‘Race’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending: How Does Yi Jung Save Yoon Jo’s Job?

Park Yoon Jo got her dream job at a big company called Seyong after working for many small agencies. In Race, Yoon Jo has been struggling for a long time to prove her worth and her talent. Despite the hardships, she still believes in her dreams. She joined Seyong firms, but it wasn’t what she expected. She was unwelcome on her team and was looked down upon because of her educational background. Later, she got into a controversy over rigged employment practices where she wasn’t even at fault, but her career and reputation were at risk because of it.

Spoilers Ahead

Will Yoon Jo Get Demoted?

Yoon Jo has been receiving hate comments on her social media accsuing her of stealing a job from a deserving candidate, so much so that she has to make all her accounts private, and she has become a topic of gossip at the company as well. Jae Min cannot sit still and has been trying to find a solution. Other departments aren’t helping him at all, which only makes him think that Yoon Jo’s recruitment might actually be a publicity stunt. His team is trying to find out who could have spread the rumors, but Jae Min thinks that it is more important to find the solution at the moment than to find the root of the problem. However, his boss, Sung Tae, doesn’t agree with him, and they argue over it. Yoon Jo could hear them, and later, she asked Sung Tae directly if her recruitment was rigged, which he denied. All the team leaders in the PR department have come to the conclusion that Yoon Jo should be demoted and sent to another branch. However, Yoon Jo’s team leader, Eun Jeong, doesn’t agree with the decision. Yoon Jo also refuses to accept the decision, and Eun Jeong and Jae Min support her. The PR department is in chaos as the colleagues are fighting each other, and Yi Jung happens to see them in that state.

Yi Jung calls the entire PR team for an urgent meeting because she is disappointed with how they are handling the issue. Yi Jung is a PR expert, and she solved the issue in one meeting; she is disappointed with how they are handling the issue. Yi Jung is a PR expert, and she solves the issue in one meeting. First of all, she confirmed from the team leaders that Yoon Jo’s recruitment was fair. Even though Sung Tae pushed for Yoon Jo’s selection, she was already a top candidate and got selected by other team leaders based on her talent alone. The PR team had already posted an explanation, but it was vague and didn’t give people the answer they wanted. Yi Jung advises them to write a descriptive explanation to apologize for causing confusion and also to clarify Yoon Jo’s position. The issue is finally resolved, and the newly posted notice helps Yoon Jo regain her lost honor. Yoon Jo’s team leader, Eun Jeong, also starts treating her with respect and gives her project back to her. However, Sung Tae scolds Jae Min for his disrespectful behavior toward his seniors and suggests he leave the industry if he can’t stand doing unfair things sometimes. Jae Min gets drunk that night and calls Yi Jung, not as her boss but as a person with whom he has an unnamed relationship.

Why Does Jae Min Get Transferred To Another Team?

Jae Min was surprised when he first saw Yi Jung in the company, and he had a lot of questions. Yi Jung goes to talk to Jae Min when he calls her because she trusts him. Jae Min wants to know why she returned to Korea, because she told him that she had no plans of returning. Yi Jung has no other reason than the good offer that Ji Hyun gave her. Ji Hyun is only going to use Yi Jung’s name and skills to strengthen her position as CEO, and then she will be free to go back to the USA. This is not the answer that Jae Min wanted to hear. Jae Min loved Yi Jung, but Yi Jung probably didn’t reciprocate his feelings. Yi Jung is focusing on helping Ji Hyun, and she is slowly getting an idea of why Ji Hyun needs her. Vice President Jung has a big influence on the employees, and Ji Hyun needs to fight to keep her position. Meanwhile, Sung Tae has finally shown Jae Min his power and has transferred him to another team. Jae Min messed with Sung Tae one too many times, and he should have seen this coming. He is sent to team one, which is in charge of the work unsuitable for Jae Min’s expertise.

Yoon Jo is working with Dong Hoon now, and she finally gets to implement the campaign that she had worked hard to prepare. Eun Jeong invites Dong Hoon and his team for dinner with her team, and Jae Min joins them, too, as he is the mediator. Dong Hoon talks with Yoon Jo in a flirtatious way, and Jae Min notices it. He doesn’t like it and tells Yoon Jo to stop him. Dong Hoon doesn’t know that Yoon Jo is friends with Jae Min, and he doesn’t like that he is trying to get closer to her. Dong Hoon is obviously smitten with Yoon Jo, and he doesn’t bother to hide it. However, Yoon Jo is absolutely clueless about it. Meanwhile, Jae Min is frustrated with his new team and the work he has to do. In his previous team, he handled important matters, but in his new team, most of his work revolves around making reservations for meetings of the higher officials. He is capable of more than making phone calls and standing at the door to welcome his higher-ups. He is feeling down and doubting himself, but thanks to his friends, he understands that everyone gets this feeling once in a while and that it is normal.

Ji Hyun needs her people on her side, and to make sure that they won’t follow Vice President Jung, she meets with them often. Yi Jung is helping her adapt to the ways of the younger generations because most of the people she needs by her side are younger. Not everything is going Ji Hyun’s way, and her biggest fear is the proposed chief of the strategic planning team, Jung Su Hwan. In the meeting of the board of directors, Ji Hyun had no support for opposing the appointment of Su Hwan. She has worked with Su Hwan before and knows that he is not an easy man to deal with. At the end of “Race” Episode 6, Su Hwan appears for the first time, and the first person he looks for is Yoon Jo.

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