‘SisterS’ Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened Between Sarah, Suze And Jimmy?

“SisterS” is a 2023 Irish comedy-drama series revolving around the lives of two sisters, Suze and Sarah. Although they come from different worlds, they’re two poles of the same magnet. Sarah comes from a wealthy family and lives with her mother, Rachel, an experienced judge. But after Rachel’s death, Sarah learns that her father, James Molloy (Jimmy), is in Ireland. She rushes to see him and comes across another surprise: a sister. Things don’t go well; Suze isn’t happy to meet her and leaves the house to cool her head. Her life is like a ticking bomb that could explode at any moment. With no money to pay the rent, Suze lives on the bare minimum. But for Suze, this is better than finding out she has a sister. As for Sarah, she is heartbroken by her sister’s reaction. She regrets her decision and decides to go back to Canada. Since her mother died, Sarah has been through a lot. She didn’t want to give up on the only family she had. Despite her bad experiences, Sarah stays behind to reconcile with Suze. The sisters decide to find their father together. So, Suze and Sarah set out to find Jimmy in order to reunite their broken family.


Spoilers Ahead 

How Did Sarah And Suze Meet? 

After her mother’s funeral, Sarah decides to visit Sheryl, Jimmy’s ex-wife. Sarah is happy to learn about her father until she finds out she has a sister. Before she can accept it, Suze is already at the door. Suze is surprised to meet Sarah, having ignored her all this time. Now she’s back to celebrate a mediocre birthday with her mother and her stepfather, Deryl. But Sheryl has a new surprise for her. Suze is shocked when she finds out about Sarah and storms out of the house. At first, Sarah decides to go back home, but she quickly changes her mind. She needs to find her father, and Suze is the only person who can help Sarah. With Sheryl’s help, Sarah finds Suze at Mickey’s Club. Suze refuses to help her and leaves. But Suze is evicted from her home and decides to return to her mother. Sarah follows her everywhere and somehow manages to convince Suze to help her find Jimmy.


The next morning, Sheryl and Sarah go through some old photographs. She finds out that the owner of Mickey’s Club and her father are good friends. Sarah decides to talk to Mickey and gets access to some of his old, preserved memories. Mickey had tapes with recordings of Jimmy’s voice and played one for her to cheer her up. Eventually, she finds out that Jimmy and Mickey are connected through their social media handles. Nevertheless, Sarah gets his address and decides to visit Galway!

A Trip To Galway

Sarah learns that her father is in Galway. She tries to convince Suze to find Jimmy, but she won’t help her. But Sarah has a plan. She helps Suze pay off her debt and promises to give her another €250. Using her stepfather’s ice cream van, Suze and Sarah set off immediately. On the way to Galway, Sarah begins to bleed, which worries Suze. Suze decides to take Sarah to the hospital, but Sarah refuses to go. Suddenly, Sarah realizes she’s losing consciousness, and the van stops working at the right time. Suze was about to hit a man, but luckily, she stopped the van in time. The man helps them and takes them to the mechanic’s house, but he’s dead. The mechanic’s family is holding a funeral, and the sisters feel bad barging in. Fortunately, a woman agrees to help Sarah with the bleeding, and they find out that Sarah had a miscarriage.


Sarah didn’t want to be a mother and had been popping pills to get rid of the baby. They spend the night at the mechanic’s house, as Sarah isn’t well. The next morning, Sarah and Suze continued their journey. The ice cream van has also been repaired by the woman who helped Sarah. After a few hours, Sarah and Suze stop at a shop to get a few things. Suze gives Sarah her mobile phone, and while Suze is away, Sarah looks up the map to find the way to Galway. But Sarah learns that Suze has been lying to her because Jimmy has been trying to contact Suze all along.

Why Did Suze Lie? What Happened To The Sisters?

Suze apologizes to Sarah for not telling her. But Suze hasn’t had a good experience with her father. Jimmy isn’t a reliable person, and he has broken many promises since Suze was a child. But things don’t end well. While Sarah is trying to get her things, she drops Suze’s paint box. Suze had gotten the box from her father, and Sarah wanted to keep it. Suze gets angry and tells her to leave, as they’re already in Galway. Sarah and Suze end up arguing, and Sarah pays her the money and leaves. Sarah decides to spend the rest of the day at a restaurant and meets a singer there. Sarah spends the day with him, and they get along well. He decides to take her home, and they become intimate. Sarah doesn’t hesitate to show him her silly side, but it doesn’t work. Sarah was drunk and overwhelmed at the same time. He didn’t take it well and asked her to leave his house.


Meanwhile, Suze decides to meet her long-lost love, Gabriel. The ice cream van stops working again. So, Suze has no other place to go. Well, Gabriel and Suze had been together for more than six years. Suze decides to use the key he gave her long ago. But Gabriel comes back and catches her sneaking away. Eventually, they eat dinner together and have a really good time. Suze had a great relationship with his daughter Billie. She takes Billie to her bed, and Billie accidentally tells her about Gabriel’s vasectomy. Suze doesn’t take this well, and a heated argument ensues between the two. Even though Suze has said she doesn’t want a child, Gabriel knows she’s lying. In the end, Suze decides to leave, and the sisters find themselves near the riverbank, crying.

What Happened Between Sarah And Steve?

The next morning, Suze and Sarah arrived at the garage to retrieve the van. Fortunately, the van is working again. Sarah and Suze stop in Carlingford to rest. They check into a fancy hotel, thinking they can rest there, but what goes wrong? Suze’s fiancé, Steve, and Sheryl are already waiting for them at the hotel. Steve has tracked Sarah’s phone and planned a surprise for her. Nevertheless, he’s worried about her and decides to take Sarah back to Canada. It’s quite obvious that Sarah isn’t happy with their relationship. Steve never understood her, but she didn’t have the confidence to tell him the truth. Also, Sarah didn’t tell him about the abortion to avoid problems. Steve notices her distant behavior, but Sarah pushes it away.


