‘Rick And Morty’ Season 6, Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Pissmaster?

“Rick and Morty” Season 6 Episode 8, titled “Analyze Piss,” features the unexpected return of Mr. Nimbus (who first appeared in the season 5 episode “Mort Dinner Rick Andre”). After a hasty water battle between Rick and Nimbus, the fight came to a peaceful conclusion. However, after Nimbus managed to leave, Cookie Magneto, who could control cookies, appeared. However, Cookie Magneto couldn’t stay long enough to give his pre-battle speech before Rick blasted him with his gun. Morty was horrified seeing his grandfather on a killing rampage, so he told him to look into himself to prevent these aliens from coming for him, but Rick didn’t care because he would kill everybody who got in his way. But, after Mr. Calypso appears and challenges Rick to a fight, Rick becomes exhausted and goes to visit Ms. Wong (who first appeared in the season 3 “Pickle Rick” episode), the family therapist.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Wong’s Advice?

Rick arrived at Ms. Wong’s and explained that he was continuously being targeted by these aliens who sought to gain a platform by battling with Rick, so he had imprisoned Calypso in a chamber and milked him cosmic fluid to torture him. However, Wong pointed out that this violence could not be the solution to Rick’s problem and that he should simply ignore it. But Rick was too stubborn to heed Wong’s counsel, so she devised a scheme to force him to do so. She encouraged Rick to ignore these creatures for a week to prove her therapy was wrong, which piqued Rick’s interest, and he began following Wong’s commands. Wong now asked the wrong question of whether Calypso was dead or alive, to which Rick replied that if everything but murder was confidential in this session, then Calypso was okay. The Smith family began praising Rick for taking the bold step of attending a therapy session and really adhering to it. But at that precise moment, Pissmaster was knocking on Smith’s door to summon Rick outside for another tough challenge, but Rick was simply ignoring him. However, Jerry couldn’t hold back his rage when Pissmaster used pee shots to harm his lavender plants and teased Summer inappropriately. Jerry went outside to face the Pissmaster since Rick couldn’t. Though it was a difficult fight to win, as Pissmaster was constantly spraying urine on Jerry, he whacked him with a flamingo stick and eventually defeated him in front of the entire neighborhood. People began filming the fight, and the videos quickly went viral. Jerry soon became #FlamingoDad, and Beth was even more attracted to him.


However, Jerry’s fame went beyond Earth, and leaders of a galactic orb ship approached him, offering him an orb that would grant him raw power. When they requested Jerry to join their squad, Rick intervened, which Jerry and the other Smiths objected to. Rick repeatedly warned Jerry not to fly like this because orbs had raw power, and Jerry would be unable to handle it. But instead of listening to Rick, Jerry requested that he design a suit for him so he could keep the orb and use it properly; therefore, Rick was forced to create an Iron Man suit under pressure from Morty and Summer. However, Rick stated right away that they were the ones who requested it. Jerry even went on his first Orb mission to destroy a galaxy where all kinds of Hitler species were conspiring to commit genocide. Jerry annihilated the entire cosmos with a single shot, and Flamingo Dad’s triumph song resumed. When Rick noticed all of this, he lost his calm and went to visit Wong to explain everything. Rick explained that he tried to ignore the alien menace but was unsuccessful. Jerry gained all the power that he had been given, and now he has destroyed all the Hitlers in the galaxy. Wong didn’t find any downsides to this, so she stated that Rick had wanted to change his situation, which had been changed for good. He doesn’t have to fight any aliens, and the Hitlers are all dead, so everything has been positive since then. Rick’s eyes were opened, and he finally understood that sometimes not reacting worked like a charm.

Jerry announced at a fan gathering that he was the first human to pilot Mitsubishi’s spaceship and took his family out on a long drive. Rick, on the other hand, had stopped responding to anything and just went to the bar to keep drinking. Of course, Rick, who cannot survive without portal travel and cosmic combat, appears to have been in hibernation throughout this time. At the bar, Rick overheard some customers mocking and watching a popular video of Pissmaster losing in the fight with Jerry, which caused Rick to feel bad about Pissmaster. Rick went out of the bar on a rainy evening and found the location of Pissmaster. He traveled to his house only to discover that Pissmaster had killed himself. Rick made an effort to save him but to no avail. Meanwhile, Pissmaster’s daughter had come to make sure her father was okay, which Rick couldn’t ignore even if he wanted to. So he dressed like Pissmaster and pretended to be her dad. Rick opened the door and reassured her that he was okay and promised that he wouldn’t do anything bad. In his room, Rick discovered that Pissmaster had left a suicide note in which he blamed Jerry Smith for his demise. When Rick ultimately decided that it needed to be rectified, he refurbished Pissmaster’s outfit and took on the role of Pissmaster to save the universe. After Rick, as Pissmaster, started his rescue mission, everyone began to cheer for the Pissmaster’s victory and eventually forgot about Flamingo Dad, so the galactic orb ship held a meeting and asked Jerry Smith to add the Pissmaster to their team by giving him the orbs.


What Happened To Pissmaster?

Jerry grudgingly proceeded to offer the orb to Pissmaster, but Rick flatly refused. Jerry was told that if he didn’t hand over the orb to Pissmaster, his orb would be taken away, so he forced Pissmaster to take it. During a fight between Jerry and Pissmaster in the sky, Rick’s helm was uncovered, and Jerry learned that Pissmaster was actually Rick. Eventually, Morty, Summer, and Beth found out that Rick was actually the one who was saving the world as Pissmaster. Jerry eventually became unfit for the role, and his orb was removed from him, leading him to revert to normal Jerry. Rick hid the Pissmaster’s death and told a lie when Jerry asked him if he was the genuine Pissmaster. Summer concluded that Rick hid his identity and let Jerry defeat him to make him feel confident for a change, which was something everyone in the Smith family appreciated. Jerry’s Mitsubishi spaceship was also taken away from him after the Smith family returned home. However, out of sight of everyone, Rick revealed to Morty that the Pissmaster had committed suicide and blamed Jerry for his death in the suicide note. Morty was enraged to learn that Rick had kept the suicide note to himself, so he told Jerry everything. Jerry was stunned to learn of Pissmaster’s death, and he blamed himself for it. So Summer, Morty, and Beth took a step back and accused Jerry of murder. Finally, Jerry felt guilty and realized that fame and popularity are not pleasant things but rather a nightmare.

According to the post-credit scene, the galactic orb ship finally chose to give the orb to Nimbus because he had the authority to control the police. However, because Nimbus is preoccupied, he may not be able to join the Orb guy’s squad.


Final Words

No matter how many episodes Rick and Morty produce on disgusting topics, we can’t help but pay attention to their intelligent plotline. Episode 8, titled “Analyze Piss,” a humorous yet gross title that was inspired by the 1999 comedy film “Analyze This,” points out the dark side and temporality of reputation. Jerry, who never misses an opportunity to occasionally be the hero, makes the greatest scapegoat in this situation. However, this time we see Rick in a different form. He is primarily concerned with one of his enemies, Pissmaster’s daughter, and works to elevate her father to a position of heroism. He finally demonstrates Pissmaster’s heroic self-sacrifice, which finally makes him a man of honor. Rick’s ultimate change may throw him back into war again, but therapist Wong promotes such free and fun activities that can develop his characteristics rather than damage them. However, let’s thank Rick once again for actually taking a therapy session this time instead of turning into pickle Rick again.

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