‘Supersex’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Did Rocco Really Retire From The Industry?

Netflix’s Supersex is a drama series based on Italian adult entertainer Rocco Siffredi’s life and how he rose to fame in the adult entertainment industry. The series takes inspiration from Rocco’s real-life story, but it’s partly fictionalized for dramatic effect. A significant part of Supersex deals with Rocco and his elder brother Tomasso’s troubled relationship as well as the tortured childhood of the adult star. Rocco’s addiction to sexual activities has been portrayed in the series as some sort of superpower he possessed, but it seems to be a forced glorification of an unhealthy obsession. Nevertheless, let’s dive deep into the story to learn more about the ups and downs as well as the ultimate tragedy of Rocco Siffredi’s life.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Series?

The series opened in Paris at an exhibition where Rocco Siffredi, a celebrated adult film star, appeared along with his manager and childhood friend Gabrielle. Rocco attended a press interview where a journalist asked him to talk about his career in the adult industry, but Rocco couldn’t say a word as he spotted a familiar face amid the crowd, which left him speechless. This person Rocco spotted in public was his older brother Tomasso, whom Rocco had not been in contact with for a long time because almost everyone knew that Tomasso had committed suicide. Rocco, bewildered by his hallucinations, announced his retirement out of the blue, leaving everyone confused. But just moments after the interview, when a young rookie actress approached him, he started making out with her in public, suggesting that Rocco’s sex addiction wouldn’t let him retire so soon.


However, Tomasso wasn’t someone Rocco had been hallucinating, he was actually alive, as we saw a security guard stumble upon him and ask him to leave. Rocco had a conversation with Gabrielle, who tried to convince him that Tommy wasn’t real, but something in Rocco’s mind made him more and more restless to learn the truth about his brother. As he took a stroll on the rooftop of a building, he was shocked to find his brother, Tomasso, once again. This time, realizing that Tomasso was alive, Rocco hugged him tightly, expressing his happiness to find his brother once again, but soon he realized that his brother had held him at gunpoint. Tomasso, pointing his gun at Rocco’s waist, asked him to take him to the car and accompany him to a place.

What Was Rocco’s Childhood Like?

Rocco Siffredi was born into the middle-class family of the Tanos in Ortona, where he and his four siblings grew up under his mother’s strict regulations. Tomasso was the eldest one of them, but he was not the biological son of Rocco’s mother, Carmela. Tomasso was the son of a sex worker, for which he had to suffer humiliation throughout his life. However, amongst all the brothers Rocco had, Tomasso was the one who could actually understand him. When his brother, Claudio, died, Rocco was a little kid who couldn’t handle the pain of losing him. One night, when a devastated Rocco walked on the street, he found a discarded adult magazine called Supersex, which intrigued him. Rocco’s mother wanted her child to become a priest, but she had no idea that Rocco had been reading adult magazines from such a tender age and got more and more intrigued by sexual intimacy. Rocco’s childhood was tough, and Tomasso was the one and only source of support and strength in his life, but it was undeniable that Tomasso had always been a bad influence in Rocco’s life. 


How Did Rocco Enter The Adult Industry?

Tomasso had always been a stubborn and insecure man who believed himself to be someone superior when he got into a relationship with the town’s most beautiful woman, Lucia, whom everyone desired. But he was well aware of the fact that Lucia was not faithful to him, so when one day, Carmela forced Rocco to confront his brother about Lucia’s disloyalty, Tomasso’s insecurity was triggered. In front of the public, he shouted at his young brother as well as Carmela, proving the point that he had never been happy about this relationship, but all he wanted was to own a woman whom he liked. Subsequently, Tomasso got married to Lucia, even after all this, but no one in his family attended his wedding. After that, Tomasso also cut his ties with the Tano family and moved away to Paris, where he started working at a restaurant owned by his friend Jean-Claude. However, Tomasso wasn’t a hardworking, honest man because he was associated with a mobster’s gang, and for extra money, he even forced Lucia into prostitution.

Rocco grew up, and in his late teens, he also moved out of Ortona to live with his brother in Paris. There, he started working at the restaurant along with his brother, but Tomasso, instead of guiding him to the right path, took him to a brothel and many other places, which messed up Rocco’s mind. Despite having a beautiful girlfriend, Sylvie, Rocco couldn’t even think about being in a committed relationship with this woman, as he clearly stated that he had never loved her. Rocco began going to strip clubs and bars, where he used to make love with multiple women. One day, a celebrity from the adult entertainment industry, Pontello, aka Mr. Supersex, set foot into a bar. Rocco’s charming appearance and secret capabilities caught his attention. Pontello gave Rocco his first break in adult films, but after repeated failures, Rocco finally managed to secure his position in the industry and never looked back.


What Happened To Tomasso?

Rocco became a massive star, but deep down he was unhappy and dissatisfied with his life. He had lost his mother, Carmela, and his contact with Tomasso. Tomasso not only fell out with his family, but his relationship with his brother was also damaged because of his insecurities. When Rocco was found in the bars, dancing with women with a dog chain tied around his neck, Tomasso felt ashamed, as he didn’t want to see his brother in this way. However, Rocco never listened to his brother and chose to do what he saw fit. Tomasso left the house and remained hidden for several days. In between, he had a fight with his partners in crime, and he even killed an innocent cab driver in the street of Marseille. The police had been looking for him, but Tomasso remained uncatchable. After being able to elude the police, Tomasso finally returned to his house, but he acted violently toward his brother, thinking that he might have been sleeping with Lucia in his absence. Rocco and Lucia were never intimate, as the two of them knew their limits.

Rocco was kicked out of Tomasso’s house, which marked the end of their relationship. After years passed, it was heard that Tomasso’s restaurant was burned down by his rivals, which was the reason he had committed suicide, but the truth was that Tomasso didn’t die, and instead he hid himself in a secret apartment. He even got separated from Lucia, who gave birth to a child. Initially, Tomasso accepted the child and named him after his dead brother Claudio, but his paranoid mentality made him question if this child was really his or any other men with whom Lucia got involved. Lucia couldn’t bear this humiliation anymore, so she was prepared to get married once again, but Tomasso, who came to know about her wedding, decided to ruin it. He came to meet Rocco at the exhibition to take him to the wedding hall. Rocco had no choice left but to follow what Tomasso said, so he accompanied his brother, but upon reaching there, he realized that Tomasso intended to kill Lucia for getting married to someone else. Lucia was threatened, but Tomasso couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. Rocco took his brother to a restaurant, where the two of them finally celebrated their reunion. Tomasso and Rocco then headed out to the apartment where the former had been hiding all along. After a heartfelt moment, when Tomasso fell asleep, Rocco decided to head out. However, after Rocco left, Tomasso pointed his gun at his head and shot himself to death. 


Did Rocco Really Retire From The Industry?

After Tomasso’s death, Rocco decided to retire from the industry, as his profession had destroyed his personal and romantic life. Rocco had never been able to be in a relationship with any woman, as fidelity wasn’t something he could have ever understood. After a series of failed relationships, Rocco finally found his peace with a woman named Rosa Caracciolo, who had faced similar problems regarding Rocco being a disloyal partner in a relationship. She even confronted him about the same, saying that no matter how good his sexual capabilities were, he would never be able to understand what lovemaking meant. That’s why Rocco himself decided to leave Rosa, putting an end to the relationship as he didn’t want her to suffer for his bad habits, but even after all these, Rosa gave the man another chance in life. The two reunited, got married, and even had children together. Rocco’s decision to leave the industry didn’t quite work out, as he continued his work in adult entertainment and even got awarded many accolades for his amazing performance. 

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