the hostility between Great Britain and Germany could end. He named the operation ‘Modelhat’ and told Coco that her agent name would be ‘Westimister’. When Coco told Schellenberg that she was just a fashion designer, he said that she would be remembered in history for ending the war between the two countries and not for any of the clothes that she would ever make.


When Coco told Spatz that she was tensed about being manipulated by Schellenberg, he told her that all that Schellenberg wanted was to end hostile relations with Britain. It was quite evident that Spatz was utilizing Coco for his political interests. Coco further told Spatz that Elsa Lombardi was an illegitimate child of the royal family and had been ousted from Britain as a result of marrying a captain in Mussolini’s army. Elsa was Chanel’s source of connection with Churchill and could help her reconnect with him, as Churchill had a soft spot for Elsa.

Why Was Elsa Lombardi Kidnapped From Italy?

Gestapo gave the orders to fetch Elsa from Italy upon hearing about her relations with Churchill. When she resisted coming to Paris, the army kidnapped her and brought her to Chanel’s residence. When Elsa was dropped off at Chanel’s place, she thought that Chanel was a Nazi spy. She, however, told Elsa that she had asked her to be brought to Paris so that they could go to Madrid and open a boutique together. Chanel, however, hid her real intention of wanting to meet Churchill. She, asked Elsa to ask Churchill to help her return to Britain.


Later, when Chanel and Elsa were traveling to Madrid, Spatz told Chanel that Schellenberg was also using British double agents to reach Churchill, but that plan had fallen apart. Hitler had gotten to know that someone was trying to initiate peace with Britain behind his back and had killed the agents. Spatz told Coco that she had to be very discreet in her business as Hitler had announced a high alert and was arresting anyone who he thought was suspicious.

Coco and Elsa witnessed some people being taken from the trains at a junction. Chanel thought that even she might be arrested on suspicion of going against Hitler. However, that situation was avoided when a German soldier came in and handed Chenel a bag full of cash. He also told her that Spatz had to be taken away from the train to avoid any suspicion of the soldiers and that he would meet him at the other end of the border. By this time, it was confirmed that Coco was working for the Nazis, and when Elsa tried confronting her, Coco offered her all the money and told her that she could help her go back to Britain. However, when Elsa and Coco reached the hotel, Elsa saw that the suitcase full of money was empty. She was furious at Coco for getting her into such a dangerous situation and said that Spatz was only using her. An altercation between them makes Elsa go against her and blame her for using her to help the Nazis.


What Happened When Coco Went To Meet Ambassador Hoare?

When Coco went to meet the British ambassador, Hoare, she told him that she had important business with Churchill and wanted to meet him immediately in Madrid. Hoare said that Churchill couldn’t meet her as he had fallen sick in Morocco. Coco tried stressing the fact that she had especially brought Elsa Lombardi with her so that Churchill could get a glimpse of her. Hoare, however, told her that Elsa had come to meet him a while back and that Chanel had abducted her from Italy. She had also stressed the fact that Chanel was working with the Germans to manipulate Churchill. Hoare told Chanel that he had also heard about Spatz but believed that he was not a British agent that they had deployed. Upon hearing this, Chanel realized that Spatz was a part of the Nazi family, which had just been lying and manipulating her. Chanel tried to cover up her tracks, saying she had come to help Elsa get back to Britain by making her get in touch with Churchill. Hoare asked Chanel to return to Paris without Elsa, as she had been taken into custody and they believed that she might have some important information on the Nazis.

What Did Christian Do To Save Catherine?

Christian, who was extremely worried about Catherine being tortured in the Nazi detention camp in De la Pompe, reached out to Lelong for his help. Lelong said that his wife had political connections, which could be used to save Catherine. Lelong introduced Christian to a German commander, who gave him information about the Nazis’ plans to move prisoners to camps while leaving Paris. He said that they were to transport the prisoners by train.

When Christian told Herve that Catherine might be taken out of Paris along with other prisoners by train, they planned to blow up the tracks. Lelong later helped Christian get in touch with the Swedish consul, Raoul. When Christian went to meet Raul, he warned him to be aware of the steps that he took; otherwise, it could lead to them brutally murdering Catherine. Upon hearing this warning, Christian tried warning Herve and the other revolutionaries against blowing up the tracks, but they turned a deaf ear to his advice.

The Swedish consul promised Christian that he would help get Catherine out of the train at the Swedish border at Bar-le-Duc station. Christian and Lelong immediately set out on their way to the station in the hope that they could help Catherine get off the train. However, when Christian reached the place, he noticed that the train was not taking a halt at the station. When he asked why the train was not halting, he was told that the revolutionaries were blowing up tracks and the German soldiers couldn’t risk stopping the train at any junctions. One wrong step on the part of the revolutionaries cost Catherine her freedom. Despite Christian’s warnings to stop bombarding the tracks, the revolutionaries did not listen and continued with their mission. This might lead to a terrible fate awaiting Catherine on the other end of the border.


What Will Happen Next?

The third episode of The New Look is likely to bring out the misfortune that is to befall Catherine in Germany. It is most likely that Christian wouldn’t give up his hope of trying to help his sister escape from the Nazi camp. He will try his best to ensure that she is safely brought back to Paris. Meanwhile, Coco, who has been unable to complete her mission at the very first attempt, is likely to devise new measures to reach out to Churchill. There are many political turns that the series is likely to take, making it more interesting for us to watch in the long run. The mystery of whether Coco Chanel was actually a Nazi spy will eventually be revealed as new chapters start unfolding in The New Look.

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