‘School Of Lies’ Recap & Ending, Explained: Where Is Shakti Salgaokar? What Happens To Vikram & Tapan?

School of Lies is a captivating TV series that delves into the intricate web of deception and riveting secrets. The story revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a young boy named Shakti Salgaokar from his boarding school—a disappearance that sets off a chain reaction of mind-bending revelations. Within the seemingly ordinary corridors of this educational institution, a sinister underbelly emerges. The school becomes a breeding ground for clandestine plots and concealed motives, where every character, be it the students or the staff, guards their own shadowy secrets that threaten to entrap them all.


Delving into the depths of the human psyche, School of Lies unravels the chilling notion that to protect one lie, people often find themselves entangled in a labyrinthine web of further lies. As the relentless search for Shakti progresses, the veil of the facade falls apart, exposing the concealed truths that simmer beneath the surface and unmasking the deep-rooted darkness that resides within each person.

Spoilers Ahead


Does The School Staff Truly Care About Shakti’s Disappearance?

Shakti Salgaokar is a young and intelligent student enrolled at the River Isaac School of Education. Renowned for his exceptional editing skills, Shakti is considered a bright and promising student within the school community. Despite some minor disciplinary concerns expressed by a few of his seniors and staff members, he has generally been regarded as a well-behaved and high-achieving student. However, when Shakti mysteriously goes missing, the response from the school staff raises eyebrows. Samuel, the housemaster, takes it upon himself to keep the knowledge of Shakti’s disappearance within a limited circle and chooses not to inform Shakti’s parents immediately. Instead, he decides to handle the situation internally by involving the senior students in the search for Shakti. It is only after a considerable six-hour delay that Shakti’s mother, Trisha, is finally informed about her son’s disappearance. The school authorities justified this decision by expressing concern over potentially causing panic among the other students if the police were to be involved at that stage.

Trisha takes matters into her own hands and decides to involve the local police in the search for her missing son. Her actions serve as a powerful contrast to that of the school’s intentions. While the school staff’s perspective on preserving calm among the students may be understandable, it is clear that there is a prioritization of the school’s reputation over the well-being and even the life of a young student. From Trisha’s point of view, it is undeniably agonizing to repeatedly hear the claim that her child has run away, particularly when there are chances that Shakti may have been taken against his will. It feels as though others are attempting to convince Trisha of a narrative that contradicts her own instincts and desires for her son’s safety.


How Does Shakti’s Friendship With Chanchal Play A Pivotal Role In His Disappearance?

Shakti and Chanchal’s unexpected bond is forged through a shared sense of longing, emotional support, and dreams that transcend the confines of their respective circumstances. Both Shakti and Chanchal have experienced the absence of their parents in their lives, which forms a deep connection between them. Shakti witnessed the pain and suffering his mother, Trisha, endured due to his father’s absence. This absence created a void in their relationship and left Shakti yearning for a stronger connection with his mother. Similarly, Chanchal’s own experience mirrors this void, as his mother also left him, and his father, Bhola, who works as a gardener for River Isaac, doesn’t provide any attention to his son. Through their friendship, Shakti and Chanchal find solace and understanding in one another’s company. They share a desire to break free from the limitations imposed upon them and pursue their dreams on a grander scale. Shakti’s yearning for exploration and an adventurous journey resonates deeply with Chanchal, who also seeks an escape.

Every day, Shakti and Chanchal meet in the woods, gradually building a plan fueled by their shared desire for freedom and a longing to stay with a saint known as Babaji, whom Chanchal encountered in his childhood. For Shakti, escaping to avoid being enrolled in another boarding school becomes a driving force, while Chanchal seeks knowledge and a life untethered from the burdens of a broken family. When Shakti’s disappearance captured public attention, numerous witnesses came forward, testifying to having seen Shakti in the company of Chanchal. This revelation casts Chanchal’s narrative into the spotlight as he becomes a central figure in the search for Shakti. However, the mystery deepens further as Chanchal himself turns out to be missing, leaving behind even more questions about his involvement in the case.


How Are Bhola, Vikram, And Tapan Connected To Each Other?

At first, Vikram and Tapan are admired for their exceptional talents and academic achievements, making them popular figures at boarding school. However, beneath their seemingly innocent exteriors lie many hidden truths. Bhola, who masquerades as a school gardener, holds powerful leverage over Vikram and Tapan, demanding a hefty sum of 2 lakh rupees from each of them. Luckily, Tapan manages to pay off half of the demanded amount to Bhola, but he goes into hiding as the police suspect his involvement in the disappearances of Chanchal and Shakti. Initially, it was believed that this extortion was related to their involvement in purchasing drugs from Bhola, who secretly operates as a drug peddler.

As the story unfolds, the school counselor, Nandita, becomes involved in Shakti’s case and develops an undeniable bond with Vikram. Sensing that something is amiss, Nandita endeavors to penetrate Vikram’s secrets and unravel the reasons behind his troubled behavior. Facing mounting pressure, Vikram decides to take matters into his own hands and resolves to pay the remaining sum to Bhola. However, when Vikram’s mother learns of his predicament, she chooses to accompany him to the meeting with Bhola. Sensing the danger that lies ahead, Vikram discreetly informs Nandita of his location, appealing for her assistance.

