‘Rick And Morty’ Season 7 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Uncle Slo’s Family?

Rick and Morty season 7 episode 5 brings forth a messy yet entertaining storyline featuring the most-awaited Rick Prime and surprisingly evil Morty. In this episode, Rick and his nemesis, Rick Prime, finally face each other in a fierce altercation. Let’s see who finally triumphed in the battle.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Evil Morty Join Rick And Morty?

Episode five, titled Unmortricken, opened with Rick and Morty coming back home from a recent intergalactic adventure. Morty, being tired of Rick’s misbehavior, badmouthed Rick. After a heated argument between them, Morty just decided to calm down the situation by offering his grandpa a drink. Later that night, Morty, who had just had enough, made a device to manipulate Rick’s mind. That’s how we got to know the origin story of Evil Morty before he attacked the citadel. Evil Morty successfully made Rick subservient to him and taking him along, he ventured into multiple universes to erase Rick’s existence. After being successful in each intergalactic battle, evil Morty created his universe, calling it a paradise. But as we see him fighting alien creatures, he uncovers that Rick is disrupting his existence by trying to capture his archenemy, Rick Prime. Evil Morty joined Rick and Morty’s team and found that Rick was killing all the decoys of Rick Prime to finally get a hold of him. Rick Prime was also a target for Evil Morty, so he decided to join forces to finish their common enemy.


Meanwhile, Rick was on his killing spree to destroy all the decoys, but one of them was not an ordinary decoy. The moment Morty mistakenly exploded the decoy, it turned into a black gunk that began to attack Rick, Morty, and Evil Morty. It transported them to a prison, where Rick found numerous Ricks from multiple universes. Finally, Rick Prime showed up through a digital screen and incited a fight among all the Ricks. He revealed that when he killed Rick’s wife, Diane, he erased her existence from across the universe. Rick Prime cunningly asked all the Ricks to kill each other, giving them hope that only the remaining Rick would be able to get Diane back in his life. Rick knew that it was nothing but a lie, so he remained still, but the other Ricks from the Multiverse killed each other in a fight.

How Did Rick Defeat Rick Prime?

Finally, it was Rick who remained alive amid a bloodbath. But Rick Prime didn’t give him his Diane back; rather, he turned her ghost into a giant weapon, which he unleashed to kill Rick. Rick finally defeated Diane and destroyed the weapon. However, the moment the weapon was destroyed, the entire prison caught fire, and Rick, Morty, and Evil Morty were transported back to Rick’s lab. Rick hopped onto his spaceship and embarked on his journey to find Rick Prime, while Evil Morty also used a portal to join Rick, taking Morty along. They portaled back to Rick Prime’s universe, where Rick was all set to kill Rick Prime to enact his ultimate revenge. But before they could come face-to-face with each other, Rick Prime threatened Rick with the death of his entire family. He began the process by capturing Slow Mobius from infinite reality and killing him. Slow Mobius was so close to Rick that he used to call him Uncle Slo; therefore, his death not only devastates Rick but also brings tears to Rick Prime’s eyes. However, after Uncle Slo’s death, Rick Prime sets his decoys free to attack Rick and Morty.


Both Morty and Evil Morty fought with valor, while Rick and Rick Prime got into a fierce and bloody duel. Rick Prime finally defeated Rick, almost killing him and leaving his guts spilt out of his body. Evil Morty faced Rick Prime without an eyepatch. As Rick Prime thought he had won the battle, Evil Morty captured him to erase all the backups from his memory. Meanwhile, Morty brought Rick’s dead body into the lab and resurrected him. As Rick was finally brought back to life, he couldn’t help but kill Rick Prime with his bare hands. He severely beat Rick Prime to death and emerged from the lab covered in blood. Rick finally emerges victorious in his ultimate journey to take revenge on his forever enemy, Rick Prime. Evil Morty asked Rick whether he was happy to kill his enemy or if it felt the same. Rick had no answer to give, but Morty asked his evil avatar to stay and use the giant weapon created by Rick Prime to his benefit. But Evil Morty wasn’t quite interested in that. He portaled back to his own universe, as he believed using such a powerful weapon would have severe consequences. Rick and Morty returned to their home. However, despite being successful in killing Rick Prime, Rick wasn’t quite happy. After finally being able to achieve his main goal in life, he began to feel that there was no purpose in his life anymore.

What Happened To Uncle Slo’s Family?

In the post-credit scene, we saw in the infinite reality that Slow Mobius’s wife was mourning her husband’s death. Just like Rick, she was also having vengeful thoughts to avenge her husband’s death. She decided to venture on a journey to find and kill the person responsible for the death of Slow Mobius, but unlike Rick, she found another purpose in her life: to become happy. She met another alien individual, with whom she fell in love. Finally, forgetting Slow Mobius or moving on from the tragedy, she embraced this different alien and pursued a relationship with him. Season 7 Episode 5, which is probably one of the most violent episodes in Rick and Morty history, ironically talks against perpetuating the cycle of violence in its concluding moments. While Rick, who would never get Diane back in his life, messed up the natural flow of time and universe to avenge his wife’s death, Slow Mobius’s wife made the most intelligent and conscious choice in her life, even though she was not the “smartest man” in the world.


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