‘The Interest Of Love’ Episodes 11 And 12: Recap And Ending: Do Mi Gyeong And Sang Su Break Up?

Sang Su and Su Yeong have gotten intimate with each other in “The Interest Of Love,” complicating things for both of them. They are already in a relationship with other people, but they cannot ignore the feelings they have for each other anymore. Sang Su confessed to Su Yeong that he still liked her, and now it’s up to Su Yeong to decide if she should choose Sang Su or stay with her current boyfriend, Jeong.


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Why Is Mi Gyeong Avoiding Talking To Sang Su?

Mi Gyeong’s mother is disappointed with Sang Su that he didn’t come to have dinner with their family. Sang Su is busy hanging out with Su Yeong, and he plays a lie game with her where Su Yeong confesses her true feelings for Sang Su under the guise of a lie. Su Yeong thinks that she could have had feelings for Sang Su before he had them for her, but she hesitated to accept them, and later, he also hesitated to accept his feelings for her. Sang Su has made up his mind to break up with Mi Gyeong, and he doesn’t pick up her calls, whereas Su Yeong is still confused about what to do. The next day at the bank, Su Yeong volunteers to work at a sub-branch for three months, and Sang Su wonders if it is because of his confession. However, Su Yeong makes it clear that she was bound to go, as the branch chief would have chosen her anyway. As Mi Gyeong worried Sang Su was about to volunteer to go as well, Kyung Pil noticed it and volunteered first. He is aware of Sang Su’s situation and wants to stop his friend from making any wrong decisions.


Sang Su’s mother goes to the bank to get a loan, and she notices Sang Su glancing at Su Yeong. Moreover, he doesn’t let Mi Gyeong talk with her, which makes her wonder if anything is wrong between the two. Mi Gyeong already knows what’s coming at her, so she avoids it by giving excuses when Sang Su tries to set up a meeting with her. On the other hand, Su Yeong pays a surprise visit to Jeong at the study cafe only to find out that a junior who often calls him is a girl. Sang Su and Su Yeong still haven’t broken up with their partners, and one of their colleagues notices awkwardness between the four of them. However, a scandal breaks out in the bank, which diverts her attention. An employee’s wife posts on a forum that her husband has a mistress who is pregnant. Sang Su and Kyung Pil know exactly who that person is. It’s their friend Seok Hyun, who has started dating his ex-girlfriend again, but he claims that she is not pregnant. Nobody knows that it is Seok Hyun, but he is bound to get caught soon.

Mi Gyeong doesn’t show up to work without informing them beforehand, which is unlike her. Sang Su only notices it when Manager Lee asks him about it. Sang Su is forced to go check on Mi Gyeong because Lee gives him unasked permission to do so. He calls Mi Gyeong to check what’s up with her, but it turns out that she just overslept. Instead of going to pick her up, Sang Su goes to the sub-branch to meet Su Yeong. When Mi Gyeong reaches the bank, Lee asks her about Sang Su, and she lies that he stopped on the way for some work. Sang Su wants to talk to Mi Gyeong, but she keeps on postponing it. She tells Sang Su that she has to go somewhere and visits his mother’s spa. Coincidentally, Sang Su also goes to the spa, and his mother notices the tension between the two of them. On the other hand, Kyung Pil purposely texts Sang Su that he is having drinks with Su Yeong, and Sang Su ends up meeting Kyung Pil afterward. Kyung Pil tells him how people from another branch humiliated Su Yeong, asking if she was Seok Hyun’s mistress. That’s when Kyung Pil brings up the topic of Sang Su’s relationship with Su Yeong and tells him to be careful not to end up like Seok Hyun.


Mi Gyeong finally agrees to meet and talk with Sang Su, but when he reaches the hotel, he sees Jeong and Su Yeong there as well. It is Mi Gyeong’s birthday, and Sang Su had no idea. As they have dinner together, Mi Gyeong brings up the topic of Su Yeong working at the sub-branch and asks Jeong if he feels empty not seeing Su Yeong at the bank. Then she moves on to Sang Su and asks him if he also feels empty without Su Yeong. Sang Su has had enough of Mi Gyeong, and he leaves the dinner table, asking Mi Gyeong to follow him. On their way home, Mi Gyeong hears what she had been trying to avoid. Sang Su tells her that he has feelings for someone else and that they should break up. However, Mi Gyeong is not ready to accept it yet and tells Sang Su that she can’t let him go.

Why Does Mi Gyeong Want To Apologize From Su Yeong?

