‘Private Lesson’ Ending, Explained: Do Azra’s Private Tuitions Really Work?

Social interaction is no less than a game. One has to know how to behave, what to say, and even what to wear during special social gatherings. It comes easily to some—those who are outgoing and often the life of the party—but for other meek souls, it can get a little difficult to navigate the taciturn pathways of social interaction. Even when it comes to dating, there are a lot of calculations involved. Men and women want to get the best of the flock and would go to extreme lengths to preen themselves like a peacock. Several even resort to external help to make themselves look appealing. For many, dating comes down to a very materialistic and flimsy level where they care about money, fame, and looks only. Romance and companionship are completely out of the window. When there is a demand, there is a supply. People want to learn the tricks of the socializing trade, and there are people who offer those. This brings us to the movie “Private Lesson,” which is currently streaming on Netflix.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Private Lesson’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

“Private Lesson,” tells the story of Azra, a life coach. She gives people lessons and makeovers to help them achieve their goals. She also appears in disguise to help her students perfect their stories. Her lessons are a success, and her fame rises among the crowd. One day, Hande, a university student, is dejected after she is almost invisible to her peers at a university festival. When she is crying in a bathroom stall, she overhears a girl talking to Azra about her tips and tricks to get a man. Hande wants the same for her and follows Azra to convince her to give her coaching. Hande has a crush on Utku, a popular university student. Hande resorts to Azra’s coaching to attract Utku’s attention and eventually starts dating him. Azra reluctantly agrees when Hande reveals that she (Hande) is the niece of the university dean. Thus begins the journey of Hande’s transformation. She attends the right parties and mingles with the right crowd even. In the meantime, Azra is at loggerheads with a new resident in her apartment building. The resident is a charming photographer named Burak. The two have a rocky start, and Azra does not like his laid-back attitude. But he is a friendly neighbor, and perhaps he wants to be more than just a neighbor. The two meet in the hallways of their apartment building and eventually begin flirting as well. Azra warms up to Burak once she finds out that he is not so bad either. Hande gets drunk at a party, and it becomes Azra’s responsibility to keep her safe. Azra brings Hande to her house, and they run into Burak. Burak sees this as an opportunity to spend time with Azra.


Utku’s attention is slowly turned towards Hande, and he soon invites her over to an illegal pool party at the university. He tries to get intimate with her, but Azra’s arrival blocks his advances. Azra arrives with Burak in tow. Utku and Burak almost have a face-off, but Utku’s friends urge him not to make a scene. Azra, Hande, and Burak leave. Azra warns Hande against visiting Utku without informing her.

Later, Cansu, a young woman who had sought Azra’s help before, comes crying to her. She tells her that she is being blackmailed by a guy after she sent him her explicit pictures online. He threatened that he would release the picture online if she did not pay him. Azra agrees to help her. The photos are saved digitally, so she resorts to her hacker friend’s help. Hande disregards the warning that Azra gave earlier and soon visits Utku. It turns out that Utku is, in fact, the blackmailer. He lures women with his charms and invites them to his house. He secretly films them and then uses the footage to blackmail them and extort money from them. Hande is with Utku, and Azra can see it all thanks to her hacker friend. The friend hacks into the camera, and Azra keeps an eye on Hande. She soon leaves to get Hande out of Utku’s house. Burak follows her. The men finally have a face-off, and Burak badly beats up Utku. Hande learns her lesson to not trust anyone blindly. Azra successfully deleted Cansu’s pictures from Utku’s computer as well. Utku is arrested by the police. Azra, Burak, and Hande leave for home. 


‘Private Lesson’ Ending Explained – Does Azra Succeed In Coaching Hande?

Azra’s lessons to Hande are definitely a success. Hande wanted Utke’s attention, and she got it. It is a whole other story that Utku was a jerk from the start, which only played with Hande’s feelings and had bad intentions toward her. Upon finding that Utku had cameras installed all over his house to film women secretly, he was handed over to the police. Hande is taken in to get a statement. Utku’s acquittal leads to a sense of relief for many women as a bad person is finally behind bars. There is no shred of shame on Utku’s face. He instead has anger and resentment towards Hande, Azra, and Burak for getting him arrested.

But on a personal level, for Hande, Azra’s lessons work wonders. Hande develops into a confident woman. She finally achieves her dream of doing stand-up comedy. She gains the confidence to speak in public and make the best use of her skills. As for Azra, she unites with Burak. Azra and Burak’s love story finally takes off after a few rocky starts. Azra continues to give life coaching to people who come seeking her help. Hande grows close to Azra and Burak, and the couple is always there to cheer for her.


“Private Lesson” is a delightful rom-com to watch. There is not much depth to the story, and there are not many loose ends either. From start to finish, the focus is simply on Azra and her coaching. Burak’s entry as the love interest spices up the story to an extent. The banter between the two is cute and funny to watch. It shows how several modern romances begin. There are no grand gestures made, nor were there promises of epic proportions. The love story between Azra and Burak was simple, heartfelt, and perfect in those moments. It is enough to give the viewers hope to see the world through rose-tinted glasses. The supporting cast balances the story with their appearances. They work as buffers for Azra and leave space for her to shine. Be it Hande or Cansu; each character works towards helping Azra become the center of attention.

Movies like “Private Lesson” serve as a good respite from dark and edgy thrillers. A movie is a good option if you’re looking for a light and a funny story involving a kiss or two. It is enough to give one butterfly a chance to see the world through rose-tinted glasses. But Azra’s story as a life coach does not guarantee that such people face similar predicaments in real life. There could be many different roles to play and people to give coaching to. Romance like that of Azra and Burak might not always be a part of the game, but it won’t hurt to just believe and maybe hope that it might happen one day, right?


“Private Lesson” is a 2022 Drama Romance film directed by Kivanc Baruonu. 

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