‘Still Up’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is ‘Veggie Veggie Bing Bong’?

A lot happens over the course of 26 minutes in the fifth episode of Still Up. The difference in opinions between Lisa and Veg is seen when she thinks that they were going to spend some quality time at a camping site together, but Veg invites his parents. We see her vexed about participating in small talks and silly games with Veg’s parents. Despite being on a camping trip with her family, she does not seem to be enjoying her time there, as she seems to be burdened by the expectations of her mother-in-law, Christine. She seems to be more interested in what Danny is doing at home. On the other hand, Danny is stuck at his home with a builder, who has been telling him about his relationship problems, and he patiently puts up with it. How he helps Lisa win the game of ‘Veggie Veggie Bing Bong’ is yet to be explored in this episode.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens At The Camping Site?

When Lisa tells Veg that she is happy that they could finally spend some family time together, she learns that Veg had also invited his parents to the camp. Despite being a bit annoyed with him, she tries to put up with the situation. We see Veg and his stepfather spending time together, making a vlog about their tent. That is when Christine tells Lisa how lucky she was to have been married to Veg. Christina tells Lisa that Veg loves Poppy like his own daughter and that he has always wanted to be a stepfather. We also see Lisa being taught how to pronounce the name of a French camping site by Christine, which she gets tired of after a while and walks off from. Meanwhile she calls Danny, who had dozed off early. He sipped on a bottle of cough-syrup and slept all day to avoid conversing with the builder, who has been repairing the tiles at his apartment. She complains to Danny about Veg, and how she hates Christine. Later, she hears the footsteps of some animals, only to discover that those belonged to some cows grazing around in the forest.


Veg comes up to Lisa, and when she tells him about her disappointment about his parents turning up, he apologizes to her. Just as they turn to go back to their camp, she twists her ankle and falls down. She later gets into an altercation with Christine, where she says that she has bruised her ankle, and Lisa says that it was a sprain. Meanwhile, we see Danny hear the rantings of the builder about his relationship issues with his partner. Lisa is seen dealing with Christine, where she comes up to her in the middle of the night for advice on a happy married life, when she sees Lisa sitting outside her tent. She talks of her own relationship with her own husband and how she could not afford to stay away from him for a single day. She can’t stop comparing her own relationship with that of Lisa and Veg.

What Happens When They Play ‘Veggie Veggie Bing Bong’?

Lisa is not able to enjoy her personal space during the camp as there were a lot of expectations on the part of Veggie’s parents that kept popping up. The family wanted Lisa to play a game of ‘Veggie Veggie Bing Bong’ with them. We later see Lisa explaining to Danny that she does not seem to understand the rules of the game, despite them explaining them a million times. She describes the game to be a weird one, where slices of ham are thrown on them if they are not able to answer a question or win a round of the game. In the meantime, the builder’s partner arrives at Danny’s place to mend their relationship, which leaves Danny no choice but to drop Lisa’s call. She goes up to Veg to ask for his help with the game, but Veg says that he would never cheat, as it goes against the rules. She again calls up Danny and asks him to help her win the game just once so that she can beat Christine. He agrees and stays on the call throughout the game, helping her with answers.


The family is seen engaging in weird games, leaving Lisa no choice but to participate. Lisa keeps losing and is thrown hams at. Veg comes up to Lisa and says that they could try telling his parents that she has become a vegetarian to stop them from throwing ham at her. Lisa, however, declines his proposition and goes on to play the final round. We see the builder at Danny’s and his partner coming in to thank him for helping them patch up at his place. Later, Danny seeks their help in letting Lisa win the last round of the game. Veg somehow seems to have understood that she has not been fair in the game, as he is seen to be walking away sadly after seeing her boast about her win to Danny. Later, we also see Christine coming up to Lisa to congratulate her, and she asks her to pass the game down to Poppy and her future kids with Veg. In the final scene, Lisa seems to be put off by Christine’s proposition of having more kids with Veg.

Final Thoughts

Despite being a lighthearted episode, it is a harbinger of something serious in the near future. Is this the beginning of a crack in Veg and Lisa’s relationship? Did he dislike that Lisa was dishonest or that she had taken Danny’s help? We are more likely to find out the answers to these questions in the next episodes of Still Up. The silly games could have been a stepping stone to greater expectations on the part of Veg and his parents about them having their own children. Lisa is seen pondering over Christine’s proposition for a while when she pops out from the tent just to tell Lisa that her ankle looks better now, indicating that Lisa had been lying just to avoid participating in the games!


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