Jeong also notices awkwardness among Mi Gyeong, Sang Su, and Su Yeong, and he understands that something is going on between Sang Su and Su Yeong when he sees them meeting late at night after Sang Su leaves the dinner all of a sudden. The next day, Mi Gyeong tells Su Yeong that she spent the whole night talking with Sang Su, but Su Yeong knows that it is not true. Mi Gyeong gets another chance to indirectly tell Su Yeong to stay away from Sang Su when Seok Hyun gets suspended from the bank because of his affair. Mi Gyeong takes the chance to say that people shouldn’t do things without considering the consequences of their actions. Mi Gyeong then sits down with Sang Su to talk about the same thing and asks him if it’s going to be any easier for him and Su Yeong just because he is not married, but Sang Su tells her that he doesn’t care about such things anymore. On the other hand, Mi Gyeong’s mother meets Sang Su’s mother to discuss their marriage, but Sang Su’s mother thinks that it is not time yet.


Sang Su goes to meet Su Yeong in her neighborhood but spots her going inside her building together with Jeong. It reminds him of what Mi Gyeong told him about Su Yeong and Jeong living together. It upsets him a little, and he goes to meet his mother again. She asks him clearly about his thoughts on marrying Mi Gyeong, and he tells her that he has broken up with Mi Gyeong, but she still needs time to accept it. Jeong takes Su Yeong out on a date the next day, and they don’t talk as much as they used to, and at the end of the day, he gives her the Couple rings he bought for both of them. Su Yeong hesitantly accepts it, but it doesn’t fit on her finger. On the same day, Sang Su goes shopping with Mi Gyeong’s mother and later informs her that he has broken up with Mi Gyeong. Mi Gyeong is still not ready to give up and tells Sang Su that she will do anything to keep him, even if he doesn’t love her. She meets Su Yeong at the sub-branch the next day and apologizes to her for telling Sang Su that she lives with Jeong. Moreover, she tells Su Yeong that she knows about Sang Su and her relationship but will still treat her well so that she will feel guilty every time she sees Sang Su.

Kyung Pil witnessed this love triangle, and he ended up telling Su Yeong the story of how badly his relationship with his first love ended because the girl was wealthier than him and her cousin forced him to break up with her. Su Yeong doesn’t understand why Kyung Pil suddenly told her the story, and she doesn’t know that he is talking about Mi Gyeong- his first love. Sang Su tries to call Su Yeong after work but cuts his call when Jeong shows up. Jeong indirectly shows off his Couple ring to Sang Su, which again makes Sang Su contemplate what Mi Gyeong asked him – will Su Yeong break up with Jeong if he breaks up with Mi Gyeong? Jeong has been telling Su Yeong often these days that he loves her, which confuses her. She takes a day off from work to sort out her feelings and goes to her hometown. Sang Su goes to the sub-branch as her replacement, but when he calls her to check what’s up, he immediately understands where she is after hearing the sound of the waves. He leaves work to visit Su Yeong in her hometown.

‘The Interest Of Love’ Episode 12: Ending

Sang Su finds Su Yeong exactly where he had guessed she would be. Su Yeong tells him that she used to sit by the sea whenever she went through a hard time in her life, and Sang Su guesses what she could be struggling about. She also tells him a significant story about how she used to destroy the sand castle she built because she was worried that someone else would break it. Sang Su understands what she means and tries to reassure her by saying that the castle could also stay for a long time without anyone breaking it. Su Yeong is worried that her relationship with Sang Su is like a sand castle, and Sang Su understands that Su Yeong is trying to break it herself before someone else becomes the reason they drift apart. Su Yeong asks Sang Su to buy her a drink, but by the time he returns, she has already left. She goes to see her mother but gets to see her father instead. She finally musters the courage to ask him why he cheated on his mother, to which he replies that it is difficult to go back once you fall in love, but if one knows how much he is going to suffer later, he will never dare to have an affair.

Sang Su searches for Su Yeong as soon as he goes to the bank the next day and asks her why she left all of a sudden yesterday. Su Yeong doesn’t answer and walks away. “The Interest of Love” shows confused adults who are still trying to understand what love is. However, this process is difficult for them, and the emotional turmoil makes them act recklessly. Jeong walks into the bank, completely in rage, and asks Su Yeong in front of everyone if what he heard is true. Sang Su gets scared for a moment, but Jeong bolts toward Kyung Pil instead and punches him in the face. When Sang Su tries to stop him, Jeong shouts at him and asks him if he has slept with Su Yeong as well. Sang Su looks at Su Yeong in shock, wondering if Su Yeong really slept with his friend, Kyung Pil.


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