‘Sight Unseen’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was Found In June’s Apartment?

The third episode of Sight Unseen left me thoroughly impressed and eagerly anticipating what twists and turns the series has in store. From the moment Adrian Temple’s body was discovered on the riverbanks, I was hooked. The layers of drama, suspense, and mystery woven throughout the episode kept me on the edge of my seat, eagerly anticipating each new revelation. What truly struck me was the meticulous unraveling of Adrian Temple’s identity by the detectives. But what really resonated with me was Tess Avery’s personal journey throughout the episode. Her determination to confront her impaired vision head-on and strive for self-reliance was incredibly inspiring. It was heartening to see her gradually come to terms with her condition, accepting it as a part of who she is rather than something to be hidden or ashamed of. I particularly admired how Tess embraced the support of her colleagues, especially Jake, without reservation. Her willingness to lean on others for assistance, whether it be Sunny Patel from the EyesUp app or Mia Moss, demonstrated her strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Together, Tess and her allies embarked on a thrilling investigation, pooling their resources and unique perspectives to crack the case wide open. The way they meticulously combed through the crime scene and pieced together the evidence was nothing short of extraordinary.

Spoilers Ahead

What Does The Initial Investigation Reveal?

The initial investigation into the death of the young boy found on the river banks uncovered a series of intriguing clues and potential leads. As Tess, Jack, and their team delve into the case, several key findings emerge. Firstly, there’s uncertainty surrounding the cause of death. While initial reports suggest massive trauma and neurological damage, it’s unclear whether the man’s injuries were the result of suicide or foul play. The lack of significant blood at the scene complicates matters, leaving investigators questioning whether the boy jumped or was pushed. Tess’ initial concern that the deceased might be her brother adds an emotional layer to the investigation, highlighting the personal stakes involved as she has no idea about his whereabouts. However, Jack’s reassurance that it’s not her brother provides some relief amidst this overwhelming uncertainty. Upon examining the body in the morgue, Tess notices bruises on the young man’s head and face, indicating potential signs of a struggle or altercation prior to his death. This detail raises suspicions and reinforces the possibility of homicide.

The lack of identification for the deceased further complicates the investigation, leaving authorities with limited information to work with. However, Tess’ keen observational skills and reliance on her senses, coupled with assistance from Sunny Patel and her investigative team, led to significant breakthroughs. To investigate the location where the body was found, Tess required Patel’s assistance to notice any significant details. While exploring the area, Tess detected a distinct scent resembling cotton candy. With Patel’s help, they stumbled upon a warm vape machine lying on the ground, suggesting the potential presence of a witness. However, their search didn’t go unnoticed. Tess noticed a woman standing nearby, holding a knife, seemingly guarding the area. Despite the potential danger, Tess approached the woman calmly and apologized for intruding into her territory. In a tense exchange, Tess questioned the woman about any knowledge she might have regarding the deceased. The woman revealed that she hadn’t found a wallet on the victim, only a bottle opener in his pocket. Tess, intrigued by this revelation, took the bottle opener from the woman and examined it closely. Tess discovered the inscription “the 313” engraved on the bottle opener. Recognizing it as a potential lead, Tess realized that it could be a clue pointing to a specific location. Determined to unravel the mystery further, Tess headed to “the 313,” which she learned from Sunny Patel was a grill restaurant, hoping to uncover more information about the deceased and the circumstances surrounding his death.

What Was Found In June’s Apartment?

When Tess arrived at “the 313” restaurant, she encountered that there was construction work going on. Speaking to the supervisor and showing a picture of the deceased, she learns that his name is Adrian, and he used to work there. The supervisor suggested that Andrew, who knew more about the employees, might offer additional insight. Andrew revealed that Adrian worked as a dishwasher and had a girlfriend known as “Pink Bunny,” but beyond that, little was known about his family. Sunny Patel provided further information about Pink Bunny, whose real name is June, describing her as a girl who wore revealing clothing and played video games for paying viewers. Tess decided to visit Pink Bunny’s apartment to locate her and gather more information about her boyfriend. However, upon arrival, she found the door broken and open. As Tess attempted to enter, she was confronted by a man who pushed her, causing her to bleed. Sunny immediately called the police for assistance. Despite searching the apartment, June was nowhere to be found.

Investigators speculated that Adrian’s jealousy over June’s online activities might have driven him to suicide, with June potentially celebrating his death. However, Jake discovered June’s cell phone in the apartment, raising suspicions about how a young girl like her could have left the apartment without her cell phone. With her phone running out of power, Tess lost her way near her apartment. With Mia Moss’s help, she learned to rely on specific sounds for navigation, enhancing her self-reliance. Tess also considered the possibility that someone had been searching June’s apartment for something of importance. Thus, she went back to June’s apartment, where she heard a rattling sound coming from a vent. With Sunny’s assistance, they located a red chip hidden inside. Tess sought Matt’s help to decrypt its contents, revealing a video of Adrian threatening someone and assuring June of their safety. This led them to the Gemini Duo website, exposing a sinister scheme involving personal credit card information, something that connects back to the restaurant. Determined to uncover the truth, Tess returned to “the 313” for further investigation.

How Was The Truth Unravelled?

As Tess waited outside the restaurant with Jake, he tried to persuade her to return to the force, but Tess expressed her reluctance, feeling the world growing darker around her. She confided in Jake that she was completely blind, insisting that he should go inside and handle the investigation on his own. Inside the restaurant, Jake confronted Andrew at gunpoint, accusing him and his brother of skimming credit card details from their employees, a scheme Adrian was involved in. Despite Andrew’s denial and claim of ignorance, his brother ambushed Jake, firing a gunshot from behind. Alarmed by the noise, Tess, guided by Sunny, ventured inside to investigate.

Amidst the chaos, the two brothers engaged in a heated argument, revealing that Andrew was unaware of his brother’s illicit activities. His brother confessed to the credit card scheme, explaining that he used the profits for restaurant renovations, but Adrian demanded a share, which made him furious, and he killed him. Seizing the opportunity, Tess intervened, incapacitating Adrian’s brother with a well-aimed blow with a frying pan. As Andrew attempted to overpower Jake, Tess rushed to Jake’s aid, holding a gun and ordering Andrew to surrender. With the perpetrators subdued, the truth behind Adrian’s death and the credit card scheme was finally unraveled. Meanwhile, June, Adrian’s girlfriend, was discovered hiding at a friend’s house, and Adrian’s true identity was confirmed, which was Adrian Temple.

As the episode concluded, it was evident how Sunny found herself grappling with the reality of her failing marriage. With a heavy heart, she burned the divorce papers sent by her husband, acknowledging the end of their relationship but uncertain about how to move forward. Meanwhile, Tess experienced a moment of relief and joy as her brother returned, bringing a sense of comfort back into her life. In a moment of clarity, Tess came to the realization that she needed to confront her challenges head-on and embrace her potential. So, encouraged by Jake and her own inner strength, Tess made a pivotal decision. She reached out to Jake, expressing her desire to return to the force and signaling a new chapter in her journey toward self-discovery and empowerment. As the episode concluded, Tess’s decision to rejoin the force symbolized her commitment to overcoming obstacles and embracing the unknown, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

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