‘Tequila Re-Pasado’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: How Did Mon Survive?

Gabriela Tagliavini’s Tequila Re-Pasado zoomed in on the story of Danny (Sebastián Zurita), a middle-aged man with a not-so-perfect life. Yes, he did have a lovely wife who loved him more than anything, but his nosy boss, Jero (Miguel Rodarte), and his mean colleague, Taylor (Ludwika Paleta), took away all the good things in his life. From the looks of it, Jero was a phony spiritual guru, motivational speaker, and the author of eight best-selling books. Jero couldn’t even write his own speeches or improvise when things went south. He had to depend on his employees, Taylor and Danny, for it.


As for his personal life, Danny rarely spent time with his wife, as he was always busy at work. Danny often forgot their anniversary and went back on promises he had made to Mon. However, Mon was still happy in her mediocre life and soon met with the news she was pregnant and couldn’t be more excited. Mon gave multiple hints to her husband, but Danny, being Danny, missed all of them. Things took a dire turn at Jero’s party when Danny told him that he wasn’t ready to be a father, as kids were a headache. This broke Mon’s heart, and she left Danny at the party. Things got worse when Danny was also fired from his job while his arch-nemesis, Taylor, had her salary doubled.

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Why Did The Bartender Help Danny?

As stupid as it sounds, the reason for Danny’s time travel wasn’t a hi-tech car or a hot-tub time machine but a magic tequila. The bartender (Adal Ramones) poured him the magic shot when he learned that he had lost both his job and possibly his wife’s trust. But why would you do this for a total stranger? In reality, the bartender was the same man whom Danny had saved from getting run over by a bus. In return, the man gave him his thanks and even invited Danny to his bar so he could return the favor. As soon as Danny took the shot, he was taken several hours back in time. Danny saw himself (another version of himself), who was saving the bartender from getting into an accident. At first, Danny couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he had traveled back in time, but he soon figured he could use it to his advantage.

Danny ran back to Jero’s house so he could warn himself about what was going to happen. The aim here was to avoid losing his job and his wife. For a while, everything went well; Danny impressed Jero by guessing what was on his mind and also laid waste to Taylor’s plan to get him fired. Unfortunately, things went south soon after, and Danny again ended up losing his job and torching Jero’s highly-prized painting. Desperate to fix things up again, Danny returned to the same bar and drank the entire bottle, disregarding the bartender’s advice. “The more you drink, the dumber you’ll get,” said the bartender. Unfortunately, this attempt took Danny back to Thursday instead of Friday.


What Happened To Mon?

Danny was determined to fix everything—his marriage and career—and for him, it all started by getting over his fear of heights. We see him diving 30 meters into the swimming pool. Danny even took his wife on a date, treated her to a delicious meal, and made her feel special. However, time travel has several downsides as well. This meant whenever Danny went back, he multiplied, and in his current timeline, there were three, and according to the rules of the universe, three identical things cannot exist in the same timeline. As expected, this led to absolute chaos, as all the variants wanted different things and had different motivations. One wanted to save his career and get a pay raise, while the other was willing to sacrifice his job to save his marriage. And this was what happened: Danny left his job, stated to his wife that he was ready to become a father, and also advised Taylor to leave the job. Unfortunately, tragedy struck, and Mon died after eating the poisonous fish that Jero’s chef, Claudio, had served them. Claudio had poisoned the food to kill Danny, as he was drunk and believed Danny was the devil.

How Did Mon Survive?

Is Mon really dead? No, towards the end of Tequila Re-Pasado, the three musketeers were run over by a bus while they were looking for the bartender. Danny woke up in the hospital and, surprisingly, found Mon alive and well. But how did Mon survive? Mon told Danny that he was admitted to the hospital after he got into an accident while saving an old man. Thus, it was possible that Danny getting run over by the bus somehow reset the timeline, taking Danny to the point in time where he had the option to save his marriage. Or there was another possibility, that the bartender himself reset the timeline, giving Danny another chance.


When Jero visited Danny, he was kicked out of the room and told that Danny would no longer work for him. As Mon had said, Danny didn’t need a time machine to fix his life; he just had to do things the right way, something he should have been doing since the first day. Danny eventually realized how alone and secluded Mon felt when he saw her standing alone in Jero’s mansion. At that point, Danny admitted that he should’ve done things differently and juggled both his professional and personal lives while making sure that they didn’t overshadow each other.

What Became Of Taylor And Jero?

But what about Jero and Taylor? Where were they when Tequila Re-Pasado ended? As discussed earlier, Taylor took Danny’s advice, slapped Jero right across both cheeks, and left her job—or,  to be more precise, took over his. Toward the end, we see Taylor sporting spiritual guru attire, suggesting that she had put Jero out of business. As for Jero, he wasn’t so lucky, and from the looks of it, it appeared that banks were confiscating his things, including his prized painting, maybe because Jero failed to pay the bank their money back or was evading taxes. Or his wife might have been getting half of his stuff in alimony following their divorce. However, among other things, Jero found the bottle of tequila he had picked up from outside the hospital. So, maybe there’s a chance that he, too, would travel back in time to right his wrongs and do things differently, this time to protect his career, marriage, and prized painting.

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