What We Can Expect From ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3?

The fan-favorite post-apocalyptic fantasy series “Sweet Tooth” has released its second season, and it has been captivating viewers worldwide by evoking a plethora of emotions already. After the cliffhanger of the first season’s ending, which left Gus and the rest of Aimee’s hybrid kids’ fates in uncertainty as they were captured by the Last Men led by General Abbot, the second season majorly deals with the prospect of the kids reunion with Tommy Jepperd and Aimee, their respective guardian figures. The second season ends with a bittersweet finale that, provides closure to some narratives while opening up newer possibilities to be explored for future seasons as well. We will discuss them briefly to help viewers get an assessment of what to expect for a third season of the series, which in all probability, is going to be announced pretty soon.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Will Be The Next Big Bad?

The second season of “Sweet Tooth” deals with Annie and Jepperd’s effort to rescue Gus and other hybrid kids from the Last Men-occupied ‘Preserve.’ The duo manages to pull off the task and take the kids to Gus’ home in Yellowstone National Park. At this point, General Abbot has grown vengeful, as Aimee practically goaded him earlier and took the kids to safety right under his nose. However, a fatally wounded tiger had already informed Bear, Aimee, and the rest of the team about Abbot’s impending attack, which gave them enough time to prepare, and in the end, Abbot was killed after being trampled by a herd of bison.


After the death of General Abbot, the Last Men are essentially ineffectual in the long run, and at the end of the finale, it is shown that a higher authority is going to take charge to cause misery in the lives of the characters we are acquainted with. The series previously introduced us to three warlords known as ‘The Three,” consisting of the mediator Dutch, a religious leader Voss, and the most powerful person of the order, Helen Zhang. In order to see his dream of building a sanctuary for humans, ‘Evergreen,’ fulfilled, Abbot needed the resources and assistance of these three warlords in exchange for spots for their extended families in the sanctuary. Helen managed to coerce Abbot to make a deal with her, thereby taking all the spots for her family and eliminating Voss and Dutch from the picture.

As Abbot dies in the season finale, we see Helen being presented with Dr. Singh’s audio recording about his research on the cure for the H5G9 virus. Helen gets determined to take matters into her own hands as she feeds some unseen, feral creatures whom she calls “babies,” and it is hinted that viewers will see them in action in the next season. In all probability, they might be the feral dog-boys or wolf-boys shown in the comics, whom the Animal Army leaders controlled, and in this case, Helen does.


Aditya And Rani’s Journey

The second season ends with a tragic separation of the Singh family, as Rani decides to leave Aditya after seeing just how maddeningly driven he has become in search of this cure. While still infected with the H5G9 virus and with no cure, Rani sets off into the unknown, as she has decided to live the rest of her life guilt-free and on her own terms, and unless something miraculous happens, she doesn’t have much time left. Aditya, on the other hand, has gone down a hopeless road so far, with his workaholic tendencies getting the best of him and causing his separation from his beloved wife in the end. His research works have been destroyed by Aimee as well, and he almost takes his own life by inhaling the purple flowers in the ‘Preserve,” which for some reason doesn’t harm him. Aditya had this revelation that Gus is connected with the possibilities of synthesizing a cure, and Birdie’s research previously somewhat confirmed that too. Now that Aditya has Gus’ severed antler with him, he wishes to continue his research once again to form a cure to save humanity. In the end, Aditya finds out about Gus’ house in Yellowstone National Park and sees the location where Gus’ team is headed to rescue Birdie: Alaska. Aditya decides to set out for Alaska as well to look for answers.

Gus And His Family Set Off

With Aimee passing away by succumbing to ‘the sickness,’ Gus and his family, consisting of Bear and Jepperd, undertake the responsibility of the hybrid kids and settle in Gus’ cabin in Yellowstone National Park. Gus sees a vision of Birdie being trapped inside a cave in a snowy region and tells his family members about it. Jepperd reveals that he has listened to the tape Birdie sent for Gus and that the family also knows about her efforts to find a cure. Wendy remarks that she has deduced Birdie’s location to be in Alaska and that ‘they’ are ready to embark on the journey to assist Birdie in any way possible. Entrusting the hybrid kids to the Andersons, Gus, and his family set off to Alaska to find Birdie and help her save humankind.


A Vengeful Return

After the death of General Abbot, we didn’t get to see what happened to the Last Men, who managed to survive in the end. The same is true for the surviving members of the Dutch and Voss families, who were double-crossed and betrayed by Abbot and Helen Zhang. The third season of the series might explore the intrigue involving the remnants of these three factions, who will seek to get even by ending each other or by stopping Gus and his family in their tracks.

The Course Of The Sick

After eradicating 98% of the global population in the course of nine years, the H5G9 virus is shown to be mutating, and in this season, the doomsday strain escalated to remove a total of 99% of the population. With the possibility of every remaining human being getting infected at the end and hybrids being the future of the new world, it will be interesting to see what new direction the disease moves in in the third season. With the possibility of both Dr. Singh and Birdie trying to synthesize a cure, whether, once again, human egocentrism gets its deserving setback by both of them failing will be something to look forward to as well.


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