Vikram and Bhola engage in a violent altercation that results in Bhola’s untimely demise, leaving Vikram severely injured. Throughout the series, subtle hints suggest a transformation in Vikram and Tapan’s behavior, alerting Nandita to the presence of a dangerous secret. Matters intensify when Tapan attempts to hurt himself, further highlighting the gravity of their involvement in something sinister. As the series unravels, gripping flashbacks reveal the falsity of the boys’ statements regarding Shakti. It is revealed that on the day Shakti planned to escape with Chanchal to Babaji’s sanctuary, Vikram and Tapan spotted him and decided to follow him into the depths of the woods. What unfolds next is a truly harrowing sequence of events.

What Disturbing Secrets Does Shakti’s Case Bring Forward?

The mounting fear of being exposed drives Tapan to make a drastic move by claiming victimhood alongside Vikram. As suspicions surrounding Shakti’s disappearance begin to close in on them, Tapan strategically shifts the focus onto himself and Vikram, diverting sympathy away from Shakti. For a brief moment, the case takes a bewildering turn as Tapan shares a shocking story about his and Vikram’s illicit relationship with Samuel, a highly respected teacher. The revelation suggests a deeply troubling dynamic between Samuel and the students, raising concerns about potential physical abuse inflicted upon Shakti. However, these claims prove to be entirely false, unraveling the complexities surrounding the entire issue. It is at this critical juncture that Nandita uncovers Vikram’s darkest secret as he completes the flashback, disclosing the tragic events that unfolded as they tried to prevent Shakti from escaping the school. When Vikram and Tapan tried to take him back forcefully, Shakti tragically lost his life, colliding with a tree trunk. Bhola unexpectedly becomes entangled in the cover-up, aiding Vikram and Tapan in disposing of Shakti’s body. Throughout this time, the boys led others to believe that Bhola’s demand for money stemmed from blackmail over drug-related issues. However, the truth reveals that the funds were actually intended to keep Shakti’s murder concealed.


Meanwhile, Nandita, on the path to exposing the secret, discovers Vikram’s own history of dealing with sexual abuse. This revelation forces her to reassess her approach, seeing the potential for redemption and healing in Vikram. Drawing from her own experiences as a victim of sexual abuse in her childhood, Nandita empathizes with Vikram’s pain. She believes that her influence can have a positive impact on him. But the ethical dilemma inherent in Nandita’s actions becomes apparent. While she empathizes with Vikram’s trauma, it does not justify the wrongful deeds she has committed to Shakti’s mother. As a woman herself, Nandita could have made an effort to understand Trisha’s pain and seek a more compassionate approach. Nandita is aware that Vikram heavily relies on her emotionally and that he may not find that same level of understanding and guidance from anyone else.

What Happens To Vikram And Tapan?

With the assistance of their lawyer, Vikram, and Tapan manage to navigate their way out of the tangled mess surrounding Shakti’s disappearance. They skillfully keep their secrets hidden and eventually find themselves free from legal entanglements. Tapan focuses on preparing for his engagement, while Vikram looks ahead to his future with a renewed sense of purpose. However, the aftermath of the ordeal leaves Vikram in dire circumstances. The conditions at his home have deteriorated, with his mother having completely given up on him and his younger brother. In a moment of desperation, Trisha, Shakti’s mother, approaches Vikram, hoping to uncover the truth about her son’s fate. Vikram, filled with remorse, offers her his apologies, and it can be inferred that he reveals the truth to her. Deep down, Trisha may have already sensed that her child is no longer alive.


The ending of School of Lies also reveals the whereabouts of Chanchal, as he witnessed a horrifying scene where his own father, Bhola, was seen chopping up Shakti’s body into pieces in order to dispose of it. Chanchal, overwhelmed by the trauma, seeks refuge with the Babaji, the saint he had mentioned before, who represents an escape from the harshness of his world. Even as Chanchal finds a temporary escape, the loss of his friend Shakti remains deeply engraved in his heart. The trauma of witnessing such a horrifying act, perpetrated by his own father, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on Chanchal’s mind.

Vikram and Tapan bear the burden of being labeled as the murderers of an innocent child who simply yearned to return to the loving embrace of his mother and escape the confines of boarding school. When it comes to their illicit bond with Samuel, one perspective is that Vikram and Tapan, as young and impressionable individuals, found themselves seeking solace and validation in an authority figure like Samuel. Boarding schools can be isolating and emotionally challenging environments, and the need for connection and acceptance can drive individuals to make unconventional choices.


School of Lies poignantly highlights the notion that if Shakti had survived, he could have achieved greatness and pursued his dreams. However, he made the choice to prioritize the love and connection he sought from his parents above everything else. The ending of School of Lies leaves a lingering sense of melancholy and unresolved justice. It prompts viewers to ponder the grim reality that some individuals may never find closure or redemption while the perpetrators of their suffering go unpunished. Indeed, School of Lies captivates viewers with its compelling performances, keeping them engaged and intrigued throughout. The show challenges our perceptions and forces us to question the authenticity of the information presented. It cleverly introduces twists and turns, leading us to believe one thing while the truth remains hidden in plain sight.

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