‘Still Up’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Is it The Beginning Of A Realization For Both Danny and Lisa

Does distance really make the heart grow fonder? Still Up, is streaming on Apple TV and it is quite evident from the series that the distance has been making the hearts of both Lisa and Danny grow fonder. Danny has been giving the smallest details of his day to day life to Lisa and talking to her in a manner as if she were present in his apartment. The third episode focuses on the efforts that both of them put into each other rather than elsewhere. They love each other’s company and are attracted to each other secretly but are reluctant to accept it, or maybe they are just oblivious to their own feelings. Lisa is shown to prefer the company of Danny over her husband. Danny has also been reciprocating by taking all her calls and returning her texts, even while on a date with Amy. Just when events are about to get interesting, things go downhill between Danny and Amy, making the episode take a wild turn. The third episode makes us wait eagerly for the next dose of entertainment, as there is an intense development of the storyline throughout.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Lisa Try to Cope With Danny Being on a Date?

Danny was extremely nervous before the date with Amy and was seeking all kinds of advice from Lisa. He had randomly asked her what part of her body she could live without, and she replied “knees.” When Danny was nervous about the date not going well, Lisa told him about one of her bad experiences on a date where she had to paddle a food cart a long way, which made her legs hurt for a long time. It was later revealed that the bad date that she was out on was with her present husband, Veggie. Amy finally arrives at Danny’s place, and they start spending time together. Lisa is left with no choice but to give Danny some space. She tries to distract herself with a lot of other things but fails miserably. She calls Veggie but is not able to talk to him for long as he is busy playing games with his friend as his flight home is delayed. She also tries her hand at painting and tries to spend some time with her daughter, but finds her fast asleep. She fails to control her urges and checks up on Danny through calls and texts repeatedly at regular intervals.


When she hears that Danny and Amy are having a great time together, we see a hint of bitterness in her eyes. She immorally logs into Danny’s dating account and goes through his chats with Amy. She finds him asking the same question regarding the loss of one body part to Amy, and she answers “toes”. The chats between Amy and Danny don’t seem to sit well with her, which is quite evident from her facial expressions. When Lisa’s husband comes back, she cooks him some food while making a disaster and tries conversing with him on the dinner table. There is a co-existence of the two parallel worlds of Danny and Lisa, which is shown alternatively in which they are both having dinner, but with two different people. They are both doing almost the same things at the dinner table with their respective partners, such as playing cards and discussing similar topics, which suggests that Danny and Lisa have similar interests. We are left feeling that Danny and Lisa would have made a much better couple together.  

What disaster strikes in Episode 3?

Lisa tries talking with Veggie but is unable to find enough topics to discuss freely with him. On the contrary, we have seen her talking to Danny, with their conversation propelling in a free-flowing manner. She also does not relate to the jokes cracked by Veggie, and there is no visible spark between the couple. Veggie doesn’t like staying up and dozes off early, while Lisa stays wide awake in her bed. She calls her mother and gets reminded that Veggie is a good man, as he takes good care of Lisa and Poppy. She also tells her that even though Veggie’s personality is not that charming, he is a reliable man. Lisa realizes to a certain extent that Veggie is not a suitable man for her, and we are sure that Veggie is up for a nasty heartbreak in a short while.


Parallelly, Danny and Amy’s date has ended, and he is walking her out when she says something weird. After having spent such quality time together, Amy says that she would love to spend more time with Danny, but she wouldn’t. When questioned, she says that she has noticed Danny’s ex-girlfriend calling him repeatedly. Danny tells her that Lisa is his friend, but she doesn’t believe him. He says that they definitely have a spark and that it is not just friendship, and they walk off. While Danny is brooding over the possibilities, he slams the door behind him. Amy was just walking back to ask Danny a question when her finger got caught in between the doors and was sliced off. Later, we see Danny sitting on the couch, dejected, and wondering about his failed attempt to date someone. It is just then that he receives a text from Lisa, and he replies to it. We see a glimmer on Lisa’s face as she hears back from Danny!

Final Words

The inability of Lisa and Danny to connect with others as freely as they connect with each other is evidence enough of their affection for each other. They are unable to realize or accept their own feelings and masquerade them as friendship. But how long will they be able to do so? Lisa has already realized her emotional distance with her present partner and is always eager to talk to Danny. But how long will Danny take to realize his feelings? That is something for us to find out in the next episodes.


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