‘Rick And Morty’ Season 7 Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Rick Get Rid Of Mr. Poopy?

After the hilarious and promising finale of season 6 of Rick and Morty, we already guessed Mr. Poopy was set to re-enter next season. Thankfully, this season didn’t hurt our expectations, as seeing Mr. Poopy kick off the first episode of season 7, we could already guess that it was going to be a great show from the opening. Season 6 of Rick and Morty ended on an optimistic note, saying that we will see Rick Prime as an antagonist in the upcoming season, making the show’s storyline more dimensional and humorous. But the main attraction of the seventh season, episode 1, is Mr. Poopy and his tragic story. In the last season, Mr. Poopy moved into Morty’s house after being separated from his wife and children but was not much appreciated there due to his long stay and his endless whining. Let’s see what went wrong with Mr. Poopy in episode 1. Needless to say, the first episode of Rick and Morty Season 7 is one of the craziest episodes. It has some of the coolest cameos, like an extremely narcissistic Hugh Jackman and a homewrecker Predator.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Rick manage to get rid of Mr. Poopy?

Episode 1 opened with the Smith family at dinner, worrying over their guest, Mr. Poopy, who had overstayed his welcome by now. Mr. Poopy, who had been estranged from his family, was seen working on himself at the end of season 6, but in season 7, his situation deteriorated. Everyone in the Smith family wanted Poopy to return home, but Poopy was depressed. Even Rick couldn’t say anything to his face for the sake of their longstanding acquaintance. Morty pressured his grandfather to do something to make Mr. Poopy leave their place as soon as possible. Rick was working on his new experiment, Robotghost, but it didn’t quite turn out to be effective at scaring Mr. Poopy away as the spirit of the robot was not very brave itself. Therefore, Rick had to make an “intervention” in order to fix the problem regarding Mr. Poopy. Rick recruited Squanchy, Birdperson, and Gearhead for the intervention. We saw Birdperson with his Birddaughter, both of whom were previously featured in season 5, episode 8. Squanchy, who was seemingly dead in the previous seasons, is revealed to be incredibly alive. However, the next-door neighbor of the Smiths, Gene, whose lawnmower kept running all over the town, also made his comeback in the show.


Rick invited Mr. Poopy, and together with his team, they entered a bar, where Mr. Poopy almost forced them to celebrate his birthday. Having no choice, Rick had to comply with his demands and go to a nightclub to have some fun. There, Rick spotted a party animal, Hugh Jackman, who also recognized him, as both of them had hosted the Oscars together. But Hugh was in some destructive, evil mood that night. In order to party hard, Hugh asked Rick and his team to come crash at his place. Gene was found in the club, hanging out with Jackman, as the Wolverine star was married to his daughter.

Hugh gave them some psychedelic pills, offering the longest and most intense trip to the team. But amid the high, Mr. Poopy was still melancholic, shedding tears for his wife. He missed his wife and even recruited the Predator (from The Predator) to check on her, but now he desperately wanted her back. Hugh encouraged Poopy to just grab the chance and go for it, but Rick didn’t believe it was a good idea. Shutting Rick off, Hugh began to lead the team and urged Poopy to muster up the courage in order to approach his wife again. However, upon arriving at his old house, Poopy’s heart broke into pieces when he saw his wife was actually with the predator he had hired before. As the predator spotted Mr. Poopy and his entire team, he chased them into the woods to finish them off.


After getting severely beaten up, when Rick and Mr. Poopy managed to capture the predator, Poopy Jr. began to cry out of fear. In a very dramatic fashion, Mr. Poopy came to the realization that he was trying to harm the peaceful life his wife and child were living. Therefore, he spared the predator’s life until Hugh Jackman entered the scene and beat the predator to death. After the predator’s tragic death, Rick realized the heat of the situation, and taking along his friends, he returned through a portal. The night had given way, and the dawn was clear, while Rick and his team, which surprisingly included Hugh Jackman for the moment, spent their post-hangover period with some booze. Mr. Poopy saw each of them fading into the thin air, returning to their own places. But before Rick vanished, he offered Poopy a pill that would transport him to home as well. However, as soon as Poopy popped the pill, he began to feel a weird burning sensation inside his body that none of the others had experienced. We don’t know if Poopy realized it, but it was sad that Rick had to go to such lengths to get rid of Mr. Poopy from his household.

The seventh season of Rick and Morty presented one of the most hilariously executed post-credit scenes that surely deserved a different fanbase. In the post-credit scene of episode 1, we saw Gene’s lawnmower, which was running all around the town, causing some severe destruction. A superstitious police officer tried to stop the vehicle and opened fire at it, but none of his bullets could stop the mower, which eventually ran over the officer, killing him. However, after killing the officer, the mower ran out of gas, and it finally stopped. The superstitious officer wanted to rescue his daughter from this ravaged town, but after his death, his fellow policemen worried about what to tell his daughter. However, they did admit the fact that the superstitious officer would have been alive if he had just taken a few steps back.


One of the most exciting and hilarious episodes of Rick and Morty set the stage for a promising season 7, and we can expect that the next episodes will explore more of Rick’s journey to find and defeat the ultimate antagonist in his life, Rick Prime. Let’s see what surprises are going to come this season.

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