‘Rick And Morty’ Season 6, Episode 10: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Morty Intercept The Lightsaber?

Previously in “Rick and Morty” episode 9, we saw Rick suddenly become the nicest guy in the world, and Morty frequently wondered if it was actually Rick or if it was his robot. So, let’s find out if Morty was right in the final episode of “Rick and Morty” season 6. Episode 10, titled “Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation,” opens with the Smith family celebrating Christmas in festive snowy weather with Grandpa Rick, who has been acting so well lately that it is difficult for the rest of his family to know if he is real or not. However, Rick had brought gifts for everyone, including a CD of “Miracle on 34th Street” for Jerry, a picture of Rick and young Beth for Beth and Space Beth because no one knew who the actual Beth was, and, obviously, Obi-wan’s lightsaber with a blue plasma blade for Morty. Morty couldn’t believe his eyes that he had the lightsaber, so Rick led him to the garage to prove its authenticity. Even when Rick instructed Morty to slay him, he vanished like Obi-wan did in “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” (1977) and appeared again. But Morty’s ecstasy caused a blunder, and the lightsaber dropped precisely vertically down the garage floor. It continued to infiltrate all of the basement layers vertically, and Morty and Rick quickly pursued it. However, when they pursued the lightsaber, they arrived at basement floor 10, and Morty finally found the real Rick. Morty became devastated as he realized that the sweetest grandfather Rick, who had gifted him the lightsaber, was not real but rather a robot made by the actual Rick.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Morty’s Lightsaber?

Real Rick was forced to reveal that he replaced himself with a robot because Morty refused to listen to him when the Knights of the Sun approached them in episode 9. Rick couldn’t stand it after Morty declared him “boring,” so he built a robot to keep Morty and the family happy with his fake presence. As they were conversing, the lightsaber penetrated the 10th floor vertically, and real Rick became enraged to find that robot Rick had handed Morty a lightsaber. But, since we were concerned about Rick’s 22% agreeability mentioned in episode 9, robot Rick finally talked about that, saying how Rick had made him 22% more thoughtful than him. He wanted to disable the robot Rick’s function, but Morty refused since everyone in the house had grown to appreciate Rick, and Morty didn’t want to ruin that. So, he sent robot Rick back home while Jerry was watching “Miracle on 34th Street” with Beth and Summer. The president arrived soon after to retrieve the lightsaber after hearing about it somehow. He told Morty that the entire lightsaber was made of Kyber crystals, so if it ever managed to penetrate the deepest layer of the ground, it would destroy the world. Therefore, Morty was even more afraid to realize that he had done something terrible this Christmas that might endanger the whole planet. However, the president, who thought “Star Wars” was a ridiculous franchise, reassured Morty that with Rick’s assistance, they would manage to recover the lightsaber from the ground. When they got to Rick’s basement, Rick was busy detecting Rick Prime’s location. He faced the president and told him that he would just destroy the lightsaber, but neither the president nor Morty agreed. Since it was the precious lightsaber of Obi-Wan, they couldn’t risk destroying it, but as they were forced to ask Rick for assistance and had no other option but to recover it, they agreed that the lightsaber would have to be destroyed.


In order to destroy the Blue Plasma lightsaber, Rick created another A.I.-controlled Sith lightsaber, or Vertisaber, which would follow his directions. However, the vertisaber also became upset by Rick’s constant demand to report him every five minutes, so it broke the vertical path and infiltrated in all directions, killing a large number of people in Venice. As Rick retracted his hands from smashing the lightsaber, the president and Morty boarded a ship to penetrate Earth and reach the world’s volcanic layer. Morty was betrayed by Rick, who warned him that his habit of trusting people would kill his family one day. Therefore, the president’s assurance that he wouldn’t kill Morty’s family was ultimately a big assurance for Morty. So, this made it easy for the president to lure Morty into intercepting the lightsaber. Before they reached the volcanic layer, Morty said he wanted to vote for the president when he would be of voting age. The president then told him that he could legally change his age if he wanted to vote, but Morty didn’t want to do anything like that because, as we have already seen, he was a man of honor. However, they finally spotted the lightsaber, and Morty grabbed it before it touched the volcanic layer. But soon after they got back, the president revealed his true intention, revealing that all he had done to get the lightsaber was because he actually never hated “Star Wars,” but loved and valued the franchise immensely from his childhood. He utterly disregarded Morty’s efforts to save the lightsaber because he believed that he was the one who deserved to have it more than anybody else, which broke Morty’s heart.

