‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Inha Die In Jail?

The 12th and final episode of The Impossible Heir is here. The events occur in such haste in the final episode that we keep wondering whether adding a few more episodes would have been the right thing. No matter how twisted the business conglomerate drama might have been, the element of friendship and the angst of being backstabbed have added a new meaning to the masterpiece on Disney+. Taeoh would have never gotten back at his dear friend Inha had he not crossed his line and caused Jisuk’s death. How will Taeoh prove Inha’s crimes? What will happen to Inha in jail? Let’s take a walk through the events of the finale!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Taeoh Want To Protect Kangoh?

Hyewon told Taeoh that he was very lucky to have a mother like Jisuk, as she had never experienced maternal love. When Taeoh got his mother’s letter, he realized that all she wanted for him was to give up on his rage, as it wouldn’t solve any problems. Taeoh went to his old residence to relive his mother’s memories and take a break to think about why Inha had taken such huge revenge on him. He went up to Joongmoo (who was still in a coma) and promised to protect Kangoh at all costs. 


Why Did Sengju Want To Stop Geumseok?

Geumseok had become impatient to get out of jail and get her hands on Kangoh. She said that she couldn’t let Inha have the Kangoh Group after all her struggles. Sengju said that all her life, she had pushed him to walk on eggshells and achieve what she had wanted all her life. Sengju requested that his mother give up on her greed and let him lead a normal life and be happy for once. 

Why Did Taeoh Meet Park Sajin?

Park Sajin was expecting the PY launch by holding onto Inha’s hands. While he was going to the shareholder’s meeting, his daughter, Jingyeong, called him and said that she wanted to meet him. Finally, after meeting her father, she said that Inju had tormented her, causing her to become suicidal and eventually forcing her to resort to drugs. Later, when Taeoh met Sajin, he said that he knew that Inha had promised Sajin “Energy” and that he had to manage with it. Taeoh said that he had to pay a fair price for the energy (one million for one share). Upon hearing this, Sajin was shocked, and Taeoh showed him the increased stock price. Taeoh had taken this step to make sure that Sajin would not be helping Inha anymore. 


Did Mo Gijun Testify Against Inha?

Meanwhile, Inha was happy, thinking that he had been able to avenge his past agonies at the hands of the chairman. Finally, when he arrived at the office to conduct the shareholder meeting, he got arrested. When he was being interrogated, he saw that Mo Gijun was alive. He had been saved by Dr. Jinyeong (in the prison) after he was stabbed by the prison guard. She immediately informed Taeoh about it. Later, Taeoh approached Mo Gijun and said that he was just another dog to Inha and that he wanted to help him get out of the situation. Finally, when Mo confronted Inha, he said that he was indeed a dog to him. This led Mo Gijun to hand over the CCTV footage of them conspiring to kill Inju to the police. 

Did Inha Die In Jail?

While Inha was in jail, he received a decree from the Seoul Eastern District Court, which was permission from Joongmoo to change his last name from Kang to Baek, meaning that he had been disowned by the Chairman. At the trial, when he was asked to say his final words, he looked at Taeoh and wanted to say that even though they had walked together, their paths had diverted over time, but he couldn’t get himself to say anything to him. Even he knew that whatever crimes he had committed were irreversible. Inha was finally sentenced to life in prison. Later, Taeoh went to meet Inha in prison and asked him why he had done all the crimes and why he had let his friend down. Inha chose not to give Taeoh any reason for whatever steps he had taken. Taeoh finally told him that he was glad that they were friends and left him a picture of the three of them together (Inha, Taeoh, and Hyewon). Inha’s guilt eventually caused him to commit suicide inside the prison cell. 


What Happened In The End?

Finally, Huiju called Taeoh to go and meet her in Bisunjae. When he reached there, he realized that Chairman Joongmoo was alive, and it was he who had called him. Even after a 3-year shift in the scene, Taeoh was still seen standing by Joongmoo, helping him to make his dream of the Royal Road a reality. The sacrifices that Taeoh had made for Kangoh made Chairman Joongmoo realize that he was the one who could keep Kangoh safe from all perils. The Chairman finally decided to make Taeoh the new CEO of the Kangoh Group, eventually leading him to invest in noble projects and form the Kangoh Children’s Foundation. Meanwhile, Sengju had been handed the Co-Prosperity Cooperation Center. The annual growth rate of the company under Sengju’s supervision crossed more than 10%, and the Kangoh Group got back to its original stature. Sengju had finally learned to respect his father’s choice and accepted the fact that there couldn’t be a better protector of the Kangoh Group than Taeoh! 

Final Thoughts

Finally, Taeoh was able to fulfill the dreams that he had once seen as a teenager. His will to reach the zenith of success had finally borne fruit, but unlike Inha, he wouldn’t be invested in misusing his position. The chairman’s decision to select Taeoh as the new CEO of the Kangoh group was quite smart, as he knew that his own sons were not capable of protecting Kangoh. He had taken a stand for his own company and chosen it over his own sons in the long term. However, the sudden end to The Impossible Heir makes us want more of it! We are left anticipating the possibility of a second season, even though no official announcements have been made yet! 


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