‘Rick And Morty’ Season 6, Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Rick And Morty Die?

The rescue-Morty operation is the focus of “Rick and Morty” season 6, episode 9, “A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort.” You may infer from the title that this is another intense episode for Morty, who unexpectedly ascends to the throne of the Sun and is set to undergo his first castration. So, let’s see whether Rick could save Morty from harm.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Morty Arrive in the Sun?

In the opening scene of episode 9, Rick and Morty are on another planet, perhaps on one of their impromptu portal excursions, when he discovers a pop-up restaurant with aliens queuing up. Rick is not interested in maintaining a line as long as it is not for him, but Morty is a man of culture and believes that keeping the line means abiding by the rules. Even when two Knights from the Sun arrived, and one of their sandwiches fell, Morty scooped it up for them. So, the Knights offered to let him take it, but Morty refused because it was against the rules, and he just wanted to wait for his turn. The Knights were impressed by Morty’s sense of morality and wished to reward him by giving him their sword. When Morty eventually accepted it after some contemplation, one of those Knights killed himself with the sword, and his soul manifested from the corpse to transport Morty to the Sun. Morty was chosen as their knight and given the name Knight Mortaniel, which was pretty overwhelming for him, but he was unaware of their intimidating tradition. The Knights were from the Sun and were the protectors of King Helios (not a Beyblade, but a Greek God of the Sun), so they took Morty and made him the successor of Helios.


The Knights continued to praise Morty when he arrived in the Sun, where he was exposed to some weird information. He discovered that, despite being in the Sun, he was not burning because the knights were protecting him. They claimed to be immortals, but not immortal in a vampire way; rather, they have the freedom to die whenever they want, and Morty would soon be like one of them. The monarch approached Morty and introduced him to the scepter, which contained the actual solar power. All other planets, including Earth, rotate around its scepter. Though Morty found all of these things ridiculous, he was still eager to embark on his Knightly quest up until one of the knights ordered him to slice off his genitalia since it was a long-standing tradition among them. Morty intended to return to Earth, and Rick saved his neck in the meanwhile. He arrived in the Sun through a portal and gave Morty an A.I.-controlled sword to fend off the King, but because Morty’s sword nailed the fight, the King believed him to be the rightful King of the Sun, so he died by stabbing himself. All the knights bowed before Morty, who proclaimed a self-vacation and said that he would only visit the Sun on Sundays.

Why Did The Knights Abandon Their Duty?

Morty and Rick returned to their home universe, where they struck a contract to mend their tense relationship. As Rick previously had told him not to take the sword, he kind of mocked Morty for his wrong decisions, which Morty didn’t like. Therefore, Rick decided to agree with Morty 22% of the time and just for one adventure. Though 22% didn’t satisfy Morty, he accepted it as he had already messed up. The Knights returned in the meantime to safeguard their new King, Morty, who officially didn’t want guardianship, but they were thrilled to have the chance to serve their monarch. Rick could just kill them, but Morty didn’t want any blood to spill. The Knights were too annoyed and misled by their ingrained notion that the scepter is the primary source of solar energy and facilitates interplanetary connection to orbit the Sun. Morty understood that these Knights were some dumb devotees who didn’t even know sixth-grade science, so he decided to educate them about gravitational force and the scientific reason why all the planets orbit the Sun.


Morty showed them the scepter, which he said was only a representation of their civilization, and insisted that it was pointless to protect the silly scepter, which has no power to control the other planets. The Knights were stunned to know the truth and gave up their traditional belief system. Morty made them realize that they had been cutting their genitalia for no apparent purpose for all these years. Rick was pleased with Morty for utilizing reason and elementary physics to disprove a whole religion. However, the Sun was having some issues in the interim. The home’s appliances all began to malfunction as the Sun began to burn. One of the Knights remained in the restroom while the others had left, and he came out to tell Rick and Morty that the interplanetary storming had started, but that as long as the Knights remained together no matter what, the peace and stability of the Sun wouldn’t be harmed. Unfortunately, Morty expelled all the Knights and shattered their religious ideology; as a result, Morty is now in charge of handling the intergalactic conflict. Morty had to step in to take the reins because there was no Knight to maintain this stability, which left the Sun defenseless and all the alliances and treaties of the other planets embroiled in a major conflict, blaming the Knights for withholding their duties. When Morty came in and introduced himself as King, the Sons of the Moon, the Marquis of Mars, the Viscounts of Venus, and the Santa Claus-looking Earl of the Earth pointed their fingers at him and questioned his validity as King. So, Morty tossed the scepter their way, and all of the leaders of the planet leaped to grasp it. With Pink Floyd’s music “Goodbye Blue Sky” playing in the background, we see the first ever Solar War has begun. At the same time, several catastrophes began to occur, including nuclear bomb blasts, the smuggling of missiles and illicit weapons, an explosion of sulfuric acid, etc. Even Earth was under assault, but Rick was defending it. In the meantime, Morty noticed Rick in a surprising form. Since Rick had been acting sweetly, Morty assumed it was Rick’s clone, but Rick advised him to stop overthinking and see that he was only trying to be kind.

Therefore, the only option was for Morty to go back and re-deceive the Knights, who had left their traditions after being influenced by Morty. Morty, donning a crown, attempted to gather the Knights to stop the disaster, but they were all high on heroin. Due to being in the Sun, their veins had changed into triple-bonded carbon; thus, they wouldn’t even OD. Morty volunteered to chop off his genitalia as he had no other options, so the Knights agreed to return to the Sun. Morty chose an extreme option, but he was distraught just thinking about it, so Rick stepped in and decided to construct a false penis so he could cut it in their ceremony and trick them.


Did Rick And Morty Die? What Happened To Morty’s Fake Genitalia?

Thus, when the Knights retook their authority, the war was put to an end, and all the planets’ powerful entities returned to their homes. As a result, the Sons of the Moon arrived to inaugurate the event with a variety of innovative technologies that could identify any type of fake or cloned genitalia. Therefore, Morty had to pass through these detectors before he could cut his false penis. Morty managed to get through the first and second ones as Rick duped them, but the third one wasn’t a machine at all—it was a magic lady with omniscient chicken bones. She detected Morty’s witchcraft penis, and the Sons of the Moon took it away. Finally, as Morty prepared to stump his actual stem, Rick linked with him via telepathy and advised him to flee. As Morty and Rick fled, they had to leap into the lava to prevent the Knights from capturing them. They jumped and died. I mean, not literally, they died, but their false death story was carved in the history of the Knights of the Sun. They told the rookies in their group about Rick and Morty’s bravery and named Morty “Morty the Molten,” while actually Rick and Morty, who were alive, crept into their world and surreptitiously kept a watch on them.

“Rick and Morty” season 6, episode 9 questions traditional beliefs and their viability, but it also demonstrates how humans are already their victims, which is rather comical. But besides this, there’s a lot more to learn about what happened to that 22 percent agreeability between Rick and Morty and Rick’s sudden transformation into the nicest grandfather. However, if Rick became a lovely person all of a sudden, my love for Rick would be gone because we want our Rick to be insane at times. He might be rude and brutal, but he is indeed a reasonable guy. Rick could only be the one who couldn’t get to wait for his turn at that pop-up diner since it was an illegal store, and for their unlawful hot dog trafficking, the shop owner was arrested, as seen in the post-credit sequence. Whatever the rationale behind all of this, we adore Rick and Morty, and this was one of the funniest episodes I’ve ever seen.


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