‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2, Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is It The End Of Abbot & The Last Men?

It’s finally that time, and we have to say goodbye to the boy with the antlers for at least another year. “Sweet Tooth” is easily one of the more fun and effortless watches out right now. Many gates have already been closed, and some may be opened at the end of the second season, meaning there’s definitely room for a new season. We just hope the kids don’t grow up too soon!


Spoilers Ahead

Adi Rani And Johnny, The Innocents

In the 6th episode, we saw Rani leave Adi behind and find her own way in the world for her last remaining days. Adi, alone in the zoo, finds his way to the room of purple flowers that he had arranged for Gus as hallucinogenic. We see Rani leave Adi behind and find her own way in the world for her last remaining days. Adi, alone in the zoo, finds his way to the room of purple flowers that he had arranged for Gus as hallucinogenic. He sits there, hoping for a quick and simple death, and loses consciousness. Adi dreams of himself carrying an injured Gus into a cave in the deep snow. After many hours, he wakes up, and he’s not alone anymore. Adi is shocked to realize he’s still alive and remembers that he has a piece of Gus’ antler in his pocket. The only reason he could’ve survived the purple flowers was the antler. When he steps out, there are dozens of bodies of the Last Men lying on the floor. A result of the battle between the Animal Army and the Last Men. Johnny finds himself in disbelief at everything that Abbot has done in the past few hours. Seeing all the innocent people dead, he decides to finally leave his brother. Johnny packs all his belongings and heads out, but before he can make it out of the zoo, he is caught by Abbot, who hands him a gun and tells him that a chopper awaits him. It’ll be like old times, just the two of them together. Johnny quietly takes the gun from Abbot and follows after him.


Becky And Wendy

Tiger leaves Becky after telling her that Abbot has killed all of the Animal Army and is coming for her and the kids next. Becky and Aimee have a small heart-to-heart where Becky tells Aimee she is grateful for her work with the hybrids. Aimee kept the kids safe and gave them a home, something that didn’t even occur to Becky to do, possibly because she too was young and all she had seen was war and plague. Now Aimee leaves the kids’ responsibility to Becky after she’s gone. All the kids know that Aimee is sick and paint rocks for her. Wendy isn’t willing to accept that she’s going to lose her mom soon. Becky takes all the kids except Gus to the Andersons all the way back from season 1 to keep them safe from Abbot’s imminent attack. The Andersons are thrilled to have the kids and get them all to ride the gondola. Wendy shows off her leadership skills, and Becky looks proud. But soon, Wendy begins to worry and wonders why Becky did not want to fight along with the rest. Becky tries to make Wendy understand that it is because she has to keep the kids safe, but Wendy is adamant about wanting to help. When it’s their turn to ride the gondola, Wendy escapes while Becky is left behind in the cable car.

The Loss Of Abbot’s Last Straw Of Humanity

Abbot asks his scared brother to sing for him for “old time’s sake” on their way to Yellowstone. When they reach there, Johnny has had enough. He pulls a gun on Abbot and tells his brother that he doesn’t want to do any of this anymore. He just wants to leave. Abbot gives him a speech about how it was never about a cure or saving people, just winning for Abbot. The world’s losers have all died. Abbot gives Johnny a hug and comforts him. He pretends to let Johnny leave, but as he turns around, he pulls out a gun and shoots him dead.


Jepp, Aimee, And Gus’ Trap

Now that they have a heads-up, Jepp, Aimee, and Gus make an elaborate plan to defeat the Last Men and Abbot. Aimee’s last wish is to defeat the man once and for all. They set up a fire to get Abbot’s attention and waited for him to walk into their trap. The gunshot that killed Johhny is a signal for the team, and they are ready for Abbot. Slowly, the Last Men come in one by one, to be hit by Jepp, Aimee, or Gus. After a point, it all goes silent, and they get an eerie feeling. Finally, it is Abbot himself who makes his way into the forest to get to the cabin that’s hiding Gus. Jepp gets his hands on him and immediately starts beating him up. Jepp is relentless, for a good reason, and Abbot won’t stop talking. He brings up Jepp’s family and tells Jepp that they died waiting for him in his own house. Jepp is about to choke Abbot to death, but Abbot knows Jepp’s weakness—he has a bad leg—and kicks it hard. Jepp is able to warn Aimee and Gus about Abbot getting past him.

How Does ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2 End?

Aimee’s plan was always to put Gus in his hidden spot in the cabin and fight Abbot alone. She puts him in and blocks the way out, so there’s no way Gus can escape. In the meantime, Wendy gets caught by Abbot’s trusted soldier; fortunately, Becky arrives in time and fights her off, saving Wendy but dropping a little box she kept hidden in the process. Wendy opens the box, and Becky tells her that they’re sisters as Wendy looks at the image of them together when she was a baby. Abbot gets to the cabin and reaches for Aimee immediately. He puts her down on the floor, and Aimee finally shows him her true weapon, the sick, which he, too, has now after being in proximity to Aimee. To be extra sure, Aimee has also injected Abbot with two shots of “the sick.” Gus manages to escape when the dose of Adi’s “cure” falls out of Aimee’s pockets. Gus grabs the dose and runs, but Abbot begins to shoot at him with Aimee’s gun. He gets Gus in the leg. Jepp arrives just in time, and Abbot is about to shoot him, but Gus uses all his might and screams for Abbot to “stop.” In one instance, a herd of bison came rushing to Gus’ aid, trampling over Abbot but not touching Gus in the process. Everyone is shocked by the occurrence; even Becky and Wendy get to witness it. Wendy finally accepts Becky as her sister as she hugs her tight in fright of the Bisons. After they’re gone, Wendy rushes to Aimee for one last goodbye. They look up at the stars, and Aimee tells the girl she will always be protecting her from up there.


Of course, it doesn’t end there; Abbot shoots Gus with an arrow. Becky is quick to check if Abbot is still moving, and he looks completely unconscious. Gus shuts his eyes in Jepp’s arms as blood pools on the ground. The next scene is a funeral; it’s Aimee’s funeral, and the kids have to say goodbye to their beloved mom. With no Abbot, there are no “Last Men” anymore. Aimee’s memory will live on in her kids. Jepp listens to Birdie’s tape, and Becky finds a handmade book by Richard that shows them the map to Birdie in Alaska. Gus finally wakes up after getting a dream about Birdie, who is freezing all alone in Alaska. The trio already has a plan for Gus. They’re all going to Alaska; the kids will be with the Andersons, and Wendy is going too! Now Gus’ journey to finding Birdie truly begins. But there’s more. Adi arrives at the cabin, too, and finds the map to Alaska. Mrs. Zhang finds out about Abbot’s death and feeds raw meat to a beast she has caged up.

This definitely means there’s going to be a Season 3. So, what are our expectations? Firstly, we’re impatient to see Gus and Birdie reunite after so long, so that’s definitely happening. There are two possibilities with Adi: he either goes to find Gus and Birdie to make his cure or becomes the new power-hungry antagonist of the show. With the help of Jepp, Gus, Wendy, and Becky, Birdie may finally be able to find an actual cure for the disease or give us the answer as to how to use Gus’ cells without killing him to save the remainder of humanity.


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