‘The Most Beautiful Flower’ Ending, Explained: Could Mich Choose The Perfect Lover In Her Life?

Most of everyone’s time in high school is memorable. This is the time of all firsts in life. First love, first kiss, and first heartbreak. However, in addition to love and pain, one must deal with occasional bullying, disputes, or competition. Bullying and fat shaming continue indefinitely if someone’s appearance is not considered conventionally attractive. “The Most Beautiful Flower” or “La flor más bella,” a Netflix original Mexican high school drama, tells the heartwarming story of Michelle, a gorgeous and outgoing student who is hardly noticed at her school. Yadi and Tanya, Mich’s girlfriends, don’t think it’s a big concern if others at her school merely ignore her, but Mich wants to make an impression on everyone. So, let’s explore to see whether Mich can create her own identity.


Spoilers Ahead

‘The Most Beautiful Flower’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Series?

Mich’s story starts with a dream of being the most popular girl in school, but in truth, she is a long way from being popular. Not only were her high school friends uninterested in her, but they also refused to recognize her, not even her cousin Brenda. On the other side, Brenda, an arrogant girl who was already the most popular in school, refused to speak to Mich simply because she was overweight and wasn’t as attractive as she was. Mich, however, did not care since she was determined to become renowned in her own way, and for that, she didn’t try to change herself. There is a fountain at the school where only the popular students may sit, and if anyone other than the popular students were there, the popular ones would drown them. Sitting by the fountain was daunting for other students like Mich’s friends, but Mich yearned to sit there and gossip with her friends as Brenda did. Mich lived with her mother, Dr. Hilda, and her step father, Fer, who loved Mich more than her own father did, but the problem was her step-sister Jessi who came to live with her. Though Mich didn’t like her privacy to be harmed, she accepted her sister’s presence in her room. 


Mich had a secret romance with the school’s casanova, Dani, and they made out in the toilets. But when Mich wanted Dani to publicly accept her as his girlfriend, Dani couldn’t because Mich wasn’t a popular student like him. Dani was in love with Mich, but he refused to acknowledge her existence in front of everyone because, well, what would other people think? Mich’s heart was broken, and she was in misery until she met another attractive guy in the neighborhood paper shop. Mati invited her to a party, which made Mich forget about Dani. She was overjoyed since she had never been asked to a party before. She misunderstood the party as a pageant and arrived in a huipil, being an amusement for the rest. But she won everyone’s hearts with her talent for singing. Mati intended to make Mich his business partner for wedding planning after hearing her wonderful voice, but Mich discovered that Mati only wanted to talk to her to get Brenda’s phone number. Brenda and Mati fell in love, and Mich was upset since she had feelings for him. But, in the meanwhile, she had another major infatuation. Majo, a citizen of Chiapas, moved here because she was a homosexual, and a picture of her kissing a girl went viral, causing her life to be upturned, so she fled her hometown. Mich couldn’t comprehend her feelings for Majo at first, but she eventually understood she was in love with her as well. Meanwhile, another problem had entered her life. Her high school was going to stage a musical performance, and they based it on “Alice in Wonderland.” Mich desired to be the protagonist and auditioned for the role, even though Yadi and Tania were not particularly supportive, but Majo was constantly by her side. Mich didn’t get the part and instead became an understudy. Brenda was picked to play Alice since she was white and blonde, but neither she nor the other understudies could perform as wonderfully as Mich. On the other side, she couldn’t even rehearse for her part since her mother and grandma wanted her to win the “The Most Beautiful Flower” beauty pageant. Making time for both of these made it much harder for Mich; therefore, it’s up to her which one thing she was about to choose in her life. Let’s see if Mich decides to perform for the play or become the most beautiful flower to maintain her heritage.

Could Mich Become ‘The Most Beautiful Flower’?