‘Rick And Morty’ Season 6, Episode 10: Ending Explained – What Was The Real Rick Up To? Did Morty Intercept The Lightsaber?

Meanwhile, at home, Robot Rick tried to express that he was a robot, but no one understood him. Morty eventually returned and confessed the truth, prompting Summer, Beth, and Space Beth to murder the robot, Rick. Robot Rick had always desired a permanent leave from his duty of impressing Morty and his family, so he accepted a happy death. But it appeared that Robot Rick had something more to do since, in the space white house, the president playfully handled the lightsaber, and it dropped down vertically again, invading the floor. So, knowing that he wouldn’t get any aid from “Rick and Morty,” he declared it on TV so that Morty would be aware of it. Morty knew Rick would never come up with a solution because Morty didn’t heed his warning again, so he resurrected the robot Rick and commanded him to intercept the lightsaber. The president became more concerned after knowing that the robot Rick had intercepted the lightsaber, so he anticipated an attack from Morty. Morty broke into the space white house and challenged the president to a battle. The president fled into his secret chamber, which was full of lightsaber-wielding androids, but they were all worthless.


Morty was finally facing the president to blow him out with a multicolored lightsaber pistol after murdering all those worthless droids with his lightsaber, but in the interim, the robot Rick saved the president by taking all the lightsabers for him. Morty dispelled the president’s concerns that robot Rick didn’t want to save the president but rather kill himself. Finally, the lightsabers began to fall off Rick’s body, and then they dropped exactly vertically to the floor. So, the basement floor was shattered, and Morty, Robot Rick, and the president plunged to their deaths, but the actual Rick saved them all by bringing them home through a portal. Nobody called an Uber for the president so that he could depart safely. Rick the robot was finally dying, and his final words were polite to the actual Rick, saying that it was Rick who wanted his family to adore him, which he couldn’t accomplish, so he created a robot; thus, Rick was actually trying to be nice to Morty. Morty realized that his grandfather didn’t want to lose him when he invited him to come down to the basement to see what he was up to. And Morty entered Rick’s basement chamber, where Rick was attempting to locate Rick Prime’s existence on a large monitor, but it indicated that Rick Prime was everywhere.

Rick’s continuous pursuit of finding his wife’s murderer, Rick Prime, had almost destroyed his life, but he still didn’t want to let up. Instead, he was more intrigued by the idea of discovering his archenemy and killing him. This is the most terrible thing Rick has had to deal with in his life—battling with a variant of him—but he included Morty because he wanted him to be a part of it. Rick welcomed Morty to his darkness and predicted season 7, where “Rick and Morty” would come up with a lot more interesting adventure. Therefore, it is up to Morty to decide whether to back away from the danger or to plunge in with his less-than-amiable grandfather Rick.


Final Words

Mr. Poopybutthole makes an appearance to deliver the farewell remarks in season 6, much as he did in season 5. It’s unfortunate to learn that he was separated from his wife, Amy, and kid Poopy Jr. and that since he fractured his leg at the gym, he was unable to even contact Amy because she blocked him. But overall, we can say that this is a very strange season 6 finale. As we have seen, Rick became a maniac in his quest to find the killer of his wife, Rick Prime, so we can anticipate that in season 7, he will be engaging in a much more perilous search for his nemesis.

In addition, an entire season of “Rick and Morty” cannot be all about just one of Rick’s enemies because Rick is about to face more of his inner demons and would eventually include Morty in it because he had asked for it. Although we are unable to predict what will exactly be happening in season 7, we can be confident that it will be exciting and bring up much more bizarre topics to discuss. Since the writers had previously announced that the season’s writing was wrapped up, season 7 may be released in time for the holidays in December 2023. So, let’s put an end to Rick and Morty’s adventures for now and increase your craving for more of their episodes to finally relish them next year in season 7.

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