‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 10 Recap: Was Taeoh Able To Save The Chairman?

The 10th episode of The Impossible Heir is full of twists, completely changing the course of the plot. Taeoh will eventually be proven innocent, and the culprit, Mo Gijun, will be taken into custody. However, the revelation of the actual culprit, Inha, is still pending! The responsibility of safeguarding Chairman Joongmoo from Inha now rests on Taeoh. Despite knowing his evil intentions, Taeoh didn’t want to reveal his real face to the world all at once. Will Taeoh be able to protect the chairman from Inha? Will Mo confess to Inha being his accomplice in Inju and Bona’s murders? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Chairman Joongmoo?

When Inha came to meet the chairman, he said that he wanted Inha out of Kangoh and that he would soon be terminated. The chairman said that Taeoh had helped him identify Inha as the murderer of Inju. He said that he would let Inha live in peace if he went back, severing all his ties with the Kangoh Group. However, Inha said that he had come too far to go back. Just as Joongmoo was about to take the pills, they fell off his hands. As he was struggling to get the pills, he fell inside the bathtub, and Inha decided not to help him out. Later, when Huiju came to see her father’s condition, she rushed him to the hospital. Huiju went to Hyewon and asked her where Taeoh was (indicating he could have harmed her father). However, she later realized that Taeoh was not at fault and that it was someone else who had been behind the incident.


How Did Prosecutor Ha Help Taeoh?

Taeoh went to meet Prosecutor Ha, claiming that he didn’t kill Inju and Bona. He further said that Bona’s phone had evidence to prove him innocent, and he asked Ha to help him, offering him an opportunity to return to Seoul. Meanwhile, Inha had been looking for Taeoh, asking Wan to help him, but even after Wan found out that Taeoh was with Ha Myeongjin, he didn’t inform Inha about it. However, later, when Ha went looking for evidence against Inha, he got his hands on Bona’s phone from the evidence room. After the phone was switched on, evidence in the form of videos was found. It was revealed that Mo had killed them both while framing Taeoh for the murders. 

However, Taeoh asked Ha to cut out the part where Inha came in along with Mo. He wanted Mo to get arrested first so that he could testify against Inha, revealing his real motive. Later, when Mo was arrested and interrogated about his motive, he said that Inju would abuse him and beat him up often, and that he had killed him out of anger. Mo took all the blame on himself rather than pointing out Inha for his crimes. 


What Was Geumseok’s Plan?

When Geumseok got to know that Taeoh had been released from jail, she told Sengju that they would have to use him as their weapon. Geumseok wanted to use him against Inha so that her son could rise to power. 

Did Sajin Support Inha?

When Inha met Sajin, he said that he knew that Sajin had met with Chairman Joongmoo and had planned to overthrow him. Sajin said that the chairman had offered him Kangoh Energy and that it was better for him to support the owner of the Kangoh Group rather than stand by an illegitimate heir. Inha said that now that the Chairman was unable to control the Kangoh Group, he would rise to power and that Sajin should support him, but Sajin said that his father could wake up any day, and that would mean the end of Inha’s reign in Kangoh. 


Why Did Hyeokjin Want To Help Taeoh?

Hyeokjin met Taeoh at the prison and said they had a pro bono program at Milton to provide free legal counsel to help his case. Taeoh said that now that Hyeokjin knew that all the proofs were favorable for Taeoh, maybe he would help Taeoh promote Milton or himself. Hyeokjin opposed him, saying he was only fulfilling the wishes of the chairman to stand by Taeoh and protect the Kangoh Group. 

How Did Taeoh Decide To Put Mr. Tak To Work?

Before Mr. Tak was about to come out of jail, Taeoh told him that he had a company in Hong Kong named Gold H Investment (which he had created to make Inha the Chairman of Kangoh) and that nobody knew about it. Inha himself didn’t know about the company. When he finally gets to know about it, he will definitely use it to his advantage. Finally, after Mr. Tak was released, Wan and Hyewon approached him, saying he had to pretend to be the fake CEO of the company.

Was Taeoh Able To Save The Chairman?

Later, when Inha found out that a company called Gold H Investment had been soaring high in terms of their shares, she decided to find out about it. The company had created turmoil in the stock market and had affected the Kangoh Group to a great extent. This event frustrated Inha, and the thoughts about his father asking him to leave Kangoh Group kept coming back to him. He decided to go to the hospital and finish off the root of all his problems. Just as he reached the hospital and was about to take the oxygen mask off the chairman’s face, Taeoh stopped him. 

What Will Happen Next?

Even though Taeoh is a genie without a master at this point in the series, he has set his goals right. All he wanted was to protect the chairman and drive Inha out of the Kangoh group, placing Hyewon on the throne. The next episode of The Impossible Heir is likely to bring Joongmoo to his senses, revealing Inha’s real face to the world. Inha is about to be crushed by the chairman’s wrath for trying to usurp his company and murdering his legitimate son, Inju. Meanwhile, Taeoh will also find ways to get back at Inha for falsely accusing him of the joint murders. 


Debjyoti Dey
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