‘Still Up’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Does The Sleep Clinic Work For Lisa?

The two worlds of Lisa and Danny are so different yet so similar! Lisa worries about losing the time that she gets with Danny once he moves to Los Angeles for work. She tries her best to convince him not to go there, and in the process, she muddles things up. There are a lot of events that take place in this episode! Danny takes in a neighbor’s dog, Daisy. who has similar traits as that of him. He also gets to know certain things about his past relationships from Lisa that he had no idea about. Lisa creates a mess at the sleep clinic by defying all the rules and is escorted off the property. Does the sleep clinic really help Lisa? Does she really want to get rid of her insomnia? We are yet to find that out in season 1, episode 4 of Still Up.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens At The Sleep Clinic?

We see Lisa going to the sleep clinic to treat her insomnia and restless leg syndrome with Vedge, and he is trying to cheer her up throughout. He talks about the importance of baths, and she resents it by saying that bathing would mean lying in one’s own filth. There is not a topic that we have seen the couple agree on so far in the series! Later, we see her taking the opinion of Danny on this matter, and he seconds her on the point that taking a bath and then showering means a waste of time. They are casually chatting when Danny introduces her to a neighbor’s dog, Daisy, that he has taken in for a while. Lisa jokes that at least some female, at this point, is interested in Danny. They are then talking about the interview that Danny has, when Dr. Stafford and the nurse Kat come in. The doctor comes across as a very strict person with no tolerance for any mischief. When Lisa shows knowledge about the treatment process, the doctor does not seem very pleased. She is also harsh when talking to the nurse when she is unable to find an agreement page for Lisa.


The lights go out in a while, and Lisa tries to sleep while Danny sits to prepare for his interview. The dog at his place creates a commotion and mistakenly deletes all of his prep notes. He immediately calls Lisa out of anxiety, and she pretends to use the toilet to go and talk to Danny, unmonitored. As she is going to the toilet, she meets Clyde, who says he is there to treat his night terrors. He annoys Lisa with his small talk, and she hurriedly takes her leave after making an excuse.

When she guides Danny on how to go through his interview, Dr. Stafford comes in to check on her in the bathroom and mentions that it is difficult to keep an eye on her if she is in there for a long time. When Lisa goes back to her room, she again sneakily tries talking to Danny. He tells her that if he gets through the interview, then that would mean that he would be going to LA, and that triggers Lisa, and she says that their time would differ, which would put a bar on their late-night conversations. She also says that she could not imagine not talking to Danny late at night. She tries dissuading him further by saying that he does not know anyone in LA and would face issues when he says that he could meet his ex-girlfriend. She tells him how he had been cheated on three times and yet could say nice things about the same person. Danny was shocked to hear that, as he thought that he had just been cheated on once! He is disappointed and feels betrayed that Lisa and others knew but did not tell him, and he then disconnects the call.


Lisa’s cell phone is taken away by the doctor, as she has been defying all the rules of the clinic by this point. We see Lisa’s desperation to get her cell phone back so that she can talk to Danny. She sneaks out of her room to get her phone back and finally manages to get it back from the office. She also meets the nurse hiding under the table to escape from the doctor and promises not to tell anyone about it. While stealthily returning to her room, she meets Clyde, who has been sleepwalking. He pulls Lisa by her hands and tells her that she should come if she wants to live. When he tries taking her out of the door, the alarms start ringing, waking everyone up in the facility. Lisa is escorted off the property and is banned for life from the clinic. She is, however, happy to get back her cell phone and to be able to talk to Danny again.

How Is Daisy Similar To Danny?

Danny agrees to dog-sit Daisy as her owner, and Adam will be busy with some work for a while. Adam tells him that Daisy has been dealing with a lot of emotional issues and that her therapist has claimed it to be clinical depression that is triggered by her inferiority complex. Danny is surprised to hear that Daisy has a therapist! Adam goes on further to say that she has an aversion to loud noises, bright lights, and surprises, and doesn’t like being criticized. We feel as if Adam is talking about Danny and not Daisy here! Danny, as a grown man, has similar issues but is not aware of them and does not have a therapist to bring his problems to light. He also narrates to Lisa how he once messed up the directions of his driving tutor and entered a car park instead of taking a left turn. This brings out his difficulty in having proper communication with anyone. Danny relates to the dog and is therefore not able to hurt its sentiments. After rebuking Daisy for deleting his prep notes, he makes her an omelet to make up for it. He also mentions to Lisa that he cannot bear the thought of someone being mad at him for a long time. The last scene is hilarious, where Danny sleeps during his interview, and Daisy appears on his behalf in front of the screen!


Final Words

Despite things becoming a bit tense between Lisa and Danny, we know that they are eventually going to patch things up. By this time, Lisa is a lot into Danny, and she fears losing him, while Danny still hasn’t acknowledged his feelings. Lisa has taken up trouble at the sleep clinic just to talk to Danny! Would these things matter to Danny, or would he just not notice her efforts? Will the upcoming events steer some emotions in Danny? Well, that is something for us to find out in the next episodes.

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