‘Saint X’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Emily Get Clive’s Letter? What Is Edwin’s Game?

Saint X is going all out on its complexities with every episode. And it has made me begin harboring doubts over whether it will offer answers to all the questions it’s made me form in my mind since it began. There’s a lot of explanation I need, and I’m sure you do too. At the end of Episode 5, we had a letter from Sara’s husband, and it surely has some shocking information, possibly regarding Edwin being in New York. Also, Josh has seen Clive. Let’s find out what Saint X Episode 6 has in store.

Spoilers Ahead

A Failed Solution

Little Clairey is having a tough time accepting that she will never see her sister Allison again. Her father is frustrated with trying to prove to people on the phone that Allison’s death wasn’t an accident but a murder. Her mother is just broken. So the whole family is living in a vacuum. From the news on TV to magazines, Allison’s death is everywhere. And it adds to the trauma by not letting the Thomas family even try to come out of it. They then decide to send Clairey to Mia’s sister’s place in Paris to stay away from news and reports. This will probably help Clairey stop thinking about her sister’s death, or rather, get her involved in other things that she would love to know and explore rather than obsess over her sister’s death. The trip was only a way for Clairey’s parents to use as an incentive that would make her believe that moving to a different city would be like having a fresh start, a place where they wouldn’t have to be reminded of Allison’s absence. Shifting to California was more of a way to shut the door on that part of their lives that had Allison in it. Bill and Mia just pretended that they had moved on from the sorrow, but Clairey, who took up her middle name, Emily, after moving, didn’t, and just had to play along, suffocating until now. 

Tracking A Murderer

Emily manages to get into the building Clive lives in with the intention of finding the letter, but she fails to get into the apartment. She doesn’t have Sunita anymore to share anything with, and Josh isn’t an option yet. That Sunita still tries to make Emily understand that what she is doing is dangerous proves that she still cares for her. But this time too, Emily doesn’t address Sunita’s concern but just wants Sunita to listen to her. Sunita doesn’t want this. On the other hand, after finding out that she has been fired, Josh confronts Emily for cheating on him. He thinks that she is seeing Clive, and that’s what got her swayed from her work. This was expected. Emily didn’t let anyone in on what she was doing because she was scared they wouldn’t understand it. Maybe she was right, but it had to backfire. Now she has Josh doubting her. And she still isn’t willing to tell him what’s going on. During the dinner with her parents, she finally snaps after years of keeping her mouth shut about her sister’s death. Bill and Mia didn’t want to talk about Allison’s death because they knew it would affect them as a family, but they were wrong. Not talking about it only made it worse, especially for Emily. That is why she went looking for answers on her own. And no matter how much Mia denies it, she, too, has never moved on. She sent Emily a picture of her with Allison on Emily’s birthday. She spoke more about Allison than Emily on the latter’s birthday. It is clear that she loved Allison more than Emily or at least that’s what it looks like. After her parents leave, Josh explains to her how murder cannot always be made sense of. And looking for sense in something inexplicable has taken a toll on her. However, Emily is stubborn because she knows that, for the first time, she has the chance to find an explanation for her sister’s murder, and she will not let anyone stop her. Back at Clive’s place, a guy named Farhad has ransacked his room because he thinks Clive stole his money. When we first see the state of his room, we think that Emily did it. It is only when Clive finds the letter, which is indeed from Edwin, that we realize that it isn’t Emily because if it was her, Clive wouldn’t have found the letter. When Emily goes near Clive’s apartment later at night, she spots him being followed by a guy asking for his money. Emily watches as Clive beats the guy up. But what she doesn’t hear is how Farhad provoked him by saying he knew what Clive had done in the past [addressing Allison’s murder]. Clive may not have killed Allison, but his actions make Emily think that it might indeed be Clive who did it. She jogs away while Clive stares at a bloodied Farhad lying motionless. Is Farhad dead? This won’t be good.

Edwin’s Game

Allison plans a cultural retreat to prove to Edwin that she is refined. Meanwhile, Desmond has started believing that something is going on between Edwin and Sara. On the other hand, Olivia ends up telling Tyler that Allison is seeing Edwin. Each of them has a backstory, and yet there is no telling where or how they will end up. Allison gets mocked by Edwin for her decision to explore culture by opting for a resort bus that will take her to someplace that’s just a show of culture. Maybe he wanted her to join him so that he could take her someplace else, and they could have another makeout session and more. But what he doesn’t know is that Allison has changed her mind. She cancels the trip. She is not happy, but what follows makes things even worse. Tyler tells her that for Edwin, she is just another white girl who has come to the resort. He does the same with other women, too. I this way, Tyler puts her in her place by telling her that she isn’t special. Well, she may be special, but not for Edwin, no matter how much she thinks so. Tyler’s words hit her hard. She never bothered about others, and now that someone has finally hit back at what seems to be her weakest spot, she has no way to deal with it. She breaks down and even asks Dana for her opinion. Tyler’s words about how Edwin is only using her makes her think that she is just like any other woman. This is something she cannot accept. The question is, “Why?” Why does she need another person’s consent to believe that she is special? Is it because she never felt that she was special? Maybe the only place where she could be herself was at Indigo Bay, and here too, she ended up being used. While she is coping with this pain, Greg and Paul spot Edwin being pleasured by another guy. Edwin is a real pervert. This proves it. Meanwhile, Sara is about to tell Desmond about Edwin too. Will Desmond inform Gogo about it? Will Gogo confront Edwin, then? Edwin is compromised from multiple angles. He has been spotted by some tourists. Gogo is about to find out about his relationship with Sara. And Allison already knows what his true intention is.

Saint X Episode 7 will show what’s in store for Edwin more than anyone else. Meanwhile, we do not know what Emily’s next step will be. She is definitely scared of Clive, but she won’t give up, not when she is this close to finding out the truth. Saint X, despite spicing things up, doesn’t really offer us any information on how Allison ended up dead. This is commendable but irritating. Otherwise, it’s just like the previous episodes; there is no progression but only revelations.

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