‘Sweet Home’ Cast And Characters, Explained: Who All Will Return For Season 2?

Sweet Home 2 is just around the corner, and fans cannot contain their excitement. The highly anticipated second season has seen its fair share of ups and downs, with some cast members leaving and release dates being pushed back. The show is certainly at the top of the list of the best K-dramas for many, and for good reason. It’s the perfect blend of horror, thriller, and psychological drama, but to top it all off, it packs a punch with its deeply gut-wrenching storylines that leave us completely hollow by the end of the series. Of course, this is all thanks to the cast, which does an absolutely fantastic job at making everything feel real and palpable, evoking really deep emotions within the viewer. Of course, it’s also fun to see some monster fights. While everyone was perishable and a lot of main characters were lost to monsters or became monsters themselves in season 1, before we get into the listicle, let’s quickly get one thing out of the picture. Lee Do-Hyun will most probably not be returning to the show, and all we can imagine is that he died in season 1 and move forward.


Cha Hyun-Su 

Song Kang’s Cha Hyun-Su is everybody’s favorite human monster. Hyun-Su is a high school student with no desire to live at the beginning of Sweet Home season 1. He is the main character of the moment. Alright, we’re just trying to add some joy to this utterly tragic show. Hyun-Su wanted to kill himself after moving into the Green Home apartment because he was the only remaining member of his family. He was bullied in high school and became completely deprived of all things sunshine, which he was full of before (such a sweet fellow). Hyun-Su really learns what it means to have people who care for him and people to look out for when he becomes a monster residing in “Green Home” apartments. Hyun-Su has two sides to himself: one is the monster, and the other is the human. It’s possible that this is the outcome of his having both the desire to live and to die. In Sweet Home 2, Hyun-Su will be facing much bigger monsters—humans. It seems he’s been captured by the military as a messiah for all of humanity, but is he really that? And is he alone on this path? We will learn in Sweet Home 2.


The man with a scar, Lee Jin-Uk, plays Sang-Wook, the intriguing gangster-like character who becomes everyone’s favorite tough guy by the end of the show. At the end of season 1, Sang-Wook seems to have returned from the dead to save Hyun-Su. The only explanation for this can be that he’s been taken over by the monster who desires all the power in the world, the sludge monster. Unfortunately, we’re probably not going to see the sweet middle-aged man who helped all the residents return, but at least he’ll be present in the show with a darker side. But is this worse than turning into a monster himself? We’ll figure it out after Sweet Home 2 is out. 



We’re waiting with bated breath to see Yi-Kyung in Sweet Home 2. Lee Si-young wowed us all with her incredible body and action sequences in season 1. Yi-Kyung used to be a firefighter living with her fiancé in Green Home Apartments. Her main objective is to look for her fiancé, who is being tested on by the military as one of the first infectees (so she believes). He is the person who wrote a blog stating that monsters are not created from infection, but it’s a curse. Yi-Kyung is actually secretly working with the military in order to get answers about her guy. At the end of season 1, she’s in military gear, making it seem like she may have switched sides. She was also pregnant in season 1 of “Sweet Home.”


While her stepbrother is nowhere to be seen on the list of returning characters, Eun-Yu is very much in the trailer for Sweet Home 2. Go Min-Si has now even won an award for her acting chops, and we must admit that her cold-hearted behavior in season 1 gave us butterflies. Eun-Yu feels like she brings misfortune wherever she goes. She used to be a ballet dancer but decided to quit, seeing how the world had turned out. Her brother Eun-Hyuk was the man in charge of everyone’s safety in “Sweet Home,” and nobody quite liked his straight forward nature. Later, we learned that he had, in fact, quit medical school so Eun-Yu could pursue ballet, even though she was the reason their parents died.



These two are inseparable. Sorry, the ones who can’t stop fighting each other. Ji-Su and Eun-Yu obviously have soft spots for each other. Ji-Su, played by Park Gyu-Young, is a bass guitarist who lost her boyfriend and bandmate to suicide before the existence of the monsters. He left his bass guitar for her as a parting gift. Ji-Su grew warmer to the residents of the building as the show progressed. She befriended a man named Jae-Heon, who was very religious, who was very opposite to her outgoing personality. He died saving the residents from the fly monster, which left Ji-Su completely devastated yet again because he confessed his feelings before heading into the fire. She’s one of those who survived at the end of season 1.

For now, it is certain that these characters will surely be returning to the show for a second season. Maybe we’ll get to see the two young kids who are siblings and were saved by Hyun-Su. A few more of the Green Home residents survived, but we can’t be certain if they will be coming back to the show. There are quite a few new members in the cast, including veteran Oh Jung-Se, who plays a character named PhD Im. This will be interesting to see, for sure. Too many good people died in season 1, and all we can hope for is that season 2 is just as nail-biting, and a cure is found for this curse (there’s a third season on its way, too, though TT).


Ruchika Bhat
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