‘Still Up’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is The Significance Of The Pigeon?

People tend to become clumsy when they are dealing with a lot of hurdles, they say. Says who? Well, I am not quite sure about that, but Danny and Lisa have been tackling a lot of stuff, even though their lives may appear simple from a bird’s-eye view. Still Up Epiosde 2 is a subtle peek into the lives of both Lisa and Danny and the way they are dealing with things. The pigeon stuck in Danny’s house, clumsily flying around and finally hitting the wall, depicts his own state of life. Danny has been dealing with the issue of garnering the pleasure of being with a woman, and Lisa, on the contrary, has just been struggling to put up with her seemingly perfect life. Steve Burge and Natalie Walter, in their series Still Up, have been aiming to make things more interesting for the audiences with each passing episode. The second episode is a perfect presentation of the occurrences in Lisa and Danny’s lives, with a hint of comedy mixed in.


Spoilers Ahead

How Do Danny and Lisa Advice Each Other?

Lisa is seen getting out of her workplace late at night and taking a bus while on a call with her husband. She is on her way to her aunt’s house, who has recently passed away, to return the dress that she once borrowed. While on a call, her husband asks her to take a look at the video he has made. She starts watching the video and seems completely uninterested in it at all, but when Danny calls her and talks about the dating app where he has met a new woman, Amy, she listens carefully. Danny’s complete reliance on Lisa for her advice on dating tips makes it obvious that he trusts her a lot. He also tells her about a mound that he has been noticing on his private parts and that he wants her to have a look at it and give him a second opinion since his doctor has blocked him. She agrees to do it and has other chitchats when she notices a group of talkative youngsters and is irritated.


Later, when she is trying to focus on talking with Danny, she shushes them up spontaneously.

She is later seen to be dozing off in the bus, only to wake up later and realize that the dress she was carrying has been stolen and has been worn by one of the youngsters on the bus. She goes up to them and asks politely, but they mock her, and she asks Danny for advice. He asks her to turn the entire bus against the thief. She takes the advice and butchers her delivery in such a way that she is inadvertently presented as a homophobic person, and people turn against her. She rebukes Danny for his advice, and he gives her another piece of advice: making a podcast on confronting the thief. Lisa takes this advice and makes a video of herself clumsily taking off her clothes on the bus and throwing them in a desperate attempt to get the dress back. The trick works this time! She gets her dress back almost instantly. Despite not being together physically, Lisa and Danny are almost always connected and have each other’s backs in the most difficult situations.


What is the significance of the pigeon in Danny’s apartment?

While trying to breathe and figure out why he has not been able to get out of his flat or whether he could ever go out to meet Amy, Danny lets in a pigeon accidentally through one of his open windows. He has been struggling to get it out of his apartment throughout the entire episode, which acts as comic relief for us but has a deeper meaning attached to it. The pigeon is as clumsy as Danny and has also been struggling to head out of the house, similar to him. While talking to Lisa and shooing the pigeon out, he accidentally sent the picture of the mound to Amy. When Lisa hears this, she says that if he still hears back from Amy, it would mean that she is a keeper. Amy reciprocates to the embarrassing text of Danny which we were not expecting, but that makes us anticipate her crucial role in the series later. 

The pigeon, while flying around the house in an awkward way, had hit the wall randomly. Danny sees himself in the pigeon, as he had also hit rock bottom and was left without any hopes of a woman in his life. The bird later springs back to life, and Danny is quite happy with it when it flies out of the window. We get to see a ray of hope in his eyes. We also begin wondering if Danny’s lonely life may take a hopeful turn again through the dating app. The bird later hits the window again, and he becomes quite hopeless, as he is possibly trying to relate his own condition to that of the bird. He had been stuck in a dilemma about whether to let someone into his life or not.


Final Words

We know that things are going to become a bit shaky with the introduction of a third name “Amy”. Lisa and Danny are so close to each other that they discuss every single detail of their lives, but they fail to realize their own feelings for each other. Danny has been looking for love elsewhere, and Lisa has been trying to be content with her own cluttered life. They both are each other’s best friends but have hidden feelings that only we can see, and I believe Amy’s entry might act as a trigger for Lisa’s realization of her love for him. Danny might have a slower realization than Lisa, as she is already in the process of understanding her feelings as we catch a glimpse of her staring at Danny’s dating profile at the beginning of the episode.

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