‘The Endless Night’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: The Tragic Incident Of Santa Maria 

Based on the true tragic story of ‘Kiss Nightclub,’ “The Endless Night” on Netflix is a miniseries that unveiled the 2013 tragedy in Santa Maria, where more than 242 people lost their lives to a fire. This series was created as a memorial to the ones who didn’t survive the horrific night. The story begins from the perspective of different individuals: Marienne, Guilherme, Grazi, and Marco. Even though they have their own plans to follow, every individual has been waiting to spend their night at the Kiss Nightclub. Moreover, students from seven universities were gathered at the club. Some of them came from various parts of the country. “The Endless Night” doesn’t fail to capture the horrifying experiences of all the individuals present at the nightclub.

Apart from that, “The Endless Night” depicts the unseen side of the story, where parents have spent all their time looking for their children outside the club and at the nearest hospitals. The beginning of “The Endless Night” Episode 1 depicted the life of all these people conjugated as one piece of the story. Well, most of the youngsters were living the best moments of their life, while some of them felt troubled by their parents or career. But this night became a terrifying nightmare for everyone. At first, all the attendees were busy enjoying the live concerts until one of the performers, named Roberto, of the Gurizada Fandangueira band started using fireworks while performing. As soon as Roberto aimed his hand up at the ceiling, the fireworks had gone off, and the soundproof acoustic foam caught fire. Roberto tried to douse the fire, but it got worse. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, Roberto decided to flee from the club along with his other bandmates. 

While some of them managed to evacuate, they were badly affected by the smoke; many others were stuck inside the club. Some of them had to deal with stampedes and extreme suffocation at the club, while the majority of them couldn’t figure out the exit. The club was filled with too many people, luckily, the Santa Maria fire department approached to help, but they lacked enough medical supplies to protect everyone. So, the fire department had to call in more offices to lend their services. Gradually, all the parents were informed, and they started arriving at the club. They highlighted some of the most painful scenarios, where Marco’s parents went around the whole parking lot to find Marco’s car. They managed to find his car, but they couldn’t find Marco anywhere. Similarly, Marienne managed to leave the club with her friends Thais and Renatinha. Marienne couldn’t handle all the smoke, but the trio somehow managed to get a cab to the hospital. But Marienne started to struggle and lost consciousness from breathlessness. All this time, Marienne’s parents were trying to locate her. Thais’ cousin Pri and Marienne’s mother talked with each other since the girls went missing.

Pri and the girls were in touch with each other until they stopped communicating. Marienne’s father arrived at the club while her mother went around the nearest hospitals to find Marienne. Silvana couldn’t find her in the Santa Maria University hospital; now, her only choice was to check the Charity hospital since it was closer to the club. Marienne was one of those kids that hated her parents’ involvement in her personal life. All her friends were already pursuing their dreams in college, whereas Marienne couldn’t figure out what she wanted to do. Similarly, Marco and Luis are loved by their parents, and on the night of the dance party, Luis chooses to visit his friend instead of going to the club. But, till the very end of “The Endless Night” Episode 1, Marco was nowhere to be found. This tragic incident in Santa Maria became global news as many innocent people lost their lives to poor evacuation planning. According to several people, it was difficult to track down some of the exit signs, and this led to suffocation. Moreover, 600 people were injured, and all the victims were aged between 18 to 30 years.

When the fire started, some people were able to escape immediately, but “The Endless Night” highlighted that there was a lot of confusion. The guards stopped many of them from leaving without paying their money. This provided enough time for the fire to spread, and the hospital was completely overcrowded as the hospital staff couldn’t provide enough closure and assurance to the parents. Even though many people were injured by the fire directly, the majority of them lost their lives from smoke inhalation. The episode showed how the Kiss Nightclub was supposed to be one of the most popular clubs in Santa Maria. Despite all the claims, the club still lacked systems that prevent fire and other disasters. The attendees had no choice but clear path escape their fiery prison, and many people lost their way inside the club, leading to painful and miserable deaths. The upcoming episodes might display the nightclub’s investigation and proceedings. The culprits were still free, and even the club owners didn’t realize the mistake on their part.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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