‘Stranger Things’ Season 5: Expectations, Explained – Is Eddie Likely To Return?

Netflix’s most popular show, “Stranger Things,” has released its final episode with the most gripping cliffhanger ever. But the craziness of fan theories about the upcoming season has yet to begin. “Stranger Things” is a sci-fi series that first aired on Netflix in 2016, and since then, the series has never failed to keep the hype up in every season. As we know, it all started with a group of junior school boys playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1983. The horror started spreading with the vanishing of one of those kids and took the form of a dystopia of the town, Hawkins. But how will things turn out in the endgame of the show? Yes, you read it right. Season 5 is going to be the end of Stranger Things, as announced by the Duffer Brothers themselves. That’s why the fans are really serious about it, and they have come up with some “Stranger Theories” that will make you reflect. So let’s find out what we can expect from season 5.


Is Will Going To Be In The Spotlight In Season 5?

Let’s start with the beginning. When Will was trapped by the Mind Flayer, and a greater part of it began to inhabit Will’s body, his life became a nightmare from then on. However, in season 2, Will got freed from Mind-flayer but he never completely got rid of those nightmares of the Up-Side-Down world. In season 4, we see Will is a little pushed from the spotlight, but peripherally, he is always concerned about sensing Mind-flayer in his body. In the season 4 finale, after getting the clear-cut hint that the 5th season is going to be the end, we can expect that Will is going to be in the lead in it. But what can actually happen to him? Is Vecna going to host Will’s body to make him work for the Up-Side-Down? Or will he himself get some secret powers that he can use to fight evil in the next season?

Is Max Brain Dead?

There are some speculations about Vecna’s grandfather clock and fourth sacrifice strategy. As everyone thought, it could be Eddie, but that’s something to think about. Was it Eddie? Or was it Max? We saw Max had some similarities with all the other victims that Vecna chose, but Eddie hadn’t. So it can be assumed that Max has already been Vecna’s fourth immolation. Will Max take her last breath in the next season, or will the Duffer brothers trick her character with something more exciting?


But some other theories say something different. After the massive fight sequence, when Max failed to resist Vecna’s power, she got her limbs broken and her eyes blinded. Max’s brain was completely dead, but Eleven rescued her, showing Max their happy memories. But at the end of the episode, we see Max survived her death, but she is in a coma. Even when Eleven entered Max’s mind to contact her, she only found a void. It’s pretty much inferred that Max could be actually brain dead, or Vecna kind of devoured her sense of consciousness. There’s a high chance that Vecna can use her body the way Mind-Flayer used Will’s. So there is a teeny-tiny possibility of seeing Max again in season 5.

Where is Vecna?

The way Vecna got blazed in the final episode of season 4, we can only hope that he is badly injured. The spilling of Up-Side-Down into Hawkins proves that Vecna is not gone for real; instead, he will gather his strength to re-attack the town with the help of Mind-Flayer. 


Is Eddie Likely To Return?

In every “Stranger Things” season, the Duffer brothers always kill off a newly introduced character who has just become our favorite. In this season, the scapegoat was Eddie Munson. But is he likely to return in season 5? Well, that’s still a blur, though. But some theories suggest that if Hawkins has another version in Up-Side-Down, then it’s most likely that everyone has their own versions in this parallel world, and if Eddie is dead in the real world, then maybe he is still alive in the world of Up-Side-Down. Whereas Eddie’s truth had never been disclosed to Hawkins, and he remained as Chrissy’s murderer and a cult leader in the town-people’s eyes. So the return of Eddie would do some justice to his character.

The Major Time Jump

Although the Duffer Brothers had no plan for a time jump, but due to the pandemic, the shooting of season 5 got delayed, and now we have to wait for the final battle for almost 2 years. But how they are going to sum it up with the plot, that’s still a big question. We have already seen that the Up-Side-Down has started tearing the town apart, so this major time jump would be a little intricate for plotting the storyline. Also, by then, the characters will no longer look like high school students. So, is there going to be a time jump? Or maybe the Duffer Brothers have something else on their mind.


Will Eleven Be Able To Survive Till The End?

Who doesn’t want Eleven to last till the end of the show? But fan theories are not agreeing with that. As we have seen, Eleven’s power is truly unmatched, but it also has some limits. Even previously, we have seen Eleven went into a coma after defeating Henry, or she lost all her powers after she fought with Mind-Flayer’s monster version. So in season 5, it’s very difficult to say that she will survive. She might have to risk her own life to save her friends and Hawkins.

Who Created The Up-Side-Down?

Previously, we saw the incredible amount of power Eleven possessed; she was the one who stopped Henry after he destroyed the whole lab. When Eleven was trying to stop Henry, she unintentionally opened a portal, which turned out to be Up-Side-Down. Therefore, some fan theories suggest that due to Eleven’s having humongous power, she was the one who was behind the creation of the parallel world, Up-Side-Down, without even her knowledge. Like Henry’s transformation into Vecna, what if all the demogorgons and demodogs were also the creation of Eleven? If that is the real story behind the Up-Side-Down, then Eleven’s condition is going to be more and more complicated in season 5.

New Powers Of Eleven

We can expect to see Eleven in a new form in season 5, where, in addition to telekinesis, we will get to know Eleven’s other special power of healing. The way Eleven brought Max back by reminding her of their happy moments, it can be assumed that Eleven’s body has healing powers, too, through which she can bring people back from death.

Will the details of this power be revealed in the next season? If that happens, then who might she bring back from death?


Vecna And His Connection With Mindflayer

Henry’s dire transformation into Vecna already tells us how furious he was to take revenge, but why did he make Mind-Flayer? Vecna actually created Mind-Flayer to consume people’s consciousness and gain ultimate power, and he was pretty successful in doing that. Also, some interesting theories say Vecna created the Mind-Flayer in the shape of a spider as he had a thing for spiders when he was young Henry Creel. So all the damage happened in previous seasons, and Vecna was the one who was behind them.

So, taking all the theories ahead, we are now craving for the final season to know what is actually going to happen. Although the release time has not yet been officially announced, and season 4 has just ended, it is never enough for Stranger Things fans. So we can only hope now that the Duffers brothers won’t let us down and come up with next season as soon as possible. But how soon? Well, there will be many speculations about that. Till then, we’re going to come across many more conspiracy theories about the possibilities that can take place in season 5. It’s also expected that season 5 will be the end of the show because if the runtime of such a thrilling show increases, then it will probably end up becoming monotonous, and we don’t want that to happen with our favorite show. So let this journey end with season 5.


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