‘Strange World’ Ending, Explained: Did The Clade Family Get Back Together?

The American computer-animated science fiction movie “Strange World” by Don Hall explores the tale of Avalonia, a fictional civilization stranded behind Never-ending Mountains. This story is about the unique Clade family that has distinctions within itself, much like the variety that exists in nature. Nevertheless, we accept all diversities in nature with love, regardless of how exquisite or frightening they may be. Would the Clade family be able to accept their differences as well? Let’s explore that.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Strange World’ Plot Synopsis What Happens In The Film?

The residents of Avalonia had long yearned to see what lay beyond those Never-ending mountains, but no one had ever dared to venture there except for braveheart explorer Jaeger Clade (Dennis Quaid), who launched an expedition to navigate the Never-ending Mountains. Jaeger traveled with his son, Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal). But instead of exploring new places, Searcher was interested in learning about different kinds of plants and vegetables that he might cultivate. Jaeger, meanwhile, was adamantly opposed to farming and advised Searcher to follow in his footsteps; nevertheless, Searcher chose not to. He wanted his father to understand that his dreams were different from his, but Jaeger refused to accept them. One day while hiking up the Mountain, Searcher came upon a plant called Pando that produced electrical stimulation. Searcher wanted to harvest the plant, but his father wouldn’t let him, resulting in a tense argument between the two. Jaeger was irritated when his trekking students also backed Searcher and his aim of cultivating the plant. He abandoned his son and headed to the Never-ending Mountains to finish his quest all by himself. Searcher returned to Avalonia with the team, and since then, he had never seen his father again, prompting him to resent his father intensely.


After 25 years, Searcher had mastered farming and had become well-known for having introduced Pando to his community. The town received its electricity, airships, and fueling station from Pando. Searcher has a son called Ethan (Jaboukie Young-White) after getting married to a beautiful woman, Meridian (Gabrielle Union). Searcher wanted farming to be passed down through their families, but unlike Searcher, Ethan wanted to explore the world. He was intrigued by his grandpa Jaeger and aspired to be like him, which Searcher strongly opposed. One day, when this lovely family was spending some time together, a massive airship appeared in the skies, and Callisto Mal (Lucy Liu) jumped out. Callisto Mal was one of the explorers who went to the Never-ending Mountains with Jaeger and Searcher. Callisto arrived at alert Searcher to a more serious issue. She held out some dead Pando plants she had brought back from the Northeast. She informed him that, including his farm, every Pando corps would be infected by this sickness within a month; therefore, she needed Searcher to assist her on an expedition to preserve Pando and the future of Avalonia. Ethan wanted to join his father, but Searcher didn’t want his son’s life jeopardized, so Ethan slipped into the airship secretly. Callisto described how, on the surface, Pandos were growing everywhere but that, beneath the ground, all of these plants were linked to a single organism, the Pando’s heart. A deadly substance was infecting it, so the mission of Callisto’s expedition was to destroy this toxic substance and release Pando’s heart.

What Happened To Pando? 

Callisto discovered a massive hole in the earth, via which they would have to enter to reach Pando’s heart. They set off on their quest, and Searcher discovered that Ethan had snuck into the ship with his dog, Legend. However, their voyage was not without incident, as they were attacked by winged beasts known as the Reaper. They were able to combat them, but Reaper ate the pilot, prompting Meridian to come to their aid. She was an expert pilot who saved the entire squad by arriving safely at Pando’s heart. When they arrived, Callisto, Meridian, and their squad stayed on the airship while Searcher was separated. Callisto was also unable to locate Ethan within the ship. Searcher discovered his father Jaeger there, which changed the Clade family’s destiny. Even though Jaeger had become older and more bearded, he remained defiant. Nonetheless, Searcher and Jaeger temporarily set aside their resentments toward one another and began looking for a method to survive and locate their team. But elsewhere, Ethan became friends with a strange, sticky material he called “Splat.” Meanwhile, Jaeger asserted to Searcher that this place was alive, just like a living creature. Some of them were deadly, and some were safe, but when one of those dangerous creatures started hunting them, Meridian and Callitso arrived to save them and take them back to their ship.


Ethan bumped into his grandfather, whom he had always admired, but Searcher couldn’t bear the fact that Ethan aspired to be like him. Ethan firmly admitted to his father that he never wanted to be a farmer, which shattered Searcher’s heart, but he soon realized that he had simply been like his father, who never understood what his son desired. Therefore, he advised his son to follow his aspirations instead of following in the footsteps of his father. However, as they were arguing, they crossed over to the other side of the mountains and discovered a massive eye on the Mountain. After the entire experience, Searcher had a realization that Pando wasn’t being infected; rather, it was a deadly plant that was harming both the Mountain and all of Avalonia. He realized that his father was correct and that the entire island was a living thing with a heart buried under the surface. Avalonia was falling apart because Pando was infecting its heart. Searcher and Ethan hurried back to their subterranean ship to inform Callitso, but she didn’t believe them. She was committed to saving Pando and didn’t want anything to derail her from her goal. However, Meridian sneakily snatched the pilot’s seat and showed Callisto how Pando was damaging the walls of the heart. Callisto realized that Mother Nature was in need of aid, so she gave Searcher the freedom to carry out his duties. Searcher and Jaeger began digging up the Pando layer that was affixed to the heart’s wall. When the Pando was finally removed, the heart of nature flourished with all the creatures that had always protected it. Pandos were permanently eradicated, and Avalonia reclaimed its original beauty.

Did The Clade Family Get Back Together?

Jaeger came to the same realization as Searcher—that everyone had different desires and that we should respect that. He was sorry for the things he had lost over the years. He regretted how his stubbornness had distanced his family to the point where his son had grown to despise him, and his wife had moved in with someone else. But since he knew he couldn’t turn back time, he tried to make it up by accepting his son and grandson for what they were. He gave his son a big hug and told him that he was proud of him for choosing to follow his dreams. Searcher also believed that one day he, too, would be a proud father to his son. Together, they battled to restore the health of the environment. The Pandos were gone in exchange, but they had no regrets about it. They built technology, and it had been very beneficial to him, but they couldn’t afford for it to harm the environment, so they decided to give up the electricity and the airships they had constructed. They brought peace to their lives and started to farm the usual vegetables. They accepted their differences, making them the perfect family to live happily ever after.


Final Words

The film “Strange World” makes a valiant effort to illustrate how people interact with nature. The film’s philosophy was intriguing, despite being specifically created for children. Pando represented the ever-expanding technology that had given us everything but also harmed our environment. The film “Strange World” depicts the unfavorable effects of technology on the health of the environment. Disney deserves praise for presenting a multicultural family and putting a strong emphasis on the idea that “love is love.” “Strange World” is a gorgeous film with lovely animation, excellent vocal work from Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid and others, and a storyline that profoundly affected us.

“Strange World” is a 2022 animated adventure film directed by Don Hall.

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