‘Spellbound’ Part 2 Expectations: What’s Next For Cece In The Hulu Series?

The Hulu original Spellbound follows 15-year-old Cece, who dreams of being a professional ballet dancer and studying at the Paris Opera Ballet School. At the beginning of the series, she’s already halfway there because she’s in Paris studying at the prestigious school, but she also quickly learns that she’s a Wizen (just another word for witch). Part 1 follows Cece’s journey to finding her footing in both dance and magic at the same time and how the two significant parts of her identity interact with each other. Read our review if you haven’t seen the show, or if you want a quick recap of Part 1, check out our ending explained article. Go forth if you’ve watched the entirety of Part 1, and consider this your spoiler warning. At the end of Part 1, it looks like Adrian wants to help Cece, but there are two very important people who want to free themselves.


What’s up with Kevin?

Well, it’s not entirely clear if Adrian was able to free Kevin because, although the Wizen circle worked in Adrian’s favor and the gate of the device Kevin was trapped in opened, we don’t know if he actually got out. On the other hand, it seems like Adrian had a change of heart and decided to leave Kevin and go help Cece. He may have broken the Wizen circle in the process, keeping Kevin trapped. Adrian was able to hear Cece’s thoughts when he got some of her magic after she hugged him. Nobody else could hear Cece’s fear and screams when Juliet enchanted her to free her from a 400-year-old curse. According to us, Kevin may still be trapped and very mad at his brother.

Juliet and Macbeth

Now we know that the woman who cursed Shakespeare for stealing her act was a Wizen, so the curse is very real. When Cece says the words of the witch in the play, she essentially unlocks the curse, and when she and her friends try to fix it, they open the door further for Juliet to reach out to Cece. Juliet bewitched Cece in such a way that she wouldn’t tell anyone that she was going to set Juliet free, and during the performance of Macbeth, even though Cece wants to stop dancing and cast the spell, she can’t do it. By the end of the episode, though, it seems like Juliet may have been successful despite the protection circle cast by the Paris Coven led by Aunt Ginger. It may have been too late by then. So now, Juliet may be sharing Cece’s head space.


The Circle 

 On the other hand, Kevin needed a Wizen circle to escape, and not only did Adrian create one by turning all the dancers into Wizens, but all the powerful Wizens who gathered together to protect Cece from the Shakespearean curse were also active at the same time. But, because Cece is the “Wise One”, only if she’s part of the circle can Kevin be free. It is also possible that with all the magic happening at once, Kevin somehow managed to get free.


Now that Cece was dragged out mid-performance, will Armando keep Cece in school, or will there be harsh consequences? Additionally, if the play is cursed, what if nobody remembers performing it afterwards because that’s how the spells have worked till now? This would mean Cece’s position at the school is safe.


Spellbound Part 1 ended on a daunting cliffhanger, and because Adrian put on a hood and walked out, it makes it look like it was Adrian who led Cece off stage and made a run for it. One possibility is that he’s trying to save her, but the other is that he’s taken the wise one for something big that he and Kevin have planned together. We don’t know what the title “Wise One” entails, and it seems like there are a lot of responsibilities on Cece’s shoulders, but we have much more to learn about the lore around it.

At the same time, there’s the question about Benoit and Cece. Does he still like her? Well, if Adrian decides to become a good guy, it’s possible that Cece will be confused, even though she finally told Benoit that she likes him back. At the same time, if we look closely, it seems like a woman is pulling Cece away at the end. Possibly Ginger or Cece’s mom, who decided to take matters into their own hands when they realized the circle was not working; either way, Cece is very shaken and has no idea why she’s being dragged out of dancing in front of a 400-year-old Wizen named Juliet.


Now that the whole coven is here and Cece’s mother is aware that Cece knows she’s a Wizen and has started training to do the spells, she will probably have much more pressure than before. We also don’t know much about the Mystiq vs. Wizen fight. We can assume that they were all on one side at some point, and things got messed up, so now only the wise one can restore the camaraderie. If Juliet has taken over Cece, that would be a case of possession, but when Cece is dragged away from the stage, she seems genuinely terrified. This could mean that they’re both in her mind, like how Kevin was able to talk to Adrian through his mind.  Or that Cece has actually been saved.

Part 1 was about Cece’s introspection; now, it will be about her position as the wise one. There’s definitely some world-saving that needs to be done, but will Cece be able to concentrate on dancing at the same time? She’s clearly improved a lot since she joined. What will her fate be? We’ll find out in November in Spellbound Part 2.

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