Roh-Bin In ‘A Killer Paradox,’ Explained: Is He Dead Or Alive?

A Killer Paradox is a Netflix thriller that centers around a young guy named Lee Tang’s journey to become a stone-cold murderer. Lee Tang had a super ability to spot evil people and kill them without getting caught, so he soon started working as a vigilante to provide justice to those who deserved it. On his quest, Lee Tang was associated with another vigilante named Roh-Bin, whose intention was to make the world a better place by getting rid of all the bad guys. But in this pursuit, both Tang and Roh-Bin forgot that neither of them was God, that they had no right to decide anyone’s fate, so they had to succumb to the consequences of their actions.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Roh-Bin?

Roh-Bin is an interesting character in the series, with his desperate need to do good for society. He idolized Batman, and just like him, he wanted to continue his mission while remaining in the shadows, but when he learned about Tang, he realized that he was an extraordinary person who had the power to do things that he was unable to do. When Lee Tang killed those two punk kids on the street after they stabbed Chung-jin, it was Roh-Bin who sent some guys to escort Tang back home. He also left a note in Tang’s pocket, with a link to an online group. As Tang looked into the group, he realized that there were many other vigilantes like him, ready to welcome him into their group. Roh-Bin, during the time, followed Lee Tang as well as maintained his contact with Detective Nam-gam, who was scratching his head, wondering who could have killed those two punks on the road. Not only those two, but following that murder, another killing took place, which quickly became a high-profile case. A prosecutor’s dead body was found, and according to Nam-gam, the pattern of the killing suggested that the same man who had killed those two assailants on the road committed this crime as well.


Why Did Prosecutor Ji Die?

After Lee Tang finally met with Roh-Bin, he realized that Roh-Bin had genuine intentions that aligned with his, so they teamed up in their pursuit of justice. First, they collected information on this prosecutor, a husband and a father, who assaulted a young woman and easily got away with his crime. When Lee Tang captured Ji, he had no idea what exactly the man had done, so he wanted Roh-Bin to verify why he became their target. Roh-Bin showed him a video of Ji assaulting a woman, which was enough to prove that Ji deserved the death penalty. Therefore, Tang had to kill Prosecutor Ji, and had no remorse for committing this crime. Following Ji’s murder, Tang became more and more accepting of the fact that his purpose in this world was to punish the people who deserved the punishment.

How Did Roh-Bin Die?

Not every heroic story ends with a satisfactory ending, and in A Killer Paradox, Roh-Bin’s story ended tragically, making sure of the fact that we will not see his comeback in the upcoming season of the series.


After Nam-gam’s father’s death, he became desperate to track down Song-Chon and bring him to justice, but he was also aware of the two other vigilantes, Tang and Roh-Bin, killing people in the name of justice. He decided to go after them after he was done with Chon. On the other hand, when Roh-Bin came to know that the authorities were after them, he told Tang to leave the country with him. The two of them were about to leave Korea for good, but at the last moment, Roh-Bin backed off and decided to turn himself in. He was aware that he couldn’t just run away from the authorities, as he didn’t possess the power of being uncatchable like Tang did, and one day he would have to face the consequences of the killings he had committed, no matter what his intentions were. He didn’t want the same for Tang, so he made arrangements for Tang to leave the country while he went to Nam-gam to make a deal with him. He knew Song-Chon very well, as Chon had previously contacted the two of them, so in order to save his friend, Roh-Bin decided to help Nam-gam in his quest to find Chon. He requested the detective leave Tang alone because the world needed a godlike hero like him, but Nam-gam wasn’t easily convinced. After Roh-Bin took him to Chon, Nam-gam and Chon had a confrontation, but in the meantime, Tang also arrived there because he wasn’t a selfish guy. Tang wanted to help Roh-Bin, and without him, he was going nowhere.

A fight ensued among the four of them, and Roh-Bin was fatally shot by Chon in the process. Tang was gravely devastated because his friend had just sacrificed his own life for his sake, so no matter who Chon was or what his intentions were, in Tang’s eyes, he was a criminal. Tang was about to kill Chon, but Nam-gam stopped him and killed his nemesis by shooting him to death, but Tang wasn’t able to move on from the loss of his friend. He wanted Nam-gam to kill him, but Nam-gam couldn’t bring himself to kill the young guy, who had his whole life ahead of him. So Nam-gam asked Tang to leave and chose to maintain his discretion about the incident that involved Tang’s presence as well. When the factory caught fire and Nam-gam escaped the scene, other investigators took over the case. One of them dug deeper into the case and found that Roh-Bin and Song-Chon had killed each other in the factory. She also suspected Tang’s presence in the factory, so she interrogated Nam-gam, but later the investigation revealed that Tang was never a killer in the first place.


The murders Tang had committed showed no evidence of his involvement. Instead, all the evidence pointed directly at Roh-Bin, who was present at each of the murder scenes. Roh-Bin’s apartment was checked, and so many murder weapons were found there. Not only that, but the journals and sketches inside his apartment showed that it was Roh-Bin who had meticulously planned all these murders, even though it was Tang’s deed. Roh-Bin, before turning himself in, had made all the arrangements so that Tang could never be the suspect in these murders. When Tang deliberately left a half-eaten apple on the scene, Roh-Bin looked into the teeth marks on the apple and went to the dentist to reform his molar structure in the same way, so that after his death, the police could link him with the murders. Roh-Bin, despite being dead, left Nam-gam surprised with his extraordinary tactics and his loyalty towards his friend. Roh-Bin’s journey ended with season 1, and perhaps, in the upcoming season, we will not get to see him or his buddy chemistry with Lee Tang.

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