‘Sight Unseen’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Killed Olivia?

In the previous episode of Sight Unseen, Tess solved the murder of a young boy named Adrian Temple, whose body was discovered by the river. As she delved deeper into the case, Tess uncovered a financial scam involving the owner of “the 313” restaurant, where Adrian used to work, and those people were responsible for the murder. The fourth episode centers around the murder of Olivia Banks, who worked at a delivery service and was murdered by one of her coworkers. While the investigation unfolds, the episode also explores the personal growth of Detective Tess and her trusted partner, Sunny Patel, from the EyesUp app. Sunny grapples with unresolved issues from her past relationship with her husband, while Tess contemplates joining the police force despite facing numerous challenges along the way.


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Why Did Tess Decide To Solve Olivia’s Murder?

In Sight Unseen episode 4, Tess works on becoming more self-reliant by seeking guidance from Mia, another blind person, to navigate the world independently. Meanwhile, Sunny struggles to move on after receiving divorce papers. Tess attempts to rejoin the police force but is disappointed to learn she’ll only work at a desk, not on real crime scenes. Despite this setback, Tess asks Jake about Olivia Banks’ murder case. Tess, meanwhile, tries to join the police force, but the officer tells her she won’t be able to work at real crime scenes. Instead, she’ll have to stay in the office, monitoring screens. This upsets Tess, as she had hoped to return to her old job. In Olivia’s delivery van, a tire iron has been found wiped clean, and her colleagues all have the same alibis, making the case seem unsolvable. Tess sees Olivia’s father at the police station and tells him she’ll help find the truth. She believes that by doing so, she can prove to the officers that, with the EyesUp app and Sunny’s help, she can solve real-life crimes.


What Did Tess Find Out After The Investigation? 

In the police file regarding Olivia Banks’ murder, the cause of death is listed as blunt force trauma. Tess visits the location where Olivia was found, suspecting she might have stopped there to smoke before being killed. The delivery van was left open when Olivia was attacked, allowing the perpetrator to steal items from the van. Tess and Sunny question why Olivia’s colleagues didn’t mention this popular stop among drivers and what they may be hiding. Tess then visits Dash n Ship, Olivia’s workplace, where she meets Jupiter, KD, and Ania. Pretending to be there for a job interview, Tess learns about the stressful working conditions, with KD expressing concerns about constant surveillance and long hours. Ania mentions Olivia’s questionable ethics, suggesting that not all deliveries were made by her. But Jupiter tries to distract Tess, saying the employees try to exaggerate sometimes and try to flirt with Tess and get her number. To delve more into the investigation, Tess took private investigator Matt’s help, and decided to track Olivia’s delivery route to uncover potential suspects. Tess, along with Matt and Sunny, goes to a cottage indicated by the tracker. They encounter a kid named Rui, who admits to stealing packages from Olivia but claims he was at a school tournament on the night of her murder. However, he recalls seeing Olivia arguing with someone in a silver car with green lights a couple of nights before her murder.

Who Was The Real Murderer? 

Tess believed she could gather more information by going on a date with Jupiter. However, she didn’t realize that the car that he drove to their date matched the description provided by Rui: silver-colored with green underlighting. Sunny tried to warn Tess when she noticed this detail from the EyesUp app. Despite Tess’ sense of impending danger and Sunny’s warning about Jupiter being a suspect, he insisted on taking her to his favorite lookout spot by the river. During their conversation, Jupiter reminisces about happier times with his colleagues, including KD, Ania, and Olivia, and how he misses her. He also says that they used to have dinner together after work and used to play the lottery, and the last ticketing was done by Olivia herself. As Jupiter stepped out of the car to take out hot chocolate, police cars arrived to arrest him for Olivia’s murder, as Sunny had already called the police thinking Jupiter could harm Tess. But Jupiter said he was innocent and claimed a shocking truth: the car was not his, but his colleague Ania’s, and he borrowed the car from her for the date to impress Tess. When Jake and Tess confronted Ania after following her, she confessed to the crime. She explained that she was upset about the lottery ticket Olivia had bought for them. She had hoped to become rich, as Olivia had promised, but when it didn’t happen, Ania felt devastated and panicked. In a fit of rage, she struck Olivia with a tire iron, causing her death. Ania insisted she never intended to murder Olivia; she was driven by a desperate need for a better life. After her confession, Ania was arrested.


Olivia’s murder case highlights themes of desperation, betrayal, and the consequences of unfulfilled promises. It exposes the dark side of envy and the lengths people may go to when driven by the desire for a better life, leading to tragic outcomes and shattered trust. At the end of Sight Unseen episode 4, it is seen how Tess helps Sunny in finding the courage to sign her divorce papers and encourages her to embark on her journey of new beginnings. Tess promises to officially include Sunny in her job, recognizing her as a partner in crime-solving. She suggests a role as a civilian consultant in the force, ensuring they can continue working together in the field. This way, Tess makes sure she doesn’t lose her partner, as she thinks of Sunny as more than just a friend. Sunny expresses concern that Tess may no longer need her, given her growing self-reliance and Mia’s help. Tess reassures Sunny, saying that she will always value her as more than just a tech app; she sees her as a partner. This reveals their deepening bond through solving crimes together, evolving their partnership beyond a blind person relying on an app, with Sunny becoming an integral part of Tess’ life.

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