But Sarah hasn’t taken the pressure well and reveals that she aborted the child. Steve doesn’t take this well and leaves her. He didn’t understand her again, and Sarah had no choice but to tell him the truth. Sarah reveals that she never wanted to have a child, but Steve has no regard for her feelings. In the end, Sarah breaks off their engagement, and Steve leaves the hotel.

What Went Wrong With Sheryl And Suze?

​Suze was too rough on her stepfather, Deryl, from the beginning. We don’t understand the reason for this until it’s revealed that Sheryl suffered from domestic violence. He beat her every day, and Sheryl never pressed charges because she loved him. Deryl often promised her he’d be a good person and then beat her anyway. Suze wanted to save her mother, but she always chose Deryl over her. When Sheryl and Steve arrive at the hotel, Suze is waiting for her mother. Suze waits for her mother to confess because she knows something is wrong. Sheryl tells her that Deryl was arrested for hitting her, and that she’s agreed to press charges. But the next morning, everything is different: she packs her things and leaves. Suze did nothing and allowed her to leave. Sheryl still believes that Deryl loves her and decides to give him another chance.


Suze hasn’t moved from her bed and is thinking about her life until Sarah shows up at her place. They’re in the same state, and the sisters manage to heal each other from cold, distant feelings and pain.

Did Sarah And Suze Meet Jimmy? 

Suze decides to run some errands while Sarah waits for her at the hotel. Although it’s unexpected, Suze meets her father, Jimmy. He keeps asking Suze about Sheryl, but Suze doesn’t answer. Nevertheless, Suze goes back to the hotel and informs Sarah. Jimmy and Sarah meet up while Suze stays in her room, desperately waiting for Sarah’s answer. Sarah and Jimmy are happy to meet each other. He invites them to a gig, and Sarah promises to bring Suze. Meanwhile, Sarah tries to convince Suze, but she doesn’t agree with the plan. Suze doesn’t trust her father because Jimmy is a violent drunk. But Sarah assures her that he has been sober for three months. Finally, Suze agrees to meet him and attend his performance. He dedicates a song to his daughters, and Sarah is glad he’s back. She gets very emotional, but Suze doesn’t enjoy it.


Sarah thinks Jimmy loves her, especially Suze. He hasn’t stopped talking about her and has shared all the exciting moments of her childhood with her. Now Suze decides to leave, and Jimmy is sad about it. But he doesn’t stop her. The next day, he sends them a letter inviting them on a trip. Suze and Sarah meet him at the beach for a picnic. They have a lot of fun, the day ends well, and Suze begins to accept her father again.

‘SisterS’ Ending Explained: What Happened Between Sarah, Suze And Jimmy?

Sarah and Suze decide to check on Jimmy, but they find him in the street. To their surprise, he’s drunk again. Suze steps back from him and asks Sarah to do the same. But he tries to attack Sarah and Suze. He ends up insulting the girls and their mothers while saying a lot of bad things at the same time. Well, Sarah didn’t know her father had a violent side. But they go back to the hotel and try to understand the sudden change. Suddenly, Suze remembers the box and decides to check it out. Sarah decides to keep her engagement ring in the box to protect it. But the ring is gone. Jimmy had cheated her and taken the ring. He did everything he could to steal the ring. The sisters are on the floor, laughing their heads off. But in reality, they’re both heartbroken. The pain of being hurt by their own parents is unbearable. Even so, they decide to get the ring back. So, the next morning, Suze and Sarah go back to his house to find the ring. As for Jimmy, Suze and Sarah find him lying on the floor and heavily drunk. Jimmy apologizes for everything, but Suze doesn’t listen to him. She asks him about the ring, and he reveals to her that he sold the ring to the barman. Somehow Suze manages to get the ring back because Sarah is the best thing that ever happened to her. When Suze returns to the van, Sarah is nowhere to be found. She’s left behind a letter. In it, Sarah wishes Suze well and bids her farewell. In the end, Suze hasn’t found her and is heartbroken that her sister has left her behind.


‘SisterS’ gives us an insight into the lives of two women who end up being sisters. Suze and Sarah’s lives are magically intertwined when they have to find their father, who turns out to be a pathetic man. Jimmy hasn’t changed, and Suze knows that he never will. Jimmy had nothing to do with his daughters. Besides, money was the only reason he even accepted Sarah. After meeting Sarah, Jimmy realized that he had a wealthy daughter. He decides to steal the ring, pretending to be a saint the whole time. When Suze was growing up, she experienced everything, but this incident broke her heart. For once, Sarah’s arrival becomes her greatest happiness. But now she has abandoned her too. Sarah and Suze are the only people who understand each other and know what they’re thinking about. Both have suffered due to their parents. Sarah didn’t have a father, and her mother never stopped belittling her. But for Suze, her father wasn’t a good person. Just like Deryl, Jimmy abused her and Sheryl too.

Moreover, Sheryl has committed a huge mistake choosing Jimmy over Suze, and now she’s doing the same with Deryl. The series shows that Sarah and Suze had commitment issues and didn’t trust anyone around them. Even though Steve and Gabriel are good to them. The girls wanted a different life and weren’t coping well with their relationship. But Suze and Sarah have to fight back. Sarah has to be around her somewhere. Even so, if the series comes back with a next season, it’ll reveal Suze’s decision. But the fact that the sisters need each other cannot be changed. If Sarah hadn’t come to Ireland, she wouldn’t have had a chance to meet her sister, the person who understands her the most. But now Suze has to make the biggest decision of her life: whether to find her sister or move on with her life. Who knows? This time, Suze might be the one going to Canada.


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