Mich was from a slightly prejudiced family that values tradition and culture above everything else. Mich’s mother, Hilda, grandmother, and great-grandmother all became the most beautiful flowers in their eras. So, Mich is already under pressure to become the new, most beautiful flower because otherwise, their legacy would be lost. But while Hilda and her mother pressured Mich to win the pageant, they overlooked her own ambitions and aspirations. Mich didn’t aspire to be the most beautiful flower, but deep down, she wanted to uphold her family’s legacy without hurting them. However, her practice for “Alice in Xochiland,” the school’s interpretation of “Alice in Wonderland,” was being hampered by her preparation for “Most Beautiful Flower.” Although she was one of the understudies, she excelled in the part of Alice more than the others, and her teacher was astounded by her performance. Therefore, the teacher asked Mich to be present at all times, but Brenda was envious of Mich’s success and wanted to surpass her. She wanted to be the only Alice in the play, so she created a plan to drive away all the understudies by putting weed in their bags and lying about them, but only Mich was resistant. She also tried to upload a photo of Mich on social media, claiming she was her cousin and making her popular in school, but in exchange for this show-off, she requested Mich step down from the role, but this was all in vain because Mich no longer desired attention. She preferred to earn it on her own; therefore, she rejected Brenda’s proposal. Brenda grew enraged and defamed Mich on social media to take her revenge. As a result, when Mich was eventually allowed to portray Alice on stage, the audience began to criticize her and discourage her performance, yet that didn’t stop Mich from giving an outstanding performance as Alice. Mich tried to impress her mother and grandma, and thus she wanted to become the most beautiful flower, but she was unable to withstand the pressure of managing two things at a time. So, Hilda eventually recognized that Mich should follow her heart. She, therefore, allowed her daughter to act in the play as she had always wanted to do. But after such a lovely performance, when she returned home, she was surprised to see her mother and grandma preparing Brenda in a huipil for the most beautiful flower pageant. Her heart was shattered again. Though she didn’t yearn for the pageant, it was she who deserved to be the most beautiful flower because of her lineage. But now, Brenda, who could have possibly taken everything from Mich because of jealousy, was also her family, although she never treated her like one. So, either Mich had to accept that her family lineage would be passed on by Brenda, or she had to do something to reclaim her place. What Mich will do remains a cliffhanger, and we will have to wait for another season to reach Netflix to find out what she will do next.


Could Mich Choose The Perfect Lover In Her Life?

Mich had always wanted Dani to accept her publicly, but he never did. Eventually, though, when Dani understood that he had only ever loved Mich and no one else, he lost his fear, but Brenda was still directing his moves so that he could never approach Mich. As per Brenda’s advice, he attempted to make Mich envious, and in doing so, he proposed to Majo without realizing that Majo was in love with Mich but couldn’t tell her. On the other hand, Mich’s heart ached once more to watch her two crushes together. Unable to stop them, she decided to temporarily leave Xochi and move in with her father. She then requested a ride to her father’s cottage from Mati. Mich’s family began searching desperately for her, and they eventually discovered Mati and Mich together in Hilda’s ex-husband’s home. Jessi, Hilda’s stepdaughter, had discovered Mati and Mich kissing near the pool, and she slyly took a picture of them to blackmail her sister. Mich tried everything she could to stop Jessi from showing Brenda the image of her kissing, but Jessi eventually sent the picture to Brenda, causing Brenda to break up with her boyfriend, Mati.  Even Mati could realize that he loved Mich.

Mich was now immensely confused as to whom she should choose in her life. She confessed to Fer about everything and expressed that she didn’t want to hurt anybody and instead wanted to love all three of them, but it wasn’t possible because Mich would eventually hurt one of them if she didn’t clarify her feelings towards them. So it’s turning into a love octagon for Mich, and she doesn’t want to abandon anyone. When she arrived home, she saw three of her lovers waiting for her outside. She couldn’t resist Dani since he was giving her everything, she had always desired, but she also felt a special connection with Mati as well as Majo, who had always supported her and never judged her from the beginning. In my opinion, Mich should pick Majo over anybody else since she was the one who supported her and accepted her for who she was. But neither Dani nor Mati had shown their dedication towards Mich. Mich was completely a second choice for Mati, and she should definitely not fall for him. But now we can only assume that all the answers we’re going to get in season 2 of “The Most Beautiful Flower.”


Final Words

The first season of “The Most Beautiful Flower” ends on a cliffhanger and almost keeps us waiting to reveal everything. Season 2 seems to have the answers to every potential query. But I must admit that, while this series is quite similar to “Never Have I Ever” or “Heartbreak High,” it has its own distinct perspective. Mich is the type of girl who has always desired to be known, but for that reason, she never tried to change herself. Despite her desire for recognition, she was a soulful lady with a pure heart who didn’t care what others thought of her. However, it’s safe to say that season 2 of “The Most Beautiful Flower” will have twice as much fun and complicated love troubles for Mich, and we’ll finally get all of our answers there.

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