‘The Matchmakers’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: How Will Lady Sam Soon Be Saved?

In the series The Matchmakers has been progressing, there are more complications that are seen to arise. With each passing day, there is an increased threat to the life of the young crown prince. This episode also revolves around resolving the case of Hwa Rok and getting rid of the rumors about Lady Ha Na. There is increased tension throughout the series, which has been gradually building up for the past six episodes. Will the crown prince be saved? Will Yeojudaek be able to come up with a plan to rid Ha Na of the rumors against her? Let’s find the answers to these questions in this episode!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens To The Crown Prince?

The crown prince falls into the trap set up for him by the Left State Minister and his wife, Lady Jeonggyeong. A guard suddenly comes up to him and tells him that the queen wants him to reach the castle from his hiding place. En route, he finds out that the direction that his planquin was taking was not leading him to his castle. He senses the danger, asks the guards to stop, and says that he wants to urinate. However, he escapes from the guards and hides in the forest while he is being chased down by them. He is ultimately saved by Lady Ha Na, as she sends the guards in another direction. Not knowing his real identity. Lady Ha Na takes the young prince home, as there is a curfew and she will not take him back to his home that night. We see Ha Na and the prince taking a stroll into a no-entry zone, gazing at the distant lights. There is a probability that Lady Ha Na and the crown prince are soon to get involved with each other, despite their wide age gap. Meanwhile, the Queen is unable to find the prince, and she sends out a secret investigation bureau to find him. Later, we see Ha Na saving the crown prince from all the perils and bringing him back home, dressing him up as a girl. She knew that there would be more attacks on his life. When she asks the queen the reason why he was being chased down, she lies to Ha Na, stating that his half-brother had plotted to kill him so he could acquire their father’s wealth. The queen does not reveal their real identity to a commoner like her.


How Did The King React?

When the king learns of the kidnapping of the prince, he is keen on investigating the case. However, the Royal Chief Secretary advises him not to do so, because that would give the Left State Minister a chance to depose the queen for not having guarded the prince well. That would leave the prince absolutely unguarded, bringing more threat to his life. The king realizes the point and seeks information on the maid, who had consumed poison, and is told that her condition is worsening just like that of the princess. The king is intent on saving the maid, as she is the major piece of the puzzle that he has been trying to solve.

How Does Yeojudaek Plan To Rid Ha Na Of The Rumors?

Yeojudaek, along with Lady Sam Soon, Orabeoni, and Shim Jeong Woo, come up with plans to rid Ha Na of the rumors that are restricting her marriage. Yeojudaek states that a rumor can only be resolved with another rumor. She comes up with the plan that they will release a third volume of the erotica written by Lady Sam Soon, exposing the scandals of the Defense Minister. They had come to the conclusion from Orobeonis’s investigations that Lady Cho Ok had been murdered by the Defence Minister after he had physically assaulted her. All of them work on the third volume and release copies depicting the real-life incident and the Defense Minister’s misdeeds. The book also reveals that Ha Na had also been approached by the Defense Minister, but as she rejected him, he spread false rumors against her, saying that she was possessed by Lady Cho Ok’s spirit. Just as the copies of the book are distributed, the rumors about Ha Na start disappearing, and everyone comes to know of the real intentions of the Defense Minister. It is, however, later revealed that Ye-Jin, the Left State Minister’s daughter, was also a witness to the Defense Minister dragging around the body of Lady Cho Ok on his birthday. When she tells her mother about it, Lady Jeonggyeong immediately summons the Defense Minister. She asks him to resign from his post, as she thinks that the revelation of the incident could tarnish the reputation of the party.


How Will Lady Sam Soon Be Saved?

Lady Sam Soon expresses her feelings for Orabeoni to Yeojudaek, and she gives it her best to make sure that they end up together. Yeojudaek, Orabeoni, and Jeong Woo are concerned about Lady Sam Soon’s reputation and don’t want her identity as Hwa Rok to be revealed. Yeojudaek comes up with the idea that on the day of the inauguration of volume 3 of the book, Jeong Woo would pretend to be Hwa Rok and read out the story to the ladies, making them think that the actual writer is a man. As he reads out the story to the women, he reveals the misdeeds of the Defense Minister to them and lets them know that Lady Ha Na was just a friend of Lady Cho Ok and was not possessed by her spirit. Meanwhile, when the news of his defamation reaches the Defense Minister, he plans to arrest Hwa Rok for writing against him.

Yeojudaek makes a plan to rid Lady Sam Soon of the false identity of Hwa Rok, once and for all. She states that she would disguise herself as Hwa Rok and run from the officials, and when she reaches the end of the cliff, she would jump off and swim back to the shore, leaving an unidentified dead body afloat. That would make the officers think that Hwa Rok had died from the jump. They also manage to get hold of an unidentified dead body that they will pass off as Hwa Rok’s, ending Lady Sam Soon’s dangerous career as a secret author. However, it is seen that Jeong Woo had taken all the risk upon himself and disguised himself as Hwa Rok instead of Yeojudaek taking up the role. His face was covered by a scarf, hiding his real identity from the guards and the Defense Minister. Just as he is about to jump off the cliff, the Defense Minister shoots at him, which bruises his arm, and he slips into the deep water body. The underwater romance between Yeojudaek and Jeong Woo is epic! Yeojudaek swims into the depths of the water just to save Jeong Woo’s life.


Final Thoughts

A spark is seen between Jeong Woo and Yeojudaek when he asks her about her real identity. She is seen entrusting him with her name, stating that her real name was Soon Deok. A fire is ignited in the heart of Jeong Woo, which is quite evident when he is seen treasuring Yeojudaek’s letters. On the other hand, Yeojudaek is more practical, as she is seen to burn his letters to remove all evidence of her career as a matchmaker. Despite having a practical outlook, she risks her life to save Jeong Woo. This proves that the feelings are mutual! There are a lot of twists in this episode that have been showcased through a well-knit plot.

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